MegaCon 2015 Coverage

I had the amazing opportunity of covering MegaCon in Orlando, Florida and got to experience some wonderful panels (specifically two on 'Doctor Who,' 'Firefly,' and a 'Flash vs. Arrow' panel) and meet some great people all while celebrating the very thing that drove everyone to the convention in the first place -- our passion for our fandoms. Here's my coverage of the event!

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Monday, April 27, 2015

Series: This Week's TV MVPs - Week 10

This week in television, we venture into sweeps with some fantastic finales, unexpected losses, and fantastic acting performances from some wonderful dramas on television. (This is actually the second week in a row that we've all chosen to focus on dramatic work and not comedic work. That wasn't on purpose, I promise!) As always, standing beside me to talk about television this week are some of my favorite human beings:

  • Human ray of sunshine, lover of bows and good television: Constance Gibbs!
  • Soul sister, name twin, light of my life, and fellow Arrow reviewer: Jen!
We're in the first week of double digits for our TV MVP Series (ten weeks of amazing television, whaaaaaat!), so let's get to it, then, shall we?

Saturday, April 25, 2015

In Which Jenn Goes to MegaCon! (Part 2)

You can locate the first part of my MegaCon coverage here.


Seriously, these two were AMAZING.

MegaCon drew to a close on Sunday afternoon, with not nearly as many people in the convention center as Saturday. Laura and I arrived at the convention relatively early that morning, as I was headed to a Firefly panel at 11 AM and she was off to her photo op afternoon with David Ramsey and Karen Gillan. When we split up, I was determined to get a decent seat at the Firefly panel and also take as many pictures Sunday as I possibly could on the floor of the amazing cosplayers. I got a lot of great shots and was so excited to see all the creativity displayed. Also impressive about conventions: girls (and some guys) who wear heels and heavy make-up and big costumes around for eight hours every day? You all are my heroes. Seriously.

I arrived at the Firefly panel early, found a seat, and immediately bonded with the girl behind me who was wearing a Karen Hallion t-shirt, too. (As an aside, you should totally check out her designs. They're amazing.) Also behind me a few rows was an amazing War Doctor cosplay. It was his first convention ever and he came because of his daughter and his daughter's fiance encouraging him to. I seriously did a double-take because I thought it really WAS John Hurt behind me!

John Hurt... I mean, super nice cosplayer!

The Firefly panel kicked off with audience questions and honestly, I laughed harder at this panel than I think I have laughed at anything that weekend. For starters, Alan Tudyk came out while the sizzle reel was airing and sat in the front row, intently watching the screen. It was hilarious. At the panel were: Alan Tudyk (Wash), Summer Glau (River Tam), and Adam Baldwin (Jayne). A special guest also appeared at the panel -- Nathan Fillion's head printed out and cut out. It sat on the table and was absolutely perfect.

The lovely panelists!

Here are some things we learned at the Firefly panel:
  • Alan Tudyk literally gave every single person who asked a question something signed -- either a comic, a pack of gum (he started running out of things), shirts, etc. Some lucky person got Nathan Fillion's head signed, which was fantastic. "Here, come get some sh*t," was his refrain every time the panel finished answering a question. It was great.
  • One of the questions asked was if any of the cast could be cast in The Avengers, how they would convince Joss Whedon to let them and what kind of superhero they would be. Tudyk joked that he would be The Spazz or Deadweight. "Deadweight wouldn't slow down time, he would just slow YOU down."
  • Adam Baldwin on what's important in life: "The three G's: God, guns, golf."
  • "Who are you gonna give Nathan away to?" "CBS."
  • Alan Tudyk gave an amazing soundbite: "I think everybody's crazy and the sooner we embrace that, the better off we are."
  • Though the panelists were asked questions about Firefly, they were also asked about their other projects. Summer Glau was asked about her role in The Sarah Connor Chronicles. A fan essentially said that Summer was extremely believable as a robot, stoic and very precise. She said that she actually was able to play the character because she found a way to relate to her and to her experiences.
  • What was really cool, too, to learn about Summer Glau was that she began her career in dance and she still feels like that's how she really connects to her roles and the characters that she plays. The idea of movement was really compelling to her and I thought it was really cool to learn that she still considers that such a huge part of her life and of her acting.
  • When asked how the actors deal with directors who view their characters differently than they do, as actors, Adam Baldwin said: "You always have to be a problem-solver, not a complainer." I thought that was great advice for pretty much everything in life. The actors agreed and noted that if you have problems with the way a scene is going or the direction, you need to not complain about it but propose alternate solutions.
  • Out of all the things the cast is surprised about that have become iconic from Firefly, Adam Baldwin is most surprised that the Jayne hat took off as much as it did.
  • Someone asked Summer Glau a question related to Arrow. They wondered whether her training from Firefly and Terminator aided her in her role on Arrow. She noted that they did and that she was excited to read the script and be able to do stuntwork.
  • The final question that a fan asked was: "What question do you most want to be asked at panels?" For that question, she received a signed comic book by the entire cast of Firefly and Joss Wedon. She started crying, understandably, and it was a perfect way to end the panel.
After the panel ended, I headed downstairs to the floor to locate Laura and meander through the stalls. There, I had the chance to catch up with a lot of cool cosplayers, including the following people:

