Thursday, October 20, 2016

Blindspot 2x06 Review: "Her Spy's Harmed" (Hidden Love) [Contributor: Jen]

"Her Spy's Harmed"
Original Airdate: October 19, 2016

Blindspot unearths some secrets "Her Spy's Harmed," but perhaps the least shocking is the depth these characters love one another. Still, love is not always easy to see. Sometimes we hide our love or life hides it from us. However, it doesn't mean it's not there.


The team tracks Douglas Winter via Mayfair's clues to Bulgaria. When Weller and Nas find him, it turns out that Douglas Winter is not the super spy they thought he was. Winter was framed. Two masked attackers forcefully loaded CIA intel onto his computer. He had two choices: leave the United States for a non-extradition country, or be prosecuted as the nation's biggest traitor. Winter chose door number one. Unfortunately, his intelligence leak makes him the most wanted man across all agencies. The CIA, FBI and NSA are all after him... and not necessarily for altruistic reasons.

Winter is able to prove his innocence because he recorded the two attackers. Patterson is then able to scramble the voices and Jane recognizes them immediately. It's Roman and Shepherd. However, the bigger bomb drop is that Weller recognizes Shepard's voice. He doesn't know from where. He doesn't know from who. But Kurt is certain he knows that voice.


To be honest, I am a little disappointed Reade didn't kill Coach Jones. Not in the "I want Reade to be a murderer" way. It was just a cool twist, but now it feels like a fake-out. Reade didn't watch the tape. He heard noises, and someone else killed Coach Jones. There's a cliff Blindspot was on the precipice of diving off of, but now it just feels like they are backing away. Somehow, instead of feeling satisfying it just feels safe. I was looking forward to them pushing the envelope.

That said, I don't think Reade is being honest with Zappata about everything. I do not think the introduction of Freddy is any accident. There's someone out there who wanted Coach Jones dead as much as Reade. Someone who was just as frustrated as Reade that he was getting away with abuse. Someone who is teetering on the edge more than Reade was. Someone Reade has a friendship with and would be willing to protect.


The timeline of Coach Jones' death isn't matching up, even though Reade is holding to his story. My bet is that Reade heard noises, came upstairs, and saw Freddy killing Jones. Reade didn't arrest Freddy and let him get away. I also don't think Coach Jones was dead. I'm thinking Reade didn't call 911 and watched him die, which still makes him culpable and would explain the lies to Zappata.

The fact that Reade didn't watch the tape was a bit of a shocker to me. I understand his reasoning, but it's fascinating that he has the ability to find the truth at his fingertips, and he won't watch it. But Reade is afraid to know. As frustrating as his repressed memories are, there's a reason they are repressed. It's Reade's mind's way of protecting him. Once he watches those tapes, if there is abuse, that wall of protection is gone. Reade can never "unknow" the truth. And sometimes, the truth is worse.

It certainly has been for Jane. There's almost nothing she's learned about her life as Remy or Alice that's brought her solace or peace. If anything, Jane is only more confused and tortured by the truth of her past. The past, as they say, has a way of catching up with you. Reade won't be able to hide from it any more than Jane could. There is a silver lining in the midst of all this darkness, though. Her experiences have given Jane a deep sense of compassion. There is no one who can understand what Reade is going through more than Jane — not even Zappata. If she's able to help him, then maybe it will make all the pain she's suffered more bearable. If Reade and Jane lean on each other, maybe they can bear their pain together.

... That's if Blindspot ever connects their two separate storylines. I'm getting a little impatient.

This is one of the things I love most about Zappata. She doesn't hide her love. She loves boldly and fiercely. She jumps right into the lion's den to protect Reade without hesitation. This is the reason why the Blindspot team is more than co-workers. They are more than friends. They are family.

Family protects each other — viciously, if need be. Zappata's interrogation of the security guard was bone-chilling. Threatening to deport his girlfriend? That's cold. Zappata has proven she's not afraid to get her hands dirty in the past, so for Reade, it's not even a question. That said, Zappata has more than proven she's Team Reade, so he owes her the absolute the truth. Whatever secret he's keeping, Zappata is the last person he should be keeping it from.

Blindspot is also clipping right along with Dr. Borden and Patterson. To be honest, it makes me nervous. I feel like we're hitting relationship milestones too quickly for Borden and Patterson to remain happy together. It stinks because he is such an excellent boyfriend. That whole speech about wanting and accepting all of Patterson and not just pieces of her? I started naming their children right there.

If there's anyone who deserves a little happiness, it's Patterson. Her little David slip — and Borden's unbelievably patient response — was just a reminder of how much she's lost. DO NOT BE THE MOLE, ROBERT.


Roman is one of the few bright spots for Jane. As she remembers more and more of her past, her bond with her brother is reaffirmed. Despite everything she's suffered, despite everything she's done as Remi, Jane knows she wasn't alone. She had her brother. He's more important than intel on Sandstorm. He's more important than any mission. He's more important than her own life. It's why Jane abandons the chip and rescues Roman. Protecting Roman is not just memory for Jane. It's instinct.

The reason Remi became who she was is because Alice wasn't able to protect Ian in the Orphanage For Future Assassins. To quote Arrow, Alice had to become someone else. She had to become something else. Remi molded herself into a machine. The driving force behind that will was a deep love for her brother.

It's why Remi left behind the gum wrapper. When Remi erased her memories, she erased Roman. She abandoned him in a way she never had before. Roman believes that, to Remi, nothing is more than the mission. The wrapper was Remi's way of telling Roman that he is her reason for doing what she's done. No matter what happens, it always goes back to Roman.

