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Younger 3x03 Recap: “Last Days of Books” (Thankful While it Lasts) [Guest Poster: Bibi]

“Last Days of Books”
Original Airdate: October 12, 2016

In this week’s episode of As Liza’s World Turns — sorry, I mean Younger — she is still feeling guilty about all of the lies and that Josh is wasting his youth on her. Maggie is still not in nearly enough scenes this season so far, but this episode utilizes what little screentime has to be the voice of reason and comedic relief. “Last Days of Books” is no different, as she is having an artist social where women freelance by splashing paint all over themselves in her living room. Who knows why, but this is definitely not surprising for Maggie.

At Empirical, Bryce has taken less of a silent partner role and more of an active role in every issue. Diana drafts a press release about his new venture with Empirical, but he initially wants his publicist to have a go at it. When Charles steps in, he falls back, saying that they all have much bigger things to worry about.

Later that day, Liza’s friend Michelle calls her with some devastating news: The Book Nook, the local bookstore treasure back in New Jersey, is closing. Michelle and her friends want Liza to meet up with the old book club and help devise a plan and fundraiser to save The Book Nook from extinction.

Elsewhere, Lauren is really worried about Kelsey and thinks it’s time that she goes out to move on from Thad’s death. When Kelsey is on the dating scene, she emphasizes too much that her last boyfriend died and every guy flees. Lauren, on the other hand, finds someone she wasn’t expecting: her old friend from camp, Max, and they start reminiscing about their younger days. He's a doctor now, and once Kelsey realizes she’s not ready to date, she leaves Lauren and Max together to continue catching up. Lauren ends up sleeping with him and, the morning after, confesses that she has a girlfriend. To Max, this wasn’t a casual fling, as he's had a crush on her since middle school; to her, it was a regrettable one-night stand.

Liza heads to Jersey for fundraiser talk with her book club friends, only to find out that the women have already come up with their own idea. They decide that they want to do a nude calendar to raise funds. Liza, reluctantly, semi-agrees.

While at work — due to Bryce being so over-the-top with virtually nothing of substance to contribute to the publishing house — Liza comes up with an idea and pitches to Charles that Bryce donate to The Book Nook. In return for saving a beloved book store, Bryce would get good press. Liza’s only request to Charles is that Diana gets credit for it. Charles listens and runs with Liza’s idea.

Elsewhere, Lauren is having a mild meltdown and struggle with her sexuality. Sleeping with Max really threw her for a loop, and when he tells her that he wants to be exclusive, she needs to figure out what she wants to do about her relationship with Maggie. Liza promises not to say anything about this to Maggie until Lauren figures it out.

Bryce buys into saving The Book Nook and commits to $300,000, making the store operable for the next five years. Liza is thrilled, but when she learns that the entire Empirical marketing team will be headed to the bookstore for the presentation of the donation, she somehow thinks she can forgo it. Wrong. The entire Empirical team wants her to fly with them to Jersey via helicopter. On the helipad, Liza calls Maggie frantically and mentally prepares to watch her life crumble as her past meets her present.

Mid-air, Bryce decides not to donate to the store after all because Mark Zuckerberg did something similar before and he didn't want to look like he was copying. In a last minute move, he forces the helicopter to turn around and go back to the city. This is, unfortunately, after Liza makes some ridiculously vague speech about what they may hear from her old friends at the ceremony. When Bryce presses her a little harder about what her big secret is, Liza then makes up a lie about her big confession being that she was really promiscuous. Instead of telling the truth, Liza continues to make up these ridiculous stories and lies about her past. I’m not sure how much longer this can actually go on. Someone at work is bound to find out soon!

The episode ends with Liza going back to Jersey to say goodbye to the bookstore and her former life. She leaves Josh in the car while she has a couple of drinks with her friends, reminiscing about the past and early book club days. While she and the girls from book club are sad, one reminds them to enjoy what they have, while they have it, as you never know when it is going to end.

So what did you think of the episode? When should Kelsey move on from Thad? Who will be the first at Empirical to find out Liza’s secret?

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