Monday, October 3, 2016

How To Get Away With Murder 3x03 Recap: "There Are Worse Things Than Murder" (Annalise has the Right to Remain Silent) [Contributor: Jen W.]

"There are Worse Things than Murder"
Original Airdate: September 29, 2016

This week’s episode slowed down some, but don’t put away your flow charts just yet, y’all. Annalise and the Keating 5 are still up to hijinks, but on the more mellow side as Annalise has been barred from teaching her murder course.

I mean, honestly, it is probably the best idea for everyone involved that Annalise not teach these kids to get away with murder, but then where would our show be?

But I digress. This episode was much sadder than I think most of us would anticipate given the nature of the beast, but the Keating 5’s pro bono work has led them to take on various types of cases with clients who cannot afford their own counsel. This week they take on the parole case of a woman who’s killed her husband and isn’t sorry about it.

The statutes for women who were domestically abused by their spouses has changed dramatically since this woman went to jail, and she was advised during her original trial no tot speak out about that abuse. It’s always sad to realize how far behind our criminal justice system really can be. Sharon — the woman trying to gain parole — interviews the students to see who she wants to take point, and because this show is the way it is, hilarity ensues for a brief moment before she settles on Connor.

It’s a well-paced episode, and I can’t too often say that about HTGAWM because there’s always so much going on. But I think this season is shaping up to find an interesting rhythm, relying on the story narrative to unfold the mystery of the season rather than solely relying on flashbacks.

So here’s a quick highlight reel of this week’s top moments:

1. Connor and Oliver have broken up, and everyone blames Connor.

The Keating 5 have proven themselves to be #TeamOliver when they find out that the couple has split, and decide Connor must have cheated on Ollie (yes, this is the only Ollie I will acknowledge on TV) for them to split up. That’s not actually the case and Connor is pretty crushed about it. The moment at the end between them is pretty brutal, too.

2. Michaela and Doucheface (a.k.a. Asher) are doing the nasty. And Asher wants to let everyone know.

Michaela is dead set on not telling anyone that she and Asher are bumping uglies, and Asher makes a really compelling argument for not being the same guy he once was. Still, I’m Team Michaela always and really liked her “I’m not your teacher” line. Yes girl.

3. Annalise asks Wes to move in with her.

In a relationship that’s taking a course I really just want to get there so I can stop pretending I don’t ship it, Annalise tells Wes he should save some money and move in with her. He thinks it’s because she’s lonely; I think it’s because she wants him nearby regardless, but I think their pizza eating scene is tres adorbs.

4. Meggie (Megi/Meggi?) is still super cute.

And apparently she is also a medical student who believes some angry white student is trolling Annalise because of how prominent she is at the university.

5. Annalise gets suspended by the school board.

She’s told that the threats against her make her a liability to the school and they’re “suspending her for her own safety.” Yeah, okay y’all.

6. Frank is still MIA.

And apparently causing car wrecks and setting people on fire now. Things have really escalated.

7. Oliver now works for Annalise.

This is important because Oliver is a tech genius and he’s been known to do some not-so-legal things in the past to help out Annalise and company. So basically, he’ll fit right in.

8. The dreaded flash forward…

... shows Annalise being cuffed and read her rights. But not before we see her hand over a phone to Oliver and tell him to wipe it clean. Add that to the flow chart, kids!

What's going to happen next? Sound off in the comments below with your best theories!


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