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Wynonna Earp 1x13 Recap: "I Walk the Line" (Got Work to Do) [Contributor: Isabella]

"I Walk the Line"
Original Airdate: June 24, 2016

It's no coincidence that this episode is called "I Walk the Line" not only because of Willa and Bobo's goal to literally walk across the line together, but also because of Johnny Cash's song that corresponds so well with what many of the characters are feeling (and also the entire tone of the show).

If you haven't given the song a listen already, you should. But I'll go through some of the lyrics at the end of the song for you:

You've got a way to keep me on your side.
You give me cause for love that I can't hide.
For you I know I'd even try to turn the tide.
Because you're mine, I walk the line.

I keep a close watch on this heart of mine.
I keep my eyes wide open all the time.
I keep the ends out for the the tie that binds.
Because you're mine, I walk the line.

I know this should automatically scream Willa and her relationship with Bobo, but I think it veers more into Wynonna's territory. There's definitely a reason why Bobo can keep Willa on his side: some form of Stockholm Syndrome she's developed. But what I find to be the most interesting aspect of the show as a whole is the relationships Wynonna's developed with people like her sister Waverly, Dolls, Doc, and even Peacemaker.

They're drawn into her world for various reasons, but each stick with her. Wynonna has a way of keeping them on her side. For Waverly, it's a familial and unwavering bond of love. For Dolls, it's a partnership and romantic, passionate love. For Doc, it's a willingness to be a better person (and unrequited love on his part). These three people were there with Wynonna at the end of the line.

Her relationship with Peacemaker might be the most complicated and underestimated relationship yet. Peacemaker was confused when Willa came into the picture. Peacemaker faltered and didn't cooperate with Wynonna at all. And yet, in this finale, Peacemaker came back to her. It recognized the inherent bravery and drive to act for the greater good that only the true Earp heir can carry.

And now to recap the rest of the episode...

Picking up right where the last episode left off, Doc and Dolls manage to work together to get Wynonna out of the champagne-crazed partygoers — by throwing her out the window. Don't worry, of course she's fine. Well, up until the part where she gets ambushed as she's changing out of her party dress by one of her various exes who wants the antidote.

Meanwhile, Willa and Bobo's messed up relationship seems to be going just fine up until Bobo — or, as Willa calls him, "Robert" — begins to burn up. They followed the prophecy: Willa's walking across the threshold with Bobo willingly and they've got Peacemaker... Wait, they don't have Peacemaker. Waverly ran off with it and it's safe in her possession. That is, up until the point where she gets taken by a now-deranged Chrissy Nedley.

As Doc and Dolls stock up on ammo, Doc finds Dolls' stash of "medicine" that, as he describes it, has been keeping some parts of him alive and some dead since he was a young boy. They can't get too into this conversation however because Nicole walks in. Dolls is pretty much set on not involving her, but Doc just comes out and catches her up on everything: "Purgatory's overrun by Demon Revenants a.k.a. Wyatt Earp's resurrected outlaws. Bobo del Rey is their leader. I am Doc Holliday. Yes, that Doc Holliday. And Dolls here is just a dick." It makes perfect sense to Nicole and now she's officially a part of the Black Badge Division.

Wynonna is saved by Willa, who knocks Wynonna's ex out. Wynonna has Waverly on her mind, but Willa's anxious to find Peacemaker. Wynonna's worry worsens when she gets a call from Chrissy to find Waverly, or else she'll get hurt. They run over and when they get there, Chrissy keels over and Willa gets to work on untying Waverly. She finds Peacemaker in Waverly's bag and furiously snatches it from her. Waverly senses something's wrong and snatches it right back, throwing it over to Wynonna. Waverly's reasoning for not trusting Willa was because she saw something in her eyes when they visited Bobo's place, noting "I don't think the Willa that came back is our Willa." Impatiently, Willa brings out her own gun, willing Wynonna to hand Peacemaker over. At that moment, Nicole walks in. Setting her eyes on Nicole, Willa threatens to kill Waverly's girlfriend (and now Wynonna knows) if she doesn't give it to her. Wynonna doesn't want to up until the moment she sees Waverly's devastated face and tells Wynonna that she loves Nicole. After she hands it over, Willa shoots Nicole anyway in order to slow them down.

