Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Younger 3x05 Recap: “P is for Pancake” (Get it Out of Your System) [Guest Poster: Bibi]

"P is for Pancake"
Original Airdate: October 26, 2016

We open “P is for Pancake” with Maggie telling Liza that she’s met a new woman at the community garden and wants to impress her. Maggie is enthralled with this woman, talking about how she’s not her usual type and this is fueling this pursuit. Liza supports this, and tells her to go for it!

At the office, Liza is surprised when she walks in and finds Bryce at her desk. Bryce says he’s “hot desking,” and purposefully being a disrupter because he doesn’t like hierarchical structures in the workplace. Diana comes in and wants Liza to get her coffee, but Bryce warns Liza against it. This causes more tension between Bryce and Diana, and they continue to be on shaky ground. Even though Bryce is inconsiderate, Charles thinks the young benefactor can help take Empirical to new heights. During their chat, Diana notices that Charles and his new girlfriend were photographed at the opera. She is immediately jealous and instructs Liza with digging up dirt on this new woman.

Maggie’s new crush reveals that she has a boutique and is hosting an event that she invites Maggie to. Maggie decides to take her famous Bolognese sauce there to woo the new woman. But when she arrives, the boutique isn’t what she expects. As it turns out, her new crush is a conservative Jew. 

Kelsey confides in Liza that she is going on a lunch date with Lucas, who she met on Handlebar — a new app for those that can’t handle a bar on the first date. She tells Liza to message her in case the guy is boring, but she ends up hitting it off with him. After her date, she goes to the bar with Lauren, Max, Liza, and Josh for a date debrief. Lauren thinks the guy is too perfect and she needs to find a bad pancake first. She thinks that this relationship is predestined to fail. Lauren believes that the first person you date after a serious relationship is the “bad pancake.” That relationship is doomed, because the first pancake always gets burned. 

At the office, Liza tells Diana that she needs to relax a little to help adjust to the new work culture. During their conversation, Liza reports back on Charles’s angelic girlfriend. Not only does she work for a non-profit, but she has numerous charities that she is a part of. To make Diana feel better, Liza tells her not to worry about Charles’s new girlfriend because she is likely the bad pancake. 

Lauren invites Kelsey and the crew to a party that Max and the other interns are having. Lauren wants to meet Lucas, the mystery man behind her blind date, and see what he is hiding and after meeting him, thinks this guy is soulmate material and Kelsey will screw it up with her newly widowed brain. 

Kelsey listens to Lauren and breaks things off with Lucas. He already knows about the bad pancake theory and tells Kelsey that he will wait for her, because she is worth it. He then casually mentions that he lives on Roosevelt Island that apparently is a huge deal-breaker for Kelsey, now making him the bad pancake. Lauren convinces Kelsey to go Roosevelt Island to hook up with him. Kelsey listens to her friend, and they don’t even make it off the tram. But as it gets to his stop, Kelsey tells Lucas that she isn't getting off the train, because he is the bad pancake after all. 

While at the party, Liza gets a Google alert that P is for Pigeon has won a literary award. She excitedly calls Diana to let her know the good news, and that Diana’s hard work paid off. Meanwhile, the medical interns who are attending the party are talking about conception and how much harder it is for women in their 40s to have children. Josh starts asking a lot of questions, which worries Liza. On the walk home, Josh asks Liza if she would want to have another kid in the future, but she shuts him down. This just goes to show that they are having a good time, but in terms of the future, what does that look like for Josh and Liza? Can they have one?

Back at Empirical, Diana informs Bryce of the Man Booker Prize and he is still unimpressed. Charles steps in and stands up for Diana and print media. In a move that we all saw coming, Charles basically tells Bryce that he no longer needs his investment in Empirical. Liza tells Charles how proud she is to work there, but of course Charles can’t even take the compliment because he is afraid of bankruptcy. 

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