Oh no big deal -- just a casual run-in with the mother of dragons.

"Exterminate! Exterminate!"

An awesome Bob's Burgers cosplay group. They were adorable.

Okay, this guy really committed to the Gilderoy Lockhart cosplay. But I suppose you would have to be, really.

Hospital Beth Greene from The Walking Dead. Awww.


Oh hello there, Arsenal.

LEGENDS OF THE HIDDEN TEMPLE. This made me SO unbelievably happy.

While Laura and I meandered around the convention, I realized one of my favorite things about conventions -- groups of friends who dress up together, but are in different fandoms. I ran into a group of cosplayers consisting of a Tenth Doctor, a Captain Jack Harkness... and a Bellatrix Lestrange. It was wonderful. Laura had texted me while I was meandering and noted that Danielle Panabaker and Robbie Amell had virtually nonexistent lines at their booths. In fact, for $20, you could get a selfie with Robbie. Obviously, this was a must for me and Laura and we sidled up to the booth to meet him.

Robbie Amell is super nice. Like, genuinely and truly nice. I thought he was a lot taller than me but actually he wasn't (and that's what surprised me most of all, I think). Laura and I told him that thanks to his panel the night before, he became one of our favorite people. We then told him: "You're our new favorite Amell. Don't tell Stephen." And Robbie replied, gleefully, with: "Oh, I WILL." We then complimented the success of The Flash and talked about how we both loved it. We snapped our photos and were gone.

Those Amell genes though, let me tell you.

After our photo, we headed back upstairs toward the giant ballroom where our final panel of the weekend would be held: the second Doctor Who panel featuring just Karen Gillan and Alex Kingston. I had the opportunity to actually ask Alex and Karen a question (and got cheers for a mention of Selfie -- Karen's delighted little clap at that and the cheers for Arrow for Alex were adorable and thank you Laura, for filming it!) at this panel which was really cool. They're awesome ladies, truly. Here's what else we learned at the panel:

