Friday, October 14, 2016

Blindspot 2x05 Review: "Condone Untidiest Thefts" (Loyalty) [Contributor: Jen]

"Condone Untidiest Thefts"
Original Airdate: October 12, 2016

Woah. What just happened? Did Reade just... ? Sorry, I am getting ahead of myself. Blindspot examines loyalty, and how far the bonds of family and friendship go, in "Condone Untidiest Thefts." They end on a shocking note and leave Zappata with a very difficult question to answer.


The case of the week was really interesting and that has absolutely nothing to do with the fact that I'm Irish. I enjoyed it because it allowed us some insight into Allie's character. To be fair, we don't really know her as person other than Kurt's love interest. It's high time the woman was expanded on a little. After all, she's having Kurt's baby.

One of Jane's tattoos leads to some communication between the Irish mob. There's a hit put out on a political rally, but Team Blindspot doesn't know who. The target is Senator Donahue. His first cousin is supposedly the head of the Irish mob. Donahue put away a lot of the family in his time as senator, and so the FBI assumes the mob is after him. Allie, it turns out, knows some of the family because she grew up with them. Donahue survives the attack and none of the other people are fatally injured. Team Blindspot brings in the head of the mob, Patrick O'Malley, because the gun used in the attempted hit was registered to him. O'Malley drops a couple of bombs. First, he's dying of cancer and has six months to live. Second, he's not the head of the Irish mob.

Donahue is.

Donahue is running for governor, so he arranged the shooting to look like a hero. He also decided to frame his second in command: Patrick. Jane has a one-on-one with Patrick about loyalty that hits pretty close to home with both Team Blindspot and Team Sandstorm. In the end, Patrick chooses to turn on Donahue and offers the FBI some incriminating tapes. The mob, and Donahue, are tipped off by Patrick's lawyer, which was a nice twist. During the shootout, Allie is shot. Patrick sacrifices his life in order to give Jane and Allie a chance to escape, which made me super emotional. I was feeling all the feels on this case, my friends.


Reade spent the night sleeping outside of the Coach's house. Then he confronts the Coach, and asks him if he was one of the victims. The Coach denies everything of course. Reade promises the Coach, "You'll get yours." Then he asked Weller for a personal day and dodges Zappata's phone calls. He breaks into the Coach's house and finds a false wall that contains... tapes. Dozens and dozens of tapes with the players' names and years labeled on them. I almost vomited because I felt so sick to my stomach. Reade finds his tape.

This is the point I should have been worried. This is the point that my television spidey senses should have alerted me to danger, but I just wasn't worried. I was fine with Reade breaking into the Coach's house. In retrospect, I was overly focused on how he was going to get those tapes into evidence after breaking into the house. I wasn't even sure if Reade was going to watch the tape. I thought there was a chance he'd go back to Dr. Borden and continue therapy — unearthing his memories that way. I just didn't see what happened coming. I mean... this is Reade we're talking about. He is always focused. He always toes the line.

I was a complete idiot.

Of course he watched the tape. Wouldn't you? I would. If I couldn't remember and I found the one thing that could tell me the truth. Watching the tape is not expected.

Killing the coach was.

Reade has been like a pressure cooker. Bit by bit, episode by episode, they've been turning up the heat on him until he finally lost it. Now, maybe Reade was forced to shoot Coach Jones, but I doubt it. In the heat of the moment, having just witnessed his abuse, it is understandable why Reade pull the trigger. But he still pulled the trigger and the ramifications make my head spin. The question is whether or not Zappata is going to help him cover it up. And the real question is: how far does loyalty go?

Loyalty is something Jane brings up during her interrogation with O'Malley. Zappata says to Nas, "you get raised by wolves, you tend to become a wolf." But Nas disagrees. She says, "No, there's always a choice." The direct reference to a wolf is also an on-the-nose remark about Mama Sandstorm, who is the she-wolf. This is a not-so-subtle reference to Jane. Just because her family is filled with killers doesn't mean she has to become one.

Jane goes into the interrogation room ready to convince O'Malley to put loyalty aside.
Jane: Loyalty is a noble value, but you can't let it blind you. And when it counted, those people weren't there for you. They used you.
This is a direct shot across the bow at Team Blindspot. Yes, Jane betrayed them; but they betrayed her. Now they are asking for blind loyalty from her when she gets very little back from them. She feels used by the FBI, by the NSA, and by her supposed family. Right now, Team Sandstorm are the only ones giving anything back to Jane. At some point, Team Blindspot needs to get in the game and embrace forgiveness, or else they will lose Jane forever. If this is starting to read like a broken record, it's because I'm starting to feel like one. A little movement from Zappata or Patterson or Reade would make all the difference.


Hello, hardcore Jeller shipper here. I wave my flag proudly, so I thought all the protective!Kurt and Allie scenes were going to bother me a lot more than they actually did. However, it was interesting to watch Kurt and Allie navigated this new relationship they have together without actually being in a relationship.

The moment Kurt asks Jane to keep Allie safe had me verklempt. Kurt "I Don't Trust You" Weller asked Jane to keep Allie and his baby safe. He asks Jane to barricade them in. She is the first person he looked to. She is the first person he trusts with what is most precious to him. Kurt chooses Nas as his out-in-the-thick-of-it-bullets-flying wingman because he wants Jane safe too. Kurt became unhinged after Allie is shot, and understandably so. It was extremely satisfying to watch Archie Panjabi put Sullivan Stapleton up against a wall.

