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Grey’s Anatomy 13x02 Recap: “Catastrophe and the Cure” (Faith) [Contributing Writer: Julia Siegel]

“Catastrophe and the Cure” 
Original Airdate: September 29, 2016

Things have only gotten more awkward at Grey-Sloan Memorial Hospital this week. A court case and a love triangle lead us further down the path of deception, and it’s all going to get more twisted from here on out.


Season thirteen is going to be centered around three big storylines. The most important one may be the lawsuit of Andrew DeLuca versus Alex Karev. DeLuca has recovered enough to file a felony assault charge against Karev. They both appear in court for the hearing, where Karev pleads not guilty. The case is certainly going to court, so it will be up to a jury to decide Karev’s fate. The verdict could easily send him to jail and tear up his medical license.

Besides the weight of a felony charge above his head, Karev has the worst day in recent years after missing a key piece of medical diagnostic information for a reoccurring patient. Even worse is that his patient is a young boy who recently had a kidney transplant and is now experiencing symptoms of appendicitis. The poor boy is on the verge of losing his new kidney thanks to the distracted Karev. And yes, the court hearing and the boy’s case occur in the same day, so Karev is in a rough patch.

Karev is clearly due for a win. Even though he is hated by at least half of the hospital, including Jo, he needs something to distract him from the fact that his life and career and circling the toilet. Hopefully there will be an ample distraction next week because he deserves it. Karev knows what he did was wrong, is truly sorry for his actions, and knows he acted on misinformation. The guy has come a long way over the years and deserves more than his current fate.


The second large storyline of the season is April and Jackson’s tumultuous relationship. Not only do they have their own post-divorce issues to work out, but now they have a baby daughter added into the mix. I didn’t mention the baby drama last week because it wasn’t nearly as important as the fallout from the Karev-DeLuca situation. This week, April and Jackson are featured a little bit more, which leads me to believe that this will be a season long endeavor.

April has had complications from her impromptu C-section and needs a few extra days in the hospital. This upsets her deeply because her baby girl is ready to go home without her. April wants her baby all to herself and doesn’t want Jackson sucking up all the time with the baby. She also doesn’t want to rely on Jackson for help with anything, especially since they aren’t married anymore.

Jackson doesn’t stop his efforts to help though, which I think April secretly appreciates. He asks April and the baby to move in with him when she gets out of the hospital, that way she gets help as soon as she is discharged. My bet is that their relationship will become even fuzzier as the season goes on if they start living together again.


Our last giant story of the season will be the powder keg love triangle between Meredith, Riggs, and Maggie. Since this situation is about to get messy fast, let’s do a quick recap as to where they currently stand: Maggie has a major crush on Riggs and continuously gossips about her love to Meredith, who has already had a tryst in the parking lot with Riggs. Meredith and Riggs have a cat-and-mouse relationship going, as they have both confessed that they have feelings for each other on some level. However, they haven’t made it official, and Meredith hasn’t told Maggie about her feelings/love affair.

In this episode, Maggie tells Meredith that she wants to ask Riggs out on a date. Meredith tells her to go for it, yet acts super jealous. I can’t figure out why Meredith is sending weird mixed signals to everyone and lying to their faces. She usually isn’t very open about things, but she doesn’t typically lie this much to her family. Meredith warns Riggs of Maggie’s feelings and asks him to deny her efforts.

Maggie eventually has the guts to ask Riggs out, and he awkwardly turns her down. She goes home extremely disappointed and walks in on Meredith and Karev having a conversation. Unbeknownst to Maggie, Meredith has just confessed her “relationship” with Riggs and is saying how complicated it is. Riggs denying Maggie has just made her conquest even fiercer, so it’s time for a good ol' fashioned love triangle showdown!

The teaser for next week suggests the impending doom of this flawed love triangle. It should be great to see exactly what happens when Meredith’s secrets are revealed to everyone. This love triangle is intense and overly complicated. Each person has deceived the others long enough, so the drama should be extra good next week.


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