Lovely, talented, hilarious, well-rounded ladies!
  • Someone asked a question about whether or not Alex and Karen abide by the "five second rule" of eating things that have dropped off the floor. Karen took this opportunity to mention that she has eaten a hotdog that was left in a nightclub before. True story.
  • A fan asked if Alex and Karen could only take one album with them on a desert island, which would they choose? Alex decided upon Carmina Burana. Karen was really torn but probably would choose something by Elvis.
  • If Karen could be in any movie in the present or the past that she wasn't in, she would choose Jumanji because she absolutely loved that movie growing up.
  • Karen had the chance to talk a bit about what it was like to film the goodbyes on Doctor Who, and noted that filming the graveyard scene was really emotional because Matt Smith was sitting on a gravestone while they weren't filming, listening to "Close to You" by The Carpenters.
  • When a little girl stepped up to the mic, she asked what Alex and Karen's catchphrases were. (She wanted them to say their ones from the show.) Karen asked: "In life?" And the little girl hilariously replied: "NOOOOOOO." After that, Alex mimicked her River catchphrases and Karen admitted that Amy doesn't really have a catchphrase but if she did, it would probably just be her yelling: "DOCTOR!" (She then requested the Internet to splice together a video of every time she did that on the show. Get on it, YouTubers!)
  • One of the weirdest things the ladies have ever had to do on Doctor Who was pretend to fly/fall around in the TARDIS. They both said that since the set is obviously not really moving, you have to pretend it is and they both always felt really silly while doing it. Additionally, Karen talked about filming her falling scenes with Arthur Darvill upside down. Apparently, all the blood vessels burst in her face because she was hanging upside down for so long so she had little dots all over.
  • A question was asked about Karen being on the new The Flash/Arrow spin-off since Arthur Darvill was on there, and the moderator replied: "I'm assuming they'll rename it Doctor Arrow" in reference to how many of the Doctor Who cast members are on Arrow/the spin-off.
  • Karen excitedly noted that she would love to visit the spin-off since Arthur is on it and told Alex that she should join, considering she's already on Arrow. They could even drag John Barrowman along, too. Karen then also revealed that Arthur is taking karate lessons for the spin-off.
  • An audience member asked about whether Matt Smith was a good kisser, which caused the following conversation to occur between Karen and Alex: "You kissed Matt." "You kissed him too." "You kissed him MORE!"
  • Alex and Karen talked about how they each memorize scripts which was really fascinating. Alex uses a lot of mnemonic devices to help and also likes to be in certain places -- she'll remember a line because she'll remember reading it in her living room or by a window. Karen records herself reading the other lines in her scripts and fills in the blanks.
  • Someone asked a question about Selfie to Karen, and the woman said that she would love to return to comedy. She really loved working on the show because they shot on the same lot that they shot Friends on and Karen grew up on American sitcoms.
  • When asked about what lessons Alex and Karen have taken away from Doctor Who, both replied: "Don't blink." More seriously, Alex added that the real lesson she learned was: "Make sure you're always there for your friends."
Favorite ladies are a favorite.

And that was it for MegaCon 2015! Laura and I had a blast and we really loved being able to attend an array of panels and meet a lot of fun, interesting people. I stand by the fact that conventions are the best place to bond with complete strangers because everyone there is so lovely and they all adore the same things you do. All in all, I had such a fun time in my hometown and am excited to do it again next year. :)

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Supernatural 10x19 "The Werther Project" [Contributor: Deena Edwards]

"The Werther Project"
Original Airdate: April 22, 2015

Sam needs to save his brother. Rowena wants her son dead. Working together with a witch (not to mention one who has tried to kill both you and your brother) is just begging for trouble, but it’s seemingly the only hope Sam has left.

While Dean has taken off solo to get rid of a vamp nest, Sam and Rowena meet up to discuss terms. The witch agrees to help him translate the spellbook which could possibly hold the cure to the Mark of Cain, but in return, she needs him to kill Crowley. Desperate, Sam doesn’t hesitate to agree, and she informs him that in order for her to be able to translate the spells, she needs another book -- a codex that belonged to Nadya, one of the witches from the Grand Coven. Nadya was killed long ago, by none other than a Man of Letters. Rowena advises him that he should start looking at home, and so he does, but not before rushing to meet back up with Dean, hoping to reach him before the eldest brother does something stupid. But don’t they always?

Taking out the Mark’s hunger on monsters seems to be the only thing able to take the edge off, which is why Dean doesn’t even wait for Sam before tearing into the vampire nest, managing to take down six of the fanged creatures all on his own before his brother even arrives. Dean shrugs it off. What’s done is done. But it’s obvious that Sam is bothered by it. Sure, Dean is all grown up, and he can take care of himself, but with the dangers of the Mark still looming, one slip-up could put all of Sam’s work to save Dean to a quick, violent end.