But wait! Even though Nicole was shot, she's not bleeding out. As it turns out, it's because she's wearing a bulletproof vest, a.k.a. what I take to be a huge middle finger to all the television shows that have killed off their lesbian and bisexual characters, particularly with a bullet, in this year. On this show, they've already shot both Nicole and Waverly, the two lady-loving ladies, and had them survive. Although I said in this Sunday's Summer Lovin' series: "I know people are reluctant to begin watching a new show because they don’t want to get hurt again. I can’t make you watch it and I can’t promise that we won’t get hurt, but I think this is the show to take that risk for,"  I actually believe that Wynonna Earp won't be killing off Nicole and Waverly.

Wynonna runs off to catch up with Doc and Dolls at Shorty's and finds the place and all the people in there a mess. Just prior to her arriving, Dolls was shot and — in an effort to get him to feel better — Doc injected him with one of the serums. It's the one that causes Dolls to growl, get superhuman strength, and throw bad guys out the window. Even better news? They're able to get an antidote for the people drugged up on poisoned champagne.

Bobo's got problems of his own when the mysterious man that spoke to Doc when his car didn't work reappears. He lets Bobo know that if the heir crosses the boundary with Peacemaker tonight and hate in her heart, everyone will be doomed. Well, he may not have used those exact words, but basically everyone's pretty much screwed. He also mentions something about what Willa used to be, but Bobo says that he'll be able to save her and himself if they just cross over.

He makes his way back to his house, only to find Waverly waiting for him. She tells him she's waiting for Willa to get there and while they wait, they have a little chat. Waverly keeps bringing up how Bobo basically coerced her 13-year-old sister to trust him, which he doesn't see anything wrong with. What he does make sure to tell her though is that she's not even an Earp. She can't ask him what he's talking about before she has to run and hide because Willa arrives. She watches them run off together with Peacemaker as she cries.

Doc and Wynonna (not Dolls because of his gunshot wound) catch up with them and have a standoff in which Bobo uses his weird telekinetic powers to retrieve their weapons. Unfortunately for him, they thought ahead and one of the weapons has a bomb attached to it. He notices it just in time for him to throw it toward where Doc is standing. It throws both Doc and Bobo to the ground, leaving the two sisters to approach the line. Willa walks across the line, opening up the prison gates of Hell and letting a snake-like creature slither forth. Willa and Wynonna both cock their guns at each other. Wynonna completely reluctant and unwilling to shoot her sister, but Willa completely ready. Willa attempts to pull the trigger multiple times, but it doesn't work. Before Wynonna can think of shooting, Willa is shot, but not killed by Dolls. The snake slithers around her, squeezing her into its grasp and forcing her to drop Peacemaker. He drags her away, but Wynonna follows. She grabs Peacemaker and aims straight at her sister's forehead. She pulls the trigger, killing her. She then runs back across the line with the snake racing after her. Just like sliding into home base, she slides right out and into safety.

Wynonna's about to shoot Bobo, who's completely ready to die, but is stopped by Dolls' boss. They're taking Bobo and Dolls both to a maximum security black ops prison outside of the triangle. As they're driving away and crossing the border, Wynonna shoots Bobo and watches as Dolls gets driven away. She's completely set on breaking him out of the prison though, and she makes sure to tell Doc that.

After the dust has settled, Waverly, Doc, and Wynonna walk by the line and where Willa was killed. As Doc and Wynonna talk about what they're going to do next, Waverly stoops down to inspect an odd-looking gushy mud patch on the ground. As she touches it with her finger, the substance spreads along her body and across the face. She seems fine, up until the point where she approaches Wynonna and asks her, "Are you ready?" To which Wynonna responds, "Sweetheart, I'm ready for anything."

As if to test this, Waverly pulls out a gun and shoots.

Other Points of Interest:
  • Can I just say that I knew we shouldn't have trusted Willa? Also, her relationship with Bobo is seriously screwed up because she was his hostage since age 13!
  • Everyone going crazy off of that poisoned champagne didn't seem to be trying their very best to get at Wynonna at the start of the episode, did they?
  • "I had Peacemaker in my hot little hand." Hot little hand? Okay, I'm going to excuse Willa for saying this because she hasn't been out in society in awhile.
  • "Agent Haught, welcome to the Black Badge Division." So does this mean Katherine Barrell's going to be a series regular next season? Oh, let it be so.
  • The Doc and Dolls friendship is everything I need in life.
  • "I'm the ... Earp heir and I've got work to do."


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