Monday, June 13, 2016

Mer's Pick: 10 Favorite Moments from Orphan Black's Fourth Season [Contributor: Meredith]

As Orphan Black’s stellar season four comes to a close, I took some time to look back on some of my favorite moments from the last few episodes. Overall, season four brought the viewer back with a welcome and necessary return to the season 1 sense of urgency — a consolidated effort against a common enemy helped this season remain on strong footing throughout the 10-episode run. Every sestra, and each of the supporting characters, had their moments to shine this season. Here, we look at the highlights from those shining moments in no particular order. 

1. Donnie poses as a masseuse to get information from Krystal

To get information on Brightborn’s plans, Donnie and Cosima infiltrated the facility. Coincidentally, Krystal was there, too. To avoid exposure, Donnie ended up posing as a masseuse, which led to hilarity and ultimately him getting the crap kicked out of him by Krystal.

2. Sarah, Felix, Adele dinner of truth

At the height of the tension between Sarah and Felix, the former gets Scott to perform a DNA test on Adele -- hoping to prove that Felix’s supposed biological sister isn’t who she claimed to be. It all came to a head at this incredibly awkward dinner, where Sarah found out she was wrong and Adele and Felix really were siblings.

3. Krystal pepper sprays Felix

As Felix tries to calm Krystal down and make her feel safe in order to find out what she knows, Krystal’s new defensive instincts kick in and she pepper sprays Felix. This scene is pure physical comedy gold, and everyone involved played it perfectly.

4. Cosima comes up with the solution to their problems

After a tense brainstorming session with Susan, Cosima comes up with what could potentially be the cure they’ve been trying to find all along. It means teaming up with Susan and traveling to her creepy prison island, but Cosima thinks it’s worth it. And with the information that Delphine may be alive fresh in her mind, she’s more motivated than ever to find that cure.

5. Donnie’s opening scene in prison

After being arrested for drug dealing, Donnie has to adjust to life in prison. The opening scene of 4x08, where we see Donnie walk through, sit down, and start eating in the cafeteria, alternates between the tense and melancholy, and the hilarious and uplifting in the span of a few minutes. It sets the tone for an exciting episode.

6. Felix saves the day, as usual

After Kendall is murdered, everyone pretty much goes off the rails. As Sarah spirals out of control and Cosima comes this close to doing something self-destructive, Felix is left chasing after them and picking up the pieces. While tracking Sarah down and talking her off a literal edge, he also manages to give Cosima some hope and narrowly avoid all around disaster.

7. Alison double crosses creepy cop -- lets Sarah, S, and Art capture him

To get Donnie out of prison, Duko tries to blackmail Alison into giving up Sarah’s location. While at first it appears to the audience as though Alison has given in to his demands -- it turns out she was working with her sestra all along, giving Sarah, Art, and S the opportunity to gain the upperhand on Duko, which leads to...

8. Mrs. S kills creepy cop

To avenge her mother’s death, S takes no prisoners and shows no compassion or leniency for Duko, shooting him dead without a moment’s hesitation.

9. Helena shoots the Brightborn thug through the neck with an arrow 

Things once again look dire for Alison and Donnie, as they are tied up and threatened by one of the Brightborn thugs -- again seeking Sarah’s location. But right before the thug can implant a faulty cheek maggot into Alison (effectively killing her slowly), Helena shows up and saves the day BY SHOOTING THE GUY THROUGH THE NECK WITH AN ARROW.

10. Ira and Rachel shut Evie right down  

In another case of “appears one clone is double crossing the others but actually she’s helping,” Rachel and Ira film Evie admitting to deformed births and baby euthanasia, and then upload the footage to every major news source. It was really the first time I felt like cheering for Rachel.

BONUS (Major spoiler alert!)

Need I say more?

What have been your favorite moments from this season of Orphan Black so far? What do you think Delphine is/has been up to? Is she here to help? Does she have something to do with the swan that keeps staring at Rachel? Will Cosima get to see her love -- or is time running out for our favorite braided sestra? The Orphan Black finale airs this Thursday, June 16, at 10 p.m. on BBC America.


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