When they return to the bunker, Sam immediately buries himself back into Men of Letters files, stumbling on a recording of one of their old sessions that reveals the codex has been hidden in something called a Werther Box. It was an invention created by one of the members, armed with a deadly “alarm” system which causes hallucinations that drive whoever is under its influence to suicide. It still resides in a Missouri home, where it was buried, responsible for the death of an entire family that lived there many decades ago. All members of the family killed themselves, except for the daughter, Suzie. She continued to live in the home after their deaths, raised by her aunt there until she also met her unfortunate end with the box. Suzie lives there to this day, which Sam finds out the hard way when his attempt to break into the home ends with him immediately returning to his car after the woman points a gun through the mail slot down at… well, at a place one doesn’t want a gun being pointed at.

No sooner than Sam climbs back into the vehicle, Dean shows up, having tracked Sam down by taking a etching off of Sam’s notepad. He admits what he’d done before was reckless, apologizing for it and saying that Sam doesn’t have to do this case alone, whatever this case is. Sam doesn’t come completely clean, only telling his brother about the Werther Box and leaving out the tidbits of information about what’s inside of it and why he needs it. While Dean pretends to be part of the neighborhood watch in order to gain access inside the house and distract Suzie as best he can, Sam works on breaking inside through the back door, venturing down into the basement where he attempts to disenchant the box. It doesn’t work, of course, and he ends up setting the “alarm” off, releasing a strange cloud of green smoke out into the rest of the house and into Dean and Suzie. The woman immediately begins to hallucinate her dead family, who goade her into taking her own life a few minutes later. Sam tries to run to her aid, but he’s too late. Rowena appears to help just as the hallucination of Suzie is attempting to do the same to Sam. Once she’s dispelled, the two take off to the basement, reading the inscription on the box. To break the curse on it, it requires blood. Men of Letters blood.

Meanwhile, Dean finds himself in a very familiar place, with an old friend. Wandering through a hallucination of Purgatory with Benny, he walks in circles trying to find a way out. He wants to leave, wants to stop fighting, but the Mark has other plans. It wants a fight. Purgatory, as terrible of a place as it is, is some form of a “happy place” for Dean, as Benny puts it. It’s not exactly Disneyland, of course, but it’s a place where he doesn’t have to go looking for a fight -- the fights come to him, and he can kill without consequence. Benny points out that there’s also another option, which Dean immediately dismisses. Despite that, you can tell that it is something that’s crossed Dean’s mind once before. This is Dean Winchester, after all. Self-sacrifice goes hand in hand with the lying and the self-loathing, and with all they have gone through and continue to go through, it isn’t entirely difficult to imagine them looking for another way out of it all at one point or another. He admits that if it came down to it -- taking his own life so that Sam would not have to -- he would do it, but it wasn’t going to be today. He was going to keep fighting, after all. “Killing” Benny, he breaks out of the hallucination, rushing down to the basement.

As it turns out, the Rowena there is just yet another hallucination, pushing Sam to the point of draining himself nearly to death. Dean shows up just in time, giving the box the rest of the blood it requires in order to open it.

The codex now in his hands, Sam returns to Rowena, handing it over to her. Though this time, though, it seems he’s smart enough to at least have thought things through. He shackles her wrists together, chaining her to the room that she’s in. What, did she really think he was going to set a centuries old witch free with both dangerously important books and just hope for the best? She’s definitely not going to be happy about this, and neither is Dean when he finds out.

Memorable Moments/Quotes
  • “Looking at me like that.” “Like what?” “Like I’m some sort of a -- a diseased killer puppy.” 
  • “I’m over 300 years old. Beauty sleep isn’t optional.”
  • “Tall, white fella… pretty hair.” His hair was nice this episode.
  • “We had an agreement, giant!”
  • “That says something, doesn’t it? Werther splits us up in there. Within an hour we’re both on the brink of death? … The universe is trying to tell us something we both should already know. We’re stronger together than apart.” You guys should start actually listening to the universe every now and again.

