Thursday, October 13, 2016

Lucifer 2x03 Recap: “Sin-Eater” (Pants on Fire) [Guest Poster: Ilene Friedman]

Original Airdate: October 10, 2016

Lucifer hits us with another procedural episode in “Sin-Eater,” but this time there are some seriously hot pants involved. 

The victim of the week is a man I shall call Mr. Fire Crotch who is an employee of Wobble, a huge social media company similar to Vine. The episode opens with Mr. Fire Crotch asking for forgiveness for everything awful he has ever done, but it’s too late. As he burns to his death, we change scenes to Lucifer dripping hot candle wax on his newest one-night stand, only to be interrupted by his dear mother. His mother is upset that she has yet to see Amenadiel, but Lucifer thinks that reunion is a terrible idea because Lucy is sure Amenadiel will take his mom straight back to hell. 

Meanwhile, Detective Douche is busy trying to make up for his past wrongs. Apparently he bailed on Trixie, but makes it up to her with chocolate cake. Trixie is still a stripper’s name, but she is still the most adorable creature on the entire show. Trixie wants to know if they are still going on their family camping trip, but things are very complicated in the Chloe/Dan sphere. 

Finally, Chloe and Lucifer arrive at Mr. Fire Crotch’s crime scene and learn that his plea for forgiveness was posted on Wobble before he died. Ella discovers that the fire originated from the man’s… well, nether regions, which triggers Lucifer to make some jokes (“hot pants” and “fire crotch” among more). Lucifer is not too happy someone is stealing his jam of punishing the guilty, so he has a personal investment in the outcome of the case. 

Some clues eventually lead Lucifer and Chloe to Wobbles’ headquarters and Leila Simms. Apparently Leila and Fire Crotch had some issues after they dated. But the case really gets moving when Leila shows a video of Fire Crotch lighting an intern’s crotch on fire. The intern’s life was completely traumatized. Chloe and Lucifer then interrogate the aforementioned intern, and the intern shockingly confesses to the crime. With the confession acquired, Lucifer runs into Charlotte (a.k.a. mommy dearest) at the precinct. He watches as his mother flirts with everyone in sight, while Chloe reminds him that Charlotte is a hottie with a body. 

Lucifer immediately leads Charlotte away from the group and is more than a little upset that she showed up at the station. She really needs to get her own life. The reason that Chloe interrupted though was because there is a new victim video uploaded to Wobble. Chloe and Lucifer arrive on the scene and find that the victim was killed after having apples forced down his throat. Chloe also finds the victim’s phone stuffed in his pocket with a sex tape queued up. Lucifer thinks the victim got what he deserved and heads back to his club. 

Even writing this recap, I’m realizing this episode is a bit slow. Eventually, Chloe and Lucifer discover that one of the moderators of Wobble is the serial killer. They find H.R. guy Ray holding Leila at gunpoint, forcing her to record and then pour gasoline on herself — to eventually light her on fire. Chloe comes up with a plan, which involves Lucifer talking to Ray to figure out why he has chosen to punish people. Lucifer has been having an extensional crisis all episode and tells Ray that he has become someone deserving punishment. Before Ray can drop the lighter to kill Leila, Chloe pulls the fire extinguisher just as the lighter hits the floor. Lucifer then punches Ray in the face for good measure and makes the best pun of the night, claiming that he looks “quite extinguished.”

Upon arriving home, Lucifer runs into Amenadiel and his mother. Lucifer cannot hide his surprise that Amenadiel is going against dear old dad. Meanwhile, mommy dearest is just happy to have her sons back as one big happy family. However, Lucifer has decided on his mother’s punishment — she must remain on Earth among the creatures she despises. She has to live her life like the real Charlotte, complete with a husband and children. 

While Charlotte is heading home, she gets mugged at gunpoint. But the robber is the one who regrets it when Charlotte pushes him away and sends him flying against a building. It seems that Mama Morningstar has her power back. 

Final Thoughts:
  • Was I the only one not surprised about Chloe and Dan getting a divorce? I honestly thought they were already divorced. 
  • I need to know what is happened with Amenadiel. Why are his wings dying? Is he dying?
  • Maze and Mamma Morningstar need more scenes together. Mama Morningstar also needs to get a real name, like Lilith or Gaea. 
  • I also need to know what’s up with Chloe. Amenadiel was right telling Lucy that he went back on his word to God. What are the repercussions of that?
Overall, this was a pretty slow episode and I’m looking forward to more Chloe/Lucy hilarity that was seriously lacking this week.


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