Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Younger 3x04 Recap: “A Night at the Opera” (Date Night) [Guest Poster: Bibi]

 “A Night at The Opera”
Original Airdate: October 19, 2016

In this week’s saga, Liza won't sleep with Josh because her monthly friend is visiting. Josh doesn't mind at all, and even has special equipment for the occasion. But he understands her hesitance, and says it's generational. This bothers Liza just a little, so naturally she asks Maggie, Lauren, and Kelsey to weigh in on the subject. When she finds out that they are more than comfortable with sleeping with their significant others during that time of the month, Liza realizes that her lack of a desire for intimacy is mostly because of her ex-husband.

At Empirical, Charles says Bryce will sit in on the staff meeting, and that is Diana's worst reality. For Millennial, Bryce finds these two Internet comedians who he thinks will be good as their next authors. He sees how many followers they have on social media, and decides they are perfect. Can they write? No one knows. Liza and Kelsey must go to the YouTube convention (Younger’s spoof on VidCon) to find out!

Lauren, currently fresh in a new relationship with the doctor, is afraid her friends won't like him. Honestly, Lauren just started dating this guy so it seems a bit premature to be this invested, but sure. We’ll go with it.

Meanwhile, back at the office, Diana has asked Liza to prepare everything necessary for her date to the opera. The only thing she's missing is... well, an actual date. While reading and prepping for work, Diana is thrown off by construction in her building. She previously asked the contractors to adhere to the window of time to do work (real life in New York City), but this contractor refuses. Instead, he tells Diana that she needs to be less uptight and he has a way to do just that. So Diana sleeps with her contractor! It's really about time we saw Diana do something more than just yell at Liza and generally be a workaholic. I’d like to see a softer side of this character.

Liza, Kelsey, and Lauren go to the YouTube convention to meet with the two comedians that Bryce requested (they’re called The Stupid Girls. While getting a photo op with the girls, Liza mentions a potential book deal. While one never breaks character, Taylor — the second in the duo — is interested in the deal that Millennial is offering. As it turns out, Taylor has a novel that she already wrote and sends Liza a few chapters. The novel is beyond interesting, and reminds Liza a lot of the life she's currently living and the life she wishes she could have. They present the book to Bryce and bring Taylor with them, but he's cancelled the meeting. He doesn't think audiences will be interested in something that deep and existential coming from one of the Stupid Girls. Bryce may be a tech guru, but he knows next to nothing about the book industry and should really leave some things to Kelsey and Liza. Liza confronts Bryce about his decision and he lets it slip that he will be laying off people — but she won't be one of them. It seems as though Diana’s job isn't safe, however.

Speaking of Diana — feeling generous and definitely wound less tightly from her time with the construction worker, she offers Liza and Josh her opera tickets. She plans, instead, to go home and rendezvous with the worker once again. To her dismay, she finds out he is a pipe layer who is finished with the job in her building and has moved on. What's the next logical thing Diana does? She purposefully bursts a pipe to get him to come back. Time will tell if that works!

At the opera, Liza and Josh notice Charles... on a date with an attractive woman. Liza basically tells Josh to avoid him and let him enjoy himself. She instead goes to the bathroom. Of course, on her way back from the bathroom, Liza actually runs into Charles. After helping her zip up the back of her dress (can you feel the tension?), he glowingly talks about Liza and what an incredible asset she is to the team to his date. In that moment, you can tell the weight of Bryce’s confession is on her heart, and she let Charles know that they should talk as soon as possible.

After the opera ends, Josh and Liza watch Charles get into a car with his beautiful date (well, Liza watches and Josh doesn’t care), and then Liza decides she wants to be intimate with Josh after all.

So what did you think about the episode? Liza isn't known for really following through with difficult talks, so do you think she’ll confide in Charles? Will Charles and Diana be fired?
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