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Arrow 3x20 "The Fallen" (Come To The Water)

"The Fallen"
Original Airdate: April 22, 2015

Come to the water, stand by my side 
I know you are thirsty, you won't be denied 
I felt every tear drop, when in darkness you cried 

Have you ever gone away to summer camp? I have. And I still remember it vividly, actually -- there was a camp in the mountains of Pennsylvania where I used to live called Victory Valley. That was the summer camp where I learned archery and how to develop photographs in a dark room. It's the year I remember falling asleep in a giant treehouse, snuggled up in a sleeping bag, to the sound of my counselor singing to us. It's the summer that the boys and girls had a giant water-balloon fight. Summer camp is an amazing experience in the life of a child, but summer camps end. And then you return home to your friends who live down the street from you and you realize that while your life changed, theirs did too. They hung out with new friends or classmates who weren't you. And suddenly you were plopped back into your own world, having changed, and feeling a bit lost because the people you were close to three weeks prior had new inside jokes and new experiences and new friends.

When you leave and return from somewhere -- anywhere -- you have to anticipate change on both your part and the part of the people you left behind. I went away to college for two years and came back to friends who were still my friends, but now had experiences and memories that I wasn't a part of. In "The Fallen," Thea Queen dies (they never explicitly say but it appears she was brain-dead) and she comes back but she returns as a totally different person. I imagine that death changes you, but the circumstances of her death change her more than anything. As Ra's reminds us, birth and re-birth are violent processes. It only makes sense that Thea Queen would not return as the sweet young Speedy that Oliver once knew. Themes of Arrow -- sacrifice, heroism, identity, etc. -- always seem to come back to one giant symbol: light. Darkness and light are huge components of this series because darkness, by definition, is the absence of light. And directors on this show play with shadows and darkness and colors and scattered rays of light a lot. Why? Because there's a constant dichotomy there -- there's a constant push-and-pull within most of our characters' minds and hearts: they can choose the darkness or they can choose the light. (And then you have names like the Black Canary and symbols like Felicity and a fern that "thrives on low light" and morally depraved character like Malcolm Merlyn and the vibrant red seen throughout Nanda Parbat, shrouded in darkness and low light, etc. etc. as giant, glaring symbols.)

Arrow is a show that constantly tackles issues of morality and heroism and whether or not people are too far gone to ever harness light again. When Sara was alive (R.I.P.), she told Oliver that he needed to find someone to harness the light inside of him and that she couldn't be that person. When Oliver and Felicity kissed, it was in a darkened hallway punctuated by a giant burst of light from a window. When Oliver told Barry he was too far gone, The Flash's alter ego told him that he was a hero and he could only be that way if there was some light left in him. Arrow is a show about darkness and light and "The Fallen" is just another episode that emphasizes those symbols through its characters and their journeys.

A lot of stuff happens in "The Fallen" -- a LOT of stuff -- so let's dive into it, shall we?

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

6x07 "Advanced Safety Features" (Six Seasons And One More Dance) [Contributor: Deborah MacArthur]

"Advanced Safety Features"
Original Airdate: April 21, 2015

First off: it's really bizarre that this episode with a running plot line about liking each other came right after the episode where we questioned why these guys liked each other. No mention of last week's episode was made and none of the characters seemed to think the reason why some members of the group might not like other members could be because of the massive invasion of privacy that happened a week ago.

Is it possible that this episode was actually meant to air before "Basic Email Security"? Nope. That's very unlikely, since even the production codes line up one after the other.

So the only logical explanation here is that "Basic Email Security" took place in an alternate reality where our lovable misfit characters are all awful to each other. Ta-da! Mystery solved. Moving on to this week's Prime Reality episode, entitled “Advanced Security Features”.


I was going to try and make a Romeo and Juliet prologue parody here, but it's 9:00 in the morning and my Shakespeare parody powers don't kick in until at least noon. Just acknowledge that the tale of Rick and Britta is a tale of star-crossed lovers, torn asunder by the addictive high of selling stuff to people who don't need it. It started with Subway (although I guess people occasionally need a sandwich?) and now Rick is doing guerilla marketing for Honda, Community's other very forgiving, very in-on-the-joke sponsor. Britta is less than happy about this, not only because Britta's anti-capitalist, but also because it means that she can't be with Rick. Again. Like I said: star-crossed lovers.

This episode is kind of a revisit of the last time Britta and Rick wanted to be together but couldn’t be ("Digital Exploration of Interior Design"), but I think I like this one because it shows a growth – especially in Britta’s character. She actually takes Rick to see her parents, repeatedly mentions that she wants a real relationship and not just sex in the back seat of a Honda CRV, and even joins Rick in guerilla marketing for Honda even though she considers herself morally against it. Maybe Rick grew as well, but no one except Britta can figure out which parts of Rick’s personality are carefully chosen affectations meant to sell products and which are genuine, so Rick’s character growth will remain a mystery.

