Sunday, October 16, 2016

How to Get Away With Murder 3x04 Recap: "Don’t Tell Annalise" (Liar, Liar, House on Fire) [Contributor: Jen W.]

"Don’t Tell Annalise"
Original Airdate: October 13, 2016

Eve is back, men are gross, and everyone's a liar on this week's episode of How to Get Away With Murder.

Frank’s into some shady business, buying some hydrogen sulfide late at night. Were this any other show, I’d say that we found our firebug, but it seems too obvious. But maybe the simplicity is in the honesty of that moment. I don't know, but my flowchart just got added to.

Annalise and the gang take on a case where a young man has been accused of stealing $41,000 from credit cards. During the opening for the defense, it comes up that Annalise has been suspended due to her smacking the heck out of her skeezy client last week.

And here are my top highlights from this week’s crazy ride:

1. The pro bono case that Annalise and company take on goes much deeper than we think.

The case uncovers child abuse, Bonnie’s demon’s, Asher’s demons, and a slew of other really terrible things that rounded out this episode.

2. Laurel is on the hunt for Frank.

After finding out last week where Frank was and then lying about it to Annalise, Laurel proves she's the brainiest and goes looking for Frank. However, she also uncovers way more than she bargained for.

3. Eve and Annalise are super complicated.

They dance together, Eve is Annalise’s support, they kiss... but Eve’s met someone new. Eve’s gonna move on to San Francisco, and, frankly, I am devastated.

4. Meggy is spelled "Meggy," and she recruits Laurel to help with Wes’s birthday party. Laurel ruins the surprise element.

(Thank you, closed captioning.) Also, Laurel and Wes are doing this weird dance and it's weird now.

5. Bonnie channels Annalise.

This isn't really a good thing, but it's always effective. She destroys a character witness for her client (who happens to be the pregnant child abuser of said client), and destroys any measure of trust from their client.

6. Frank kills Bonnie’s dad.

Because why not?

7. Laurel was the body they pulled from the house in last week's episode.

And apparently, she's pregnant. Add THAT to the flowchart, kids!

What did you think of this week's episode?


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