Monday, October 17, 2016

Lucifer 2x04 Recap: “Lady Parts” (How About That Ending?) [Guest Poster: Ilene Friedman]

"Lady Parts"
Original Airdate: October 17, 2016

This week’s episode of Lucifer was all about the ladies, beginning with two young men discovering a young dead hooker in the forest. Well, we think she is a hooker anyway.

Meanwhile, Lucifer is playing Words with Friends with Maze during his session with Dr. Martin. Martin is not too pleased with Lucifer’s continued distractions. In fact, she tells him that distractions are just keeping him from discovering his deeper issues. Of course, Lucifer hears “a distraction will help him from dealing with his problems.” So, what is Lucifer’s biggest problem? His mother not going back to hell — obviously.

Back at the crime scene, Lucifer is not the only one distracted. It seems Chloe also has a lot on her mind. Lucifer tells her she needs to get out and have a little fun, but she is not in the mood to hear it. The crime scene leads to an interrogation of an Uber driver, and a trip to Ella’s morgue. Ella tells them that the victim was killed by mandrake poisoning. This leads to the victim’s boss’ house — who just so happened to be the last person the victim spoke with. The man in question tells the duo that the victim, Daria, was having a girl’s night and he was nowhere near her. In fact, he was sleeping with a waitress (much to his wife’s distress).

Meanwhile, at therapy, Linda tells Amenadiel that he needs to let loose to solve his problems and get some distractions of his own. Does anyone else sense a theme to this week’s episode? Is it, perhaps, distraction?

Chloe and Lucifer then visit Daria’s apartment, running into Daria’s neighbor who lets them in… only to immediately smell a dead body. It turns out that Daria’s roommate is dead too. What do these dead bodies have in common? A triangular stamp on their wrists.

Chloe later arrives at Lucifer’s club, interrupting his potential rendezvous with two women. She wants to talk about the case, but Lucifer has something else in mind. Maze steps in (thanks to a bet she has going with Lucifer) and takes her to the bar the victims were last scene at to do some “investigating.” Ella also decides to tag along. Linda also shows up because it’s “girl’s night!”

The girls have some bonding time until Chloe spots someone with a triangular stamp on their wrist. A fight breaks loose and Maze kicks some serious butt, holy crap! Chloe is finally able to get information about the stamp (which leads to a club) and they have a new lead for the case. Back at the station, Chloe talks Dan into going to the club. Chloe makes Dan team up with Lucifer, since Dan obviously looks like a cop, but the duo expands when a VERY drunk Amenadiel shows up at the club as well.

At the club, the guys found out there is a third girl missing. Lucifer, distracted by his phone, is laughing at a picture of drunk Chloe. Chloe sees the aforementioned picture and realizes that girl’s night was a set-up by Lucifer.

Lucifer and Chloe finally find the guy who tried to sleep with the girls at the club, thanks to the bartender there. Turns out, he was poisoned too and was trying to protect the girls. The guy brought up a picture of him with his ladies only for Lucifer and Chloe to realize that Daria’s neighbor is the killer! Lucifer and Chloe eventually take her out and bring her back to the precinct.

Maze meets Chloe at the precinct, telling her that she is excited for their new living situation. Maze and Chloe are going to be roomies and I’m so here for this! Maze then walks into Lucifer’s apartment, telling him she’s moving out. Amenadiel, meanwhile, walks into the bar super hung over. But the real kicker is that CHLOE GETS CRUSHED BY A CAR AND THE EPISODE ENDS.

Final thoughts:
  • I am so here for Maze and Chloe being friends. Also, Maze needs to kick someone’s butt at least once per episode. 
  • I want to know if the relaxing did anything for Amenadiel’s wings. I need them fixed, people. I don’t want him becoming human. 
  • I need Chloe to discover who Lucifer really is, and I’m hoping that happens by the end of the season. What do you think y’all?
  • Also, Maze and Trixie BFFs are coming!
  • This was such a good set-up episode!
  • Anyone think Mamma Morningstar is gonna take out the angel that hurt Chloe? I think she might. :D:D:D


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