I do love that this is another episode that proves that Britta isn't completely incompetent at everything she tries. We learned in season three that she’s excellent at design – especially for weddings – and now we learn that she's actually pretty good at selling stuff to people, which is a valuable quality in a bartender as well as a guerilla marketer. I’ve always had this theory that Britta is incredibly perceptive and that means stuff like planning weddings (because being perceptive visually is still being perceptive) and selling people what they might want or need would definitely come easy to her. It’s only when her own ego gets in the way that she messes up, like whenever she attempts psychology/therapy and ends up insulting her patients in some way. But egoless Britta? Or a Britta that isn’t wholly invested in what she’s doing? Naturally skilled and very wonderful.

Jeff + Elroy

Here’s where the storyline about liking people comes in, and I guess it’s a good one even though it’s short and barely-there, because it does at least show a growth in Jeff over the course of the episode. Now if the show could just expand that whole “character growth” thing a bit and make it happen over the course of the season (or the series), that’s be nice.

Jeff starts his story when Annie and Abed find him in his office, drinking and playing on his phone (Bejeweled? Texting mysterious people we never see? Who knows!) and tell him that they’re going to play a game with Elroy in order to get him to like them more. Jeff, because he can’t show he cares about anything, ever, without fearing that his coolness will come into question, dismisses this as lame. Of course he does. His theory is that showing aloofness = people thinking you’re cool and liking you. Annie makes fun of this theory, because of course she does – for Annie, caring about people is about as cool as you can get.

When Jeff realizes that Elroy likes the group just fine, but might not like him, he starts freaking out and trying to find ways to win Elroy over. At first this B-plot seems like another case of Jeff simply not liking when people don’t like him [Jenn's Note: or don't like him as much as they like others ("Beginner Pottery," "Asian Population Studies," etc.)], but it turns out in the end that Jeff is upset because he does like Elroy and wants to be his friend and never knew that Elroy disliked him. It’s not the fact that he’s disliked that’s the problem; it’s the idea that Jeff is disliked by someone he respects and thinks of as a friend.

Jeff’s original plan of aloofness in order to gain likability flies out the window when he gives in to Annie and Abed’s advice to just be vulnerable for a change and flat-out tells Elroy he likes him. When Elroy calls him a good guy and says they’re going to be friends, though, Jeff weakly attempts to go back to his aloofness and responds, “Yeah, fine, whatever.”

Yeah, I said Jeff grew, not that he changed. The way things are going, Jeff will always be the sort of person who tries not to care, or at least tries to look like he doesn’t care. The fact that he attempted to push away his instincts and opened up this episode, though, at least shows that he’s capable of moving past them just a bit. Should Jeff be more evolved than this at this point in the series? I definitely think so, but I also think there’s a comfort in falling into old habits for some people and I just suppose Jeff is one of those people.

It looks like the writers of the show also seem to be those people, since these characters haven’t been changing much over the years. This is unfortunate because falling into the comfort of old habits is as true to humanity as it is bad for storytelling.

Other Stuff:
  • Greendale’s having another dance! [Jenn's Note: How many actually is this? Can someone count? I feel like we're up to seven or eight dances already, but maybe I'm making that up.]
  • “Do you believe half your own politics?” “Yeeeeeeeah(?) …Yeah!” A+ delivery, Gillian Jacobs.
  • I agree with Abed’s theory on DJs and have expressed this to my brother, who listens to music with DJs, on several occasions. He does not take it well.
  • Jeff’s off-screen response to Abed on the topic of guerilla marketing was PERFECT. Is it weird that that one little joke was my highlight of the episode? I just really appreciate the editing choice of having Jeff’s line off-screen.
  • “I’m just gonna give this school’s assets a quick freezy-weezy.”
  • What was so special about Troy, Frankie? LITERALLY EVERYTHING. HE WAS THE HEART AND SOUL OF THE GROUP AND I MISS HIM MORE WITH EACH PASSING DAY. [Jenn's Note: What Deb said.]
  • Was Jeff’s “Troy was very gifted at steel drums” line ADR’d? I think he actually said… kettledrums? Could they not get a kettledrum?
  • Annie cares enough about Britta to warn her about Rick being in the parking lot! These little moments of care between Annie and Britta are great, now DO A WHOLE EPISODE OF THEM.
  • “Now, I have one more class, but if you can wait forty minutes, I will meet you – NUH UH!” A+ delivery, Alison Brie.
  • Annie and Abed trying out new handshakes is great, but I think they should go back to that one they did in the first season finale as Annie was leaving with Vaughn.
  • Okay, maybe Annie and Jeff going “MNEEEH!” at each other is the highlight of the episode for me. That was adorable. [Jenn's Note: So adorable that it deserves inclusion into this post.]

  • I found little things like Jeff saying “Hey, party people” and calling Annie and Abed “goofs” to be charming and indicative of Jeff’s affection for his friends, which I really needed after last week’s trip into that alternate reality where everyone’s awful.
  • “Would you say that I’m Level 7 Susceptible?” “No, because why would I? Because that’s moon man talk.” A+ delivery, Paget Brewster. Wow, the ladies are owning the line delivery this episode.
  • Frankie and the Dean had a funny little plot but it wasn’t really big enough to include in the main review. I loved Frankie’s inability to comfort the Dean without calling him an idiot (and variations thereof) though.
  • “It’s Elroy’s favorite band, too. I once hallucinated one of their music videos in his RV!”
  • “’Fine!’ That’s you. That’s my impression of you. Jaded hipster a-hole.”
  • Did Elroy start singing some “I Love You (For Sentimental Reasons)” at the end there? Yay! I love you, I love you, I love you, etc.
  • The running gag of the Honda guy trying to disappear mysteriously was fun, especially when Britta just humored him at the end.
What did you all think of Community's half-way point this season? Did you miss Subway... er, Rick? Let us know what you think in the comments below. Jenn will be back next week for the review of "Intro to Recycled Cinema." Until then! :)

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Series: This Week's TV MVPs - Week 9

Here we go, friends! It's another week of television and another week of our TV MVP series. I've been saying this the past few weeks, but it bears repeating: as we head toward May sweeps, the performances on television are only getting better and better. This week was no exception and we had the opportunity to witness amazing dramatic work on television. Joining me in our weekly conquest is the following group of ladies:

  • Writer, cat-lover, and friend Laura Schinner
  • Avid TV-watcher, analyzing queen and writer Constance Gibbs
  • Name twin, soul sister, and writer extraordinaire, Jen
  • Best friend, partner-in-crime, and light of my life, Jaime Poland
Let's get to it then, my darlings!

Thursday, April 16, 2015

In Which Jenn Goes to MegaCon! (Part 1)

I went to my first convention last year as press and it was a small convention hosted at the Orlando Orange County Convention Center, called LeakyCon (now renamed GeekyCon). That convention was a blast. I had the opportunity to interview an amazing cast of the web series Emma Approved. I got to listen to hilarious panels featuring young adult authors John Green, Maureen Johnson, Gayle Foreman, and Rainbow Rowell, among others. I got to listen to creative teams like Starkid and women like Amber Benson speak at panels. I had the chance to meet up with two of my Twitter friends. It was wonderful and it was a wonderful introduction to what conventions are supposed to be about -- a sense of community, of shared interest, of shared fandoms.

So when the opportunity arose for me to apply for MegaCon as press, I leapt at the chance and was approved. Last weekend, the convention (the second-largest convention in the entire United States right behind San Diego Comic Con, can you believe that?) was held at the Orange County Convention Center in my lovely home of Orlando, Florida. My friend and Just About Write contributor Laura Schinner flew in for the convention and we had the opportunity to hang out together, meet some amazing people, listen to some stellar panels, and walk away from the weekend with a hug from our new favorite Amell.

If you're ready, let's take a journey through my weekend!

* I'm breaking this up into two parts to make it easier to read/follow/I don't exceed a posting limit. ;)