It was Jane and Allie's interactions, however, that I was most touched by. Of course finding out that Allie is pregnant with Kurt's child is extremely painful to Jane. However, she kept the focus on Allie, asking her questions that had to hurt — like if the baby was a boy or a girl — so that Allie remained awake. Then, when O'Malley sacrifices his life for them, Jane physically puts Allie on her back and carries her out. I was super emotional, you guys. Forget Weller. Allie and Jane forever!

Then Kurt comes barging through the door and sees Jane carrying Allie, and his unborn baby, on her back. Ugh. I'm crying again! It was so good. This is why Jane is who she is. This is why Kurt loves her. She is compassionate and selfless. She's a hero. What's more, this was such a stunning display of how much Jane loves Kurt.

Of course their conversation afterward — when Kurt awkwardly, but earnestly, thanks Jane — was like another gut punch. Jane always thought Kurt would make a wonderful father, which means she thought of having babies with him someday. I will not accept any other scenario that would lead Jane to that conclusion. I know my truth.

Unfortunately, Jane doesn't know what we know or what Kurt and Allie know. Kurt and Allie are not together and, despite their closeness, I don't think there are plans for them to be together. Frankly, I think Nas is more of a threat in that department. So, we're just going to ignore that Jane cold-called the Water Dude and asked him out on a date via voicemail.

Stray Thoughts:
  • It's super depressing that Jane was able to achieve that adorable haircut all by herself. I spent way more money on mine.
  • Patterson and Borden are sleeping together? When did we get to them sleeping together? I feel like I missed a step, but maybe that's because I'm old. Now I am really worried he's the mole.
  • "This is Kurt. My Kurt." "I knew there was a reason I didn't like you." HA! I'm gonna miss O'Malley. He was nifty. He should have stayed.
  • Who's Chris? Lied about what? What is happening on crazy Team Sandstorm?
  • My actual notes read: HOLY CRAP, READE SHOT THE COACH.


  1. Good review job! Jane is a hero and for all that she's been through, she has a big generous and gracious heart. Love her. I'm with you regarding this Allie character ~ she needs to go and in such a way that shows to Kurt how selfish and petty she is ~ How dare she says to Kurt "What took you so long?" If it hadn't been for Jane, that stupid Allie would've bled out ~ maybe she should have. Finding out that the baby is actually Connor's would be a great (albeit predictable...) way to dissolve this really lame storyline ~ nobody dies ~ and prove to Kurt how he was manipulated by tricky Allie. UGH. So much strong backlash and negative feelings from Jeller fans about the Allie/baby storyline could very well affect viewership of the series. Today, I read that the viewership is down 15%. Take heed you folks in the writers' room! There's a lot of Jeller "feels" invested in Blindspot ~ and that could quickly go away if you don't handle the departure of Allie and her baby soon.

  2. I've been reading the comments/remarks posted in Twitter & Facebook by those who are saying that many of the audience & jeller fans are being childish & immature about wanting a definite end to the Allie & baby storyline. Well, perhaps those people who say jeller fans are childish, etc. should understand that the many of the audience & jeller fans watch a show like Blindspot for the action (yes, of course...) & to escape for an hour into make-believe. And so, it happens that many become emotionally invested in the lead characters; not so much for the intellectual merits of the show, but for the chance to see into a character or characters' lives (fictional as it may be) and to simply escape & just get caught up in the "feels" of a tv show. I read the feedback from jeller fans & they are ever & always cheering so much for Jane and Weller to be together without the shackles of an ex-girl friend & her baby (don't try to blush over the fact that that messy situation of baby mama & child won't come back in future episodes to bite someone's butt; it will!) that its almost like sports fans definitely cheering & willing their Jeller Team on to victory & the much anticipated jeller sex scene(s). Why is there this jeller frenzy? The writers themselves "created the frenzy" with how they wrote the Jane & Weller character interaction from the start of Season 1 through the present! And when the writers "mess" with the audience in such a way as to bring about the angst of another woman's child (is it really Kurt's???) then be prepared for the wave of disappointment, frustration and "anger" that seems, at this point, to affect the ratings!!! Going down, down. And as for those who are chastising the masses who want Allie gone, the baby gone, Nas put in her place out the door; keep in mind that these masses are running high on the emotional investment they have put into the characters of Jane and Weller. Indeed, a degree of angst & romantic tension is usually in a ship such as that of Jane and Weller (the writers started out with that premise, after all), but it truly depends on what exactly the angst entails that will bring out either the "awwww's" from the audience or the intense "hate" of the Allie/baby storyline that is being expressed & prevailing now by many jeller fans & more. It would be a shame if the series where canceled due to experimental story arcs by the writers; especially, negatively impacting the Jane & Weller ship. A real shame!! And as for those who comment that the jeller shippers and supporters of Jane & Weller are being childish and evil in wanting the character of Allie & baby to disappear & never return, watch your own backs! You folks may not have the pleasure of watching Blindspot anymore. It sure seems clear that the negative feedback from jeller ships could very well be the straw that breaks the chance of Season 3 for Blindspot. A note to those in the writers' room, do something to severe the ties of Allie & baby with Weller & the show forever (whether it be predictable, procedural or even a death end... you'll be forgiven for the deaths, I predict) and I suggest you do it quick or here's hoping you all have your resumes ready for another job with another series. Blindspot just may be "bye-bye". The comment above notes that Blindspot's ratings dropped 15%. Well, prior to submitting these comments, I looked up the most current ratings. Reviewers anticipate yet another drop in the show's ratings this week as well. Uh, oh!