Friday, October 28, 2016

Lucifer 2x05 Recap: “Weaponizer” (Brotherly Love) [Guest Poster: Ilene Friedman]

Original Airdate: October 24, 2016

Well this week’s episode of Lucifer has left me paranoid and with a million questions. It really does seem that they are dragging out the mystery this season.

This week’s episode picks up right before Chloe’s horrific car accident that left me a bit dead inside. Lucifer and Amenadiel’s brother Uriel is hanging around. We see him move a skateboard, which leads to a series of events that causes Chloe’s accident.

Lucifer finds out about the accident and is convinced it is divine intervention but is unable to prove it. That is, until the victim of the week — Wesley Cabot — appears. Apparently this infamous fight star was murdered. And, at the crime scene, Lucifer see’s Uriel outside the window.

Lucifer confronts his brother on the roof, leaving Chloe to the investigation. It appears Uriel is very good at finding patterns (I'm getting flashbacks to Final Destination franchise). Uriel cannot kill Chloe outright — no angel can — but he can predict outcomes, and therefore cause her death. He gives Lucifer an ultimatum — either hand over their mother in 24 hours, or Chloe is going to die.

Lucifer seems barely phased, believing that Amenadiel will get them out of this bind. He tries to persuade Amenadiel to intimidate Uriel, so that Uriel will just leave. The plan works, until Uriel realizes that something is off and then proceeds to beat the crap out of Amenadiel. This leads to Lucifer discovering that Amenadiel has become a fallen angel. And I, for one, am incredibly disappointed. Lucifer is now furious, getting ever anxious that he has to clean up Amenadiel’s mess.

This leads to Lucifer becoming livid, because no one knows what God wants. He then goes on to state that God could have opened a portal back to hell because it smelled bad, or it could have been to bring dear old mom back to hell. Who knows? To be fair, Luci does have a point.

It is later discovered that Uriel actually has his own plan in mind, not God's. He does not want mom to return to heaven and for their father to forgive her like Lucifer and Amenadiel had. What exactly did she do, again? The bottom line is that Uriel’s ultimate goal is to kill their mother. And how, you may ask? Well, he stole his sister Azrael’s Blade of Death, which permanently kills any deity. No heaven, no hell — just gone. Who thinks that particular item is going to come back into play?

Lucifer and Uriel begin to brawl, but Uriel figures out Lucifer’s pattern a little too fast. Good thing Maze makes an appearance and is way harder to predict. However, while Maze is distracting Uriel, Lucifer comes charging in with Azrael’s Blade and kills his brother. And just by the look on Lucifer’s face, you can tell this utterly destroyed him. It doesn’t help that Uriel whispered something to Lucifer before he died, that he didn’t understand. I MUST KNOW WHAT IT IS!

When Lucifer arrives home, he is in tears. His mother asks where Uriel is, and Lucifer collapses into tears in her arms. Do you hear that? That’s my heart breaking.

Final Thoughts:
  • Lucifer’s attempt at a catchphrase needs to stop like, yesterday. 
  • I need to know what Uriel said PLEASEEEEE,
  • I am so not here for moody Amenadiel. I need him to be big and powerful again; screw this mopey angel. 
  • I am 100% sure God is not gonna show his face this season.
  • I bet Ella is the one who finds out Lucifer is the devil this season — or my favorite shrink.


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