Roman tells Jane that Remi would have protected the mission and Jane says something astoundingly profound. She tells Roman if that's the case, then she doesn't want to get Remi back. Remi locked the gum wrapper in a secret puzzle box. She locked the symbol of her love for Roman in a box she knew he wasn't capable of opening. Roman needed Jane to open it. When she does, Roman is overwhelmed by Remi's gesture. It holds in his hand tangible proof that he matters to her. It holds in his hand tangible proof that Remi loves him.

But Jane doesn't need the wrapper. Jane doesn't keep her love hidden in a secret box like Remi does. Jane says the words. She tells Roman that she loves him.

I don't think Jane tells Roman that she loves him because she's trying to turn him. Jane tells Roman she loves him because she needed to say it and he needed to hear it. If Jane can somehow take the best pieces of Remi and mold them with the best pieces of Jane, then she will be a stronger person because of this experience. She will be a better person.

Maybe Roman will never get his sister Remi back. Perhaps Remi is lost forever; but maybe the sister Roman finds in her place is better. Maybe Jane will be the sister Remi never could be and the one Roman truly needs.


It always comes back to Jane for Kurt, even when he's a world away from her.

Kurt and Nas head to Bulgaria to arrest Douglas Winter. Unfortunately, he has no idea who Mayfair was, and that knowledge crushes Kurt. Mayfair always had the answers. Kurt was hoping that Mayfair had the answers one last time and that Douglas Winter would lead him to them.

Kurt is trying to piece this puzzle together. He's trying to figure out why Sandstorm needed him. Why did they use Taylor Shaw? Why have they been tracking him all these years? If Kurt understands the "why," maybe he'll know how to stop them. If he understands the "why," maybe he'll know what to do about Jane.

He was hoping Mayfair had the missing pieces and everything would make sense. Mayfair's death is the primary reason for Weller severing his relationship with Jane. I think, deep down, Weller was hoping Mayfair would give him a way back to Jane. But when Winter fails to provide any answers and when Mayfair fails to provide any answers, Kurt finds himself adrift. Kurt Weller is lost. He's been stumbling in the dark reaching out for something to lead him out into the light. First he reached for booze and now he reached for Nas. He's just trying to dull the pain. Kurt doesn't want to feel adrift anymore. He doesn't want to feel so alone.

The problem is, everything Kurt reaches for only leads him to more darkness. Booze isn't the answer. Nas isn't the answer, especially when she's spying on all of them and is possibly the mole. The answer is Jane. It always has been. It always will be. Kurt Weller is lost without her.

She is always there, just under the surface, like a hair trigger. Weller snaps when he finds out that Jay Keaton was one of the men who tortured Jane. The hair on my neck stood up when Weller said — in that deep, rumbling voice — "You tortured her?" It wasn't a question. It was a threat, and one Weller very rapidly followed through on. He nearly choked Keaton to death. This is Kurt working off pure emotion. Keaton hurt the person Weller loves most in the world. It reminded me of a moment in Buffy the Vampire Slayer when Willow attacks the villain Glory after she injures her long time love Tara. Willow tells Glory, "I owe you pain."

When Weller doesn't THINK, when he just allows himself to FEEL, all roads lead back to Jane. The problem is, he can't see that road right now. Kurt won't see it until he puts this puzzle together and that's okay.

Booze, Nas, and even the Water Guy are all just bumps along the way. Kurt and Jane's final destination remains unchanged. It's like they are standing at opposite ends of the road. When they can finally see their way ahead, Kurt and Jane will realize they are both waiting for the other. Then, they will finally make their way down the road and back to each other.

That's what love is. It's there even if you can't see it. It's there even when it's hidden away.

Stray Thoughts:
  • Roman and Remi didn't call Shepherd "mom." It just didn't suit her. Imagine how shocked I am... not. I've know barracudas warmer and fuzzier than that woman.
  • "You have very strong hands." I'll bet.
  • Here are my actual notes regarding Nas and Weller: "I hate being right about this stuff. Wait. They had SEX? Doesn't anyone go for coffee anymore?"
  • Standing out in the middle of that hallway seemed really stupid, Weller.
  • Protective instincts aside, was Roman really in that much danger? He's a super assassin, Jane. I think he could handle a couple of rent-a-cop security guards.
  • Don't mind me, I'm just over here in a corner sobbing.
  • One thing I cannot decide is if Blindspot has any romantic intentions for Reade and Zappata. The completely non-sexual way they undressed in front of each other makes me think no, but it's early yet. We've got time.


  1. Love reading your review after each episode,insightful as always. I cant help but wonder if there is yet another layer to this story. I think Kurt may be the mole. I also think that Jane and Kurt are more connected then the show has revealed so far.

  2. Great review, but I too think Kurt is some type of Manchurian Candidate mole.

  3. When I read your reviews it's just as if you and I are speaking in person ~ you do a great job! I'm wondering if Borden could possibly be the mole. In photos from the mid-season episode 9, Borden is running around the Afghanistan countryside with Jane (who is uniform) which means that he does know Jane from before. Borden is also wearing a ring (wedding band) on his finger. So why is he keeping his past with Jane a secret. Jane's been "zipped" so she can't remember Borden from that time. I hope Borden is not the mole for Patterson's sake. But the way the writer's navigate the storylines, who knows what will happen... Nas is a big faker. Delete!!!

  4. I just don't understand how Patterson can practice all the self defense and get kidnapped/nearly choked/shot at every week and not - oh, I don't know... - USE IT. Come on, show - is she a magic unicorn with skills or a damsel in distress?

  5. Loved your review and I did the very adult thing of punching fast forward at the beginning of the Weller/Naz kiss and started watching again after all clothes were back in place. Some things just need to be ignored....