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Beauty & the Beast 4x03 Recap: “Down for the Count” (Changes) [Guest Poster: Bibi]

“Down for the Count”
Original Airdate: June 16, 2016

So, we start the episode thinking that J.T. is missing, and what appears to be Vincent struggling with using his beast senses in order to rescue him.

What we soon realize is that J.T. is not in any real danger, but that J.T. and Cat are trying to perfect Vincent's balancing skills. Can he maintain his life as beast, doctor and husband? Cat doesn't think so, and thus puts him through this rigorous timed exercise as a test. While this proved to be just an exercise, this entire episode becomes a depiction of their balancing act.

Vincent continues to have faith that he can do it all and they can have it all. Can they realistically balance beast bounty hunters, domestic life and wedded bliss? Their pile of unpaid bills, laundry and the general neglect of other things in their life, seems to prove otherwise.

Elsewhere, J.T. still hasn't told Tess that he turned down tenure and Vincent suggests that J.T. should be honest with her. J.T. wrestles with telling her the truth and I think, in the back of his mind, he isn't ready to admit to Tess that not only is his life in limbo career-wise, but he's not ready to commit to what Tess currently wants out of life. You can tell that he genuinely loves her, but J.T. doesn't even know what he wants out of his own life.

Cat is back to rendezvousing with DHS, and this new agent is worried about his life, since all of his counterparts have been killed while trying to protect Vincent and Cat. Since DHS is now back to covering for Vincent, in a bold move, they employ Cat as a Special Agent and give her full resources to figure out who's after Vincent, and stop them once and for all.

Cat is given files to investigate the murder of a German bounty hunter who was just killed. She steps into the case with hesitation, because it means her time as a NYPD Detective is now over and she hasn't even had a chance to tell her best friend and Captain. This comes right after we hear Tess saying that she can't wait to give Cat a new case, so they can work it together like when they were partners. :(

We switch to Heather, and the EMT is back and asking Vincent for love advice during work hours. Vincent has more serious issues and basically ignores him. Which, to be fair, makes sense. And I'm tired of seeing them try to make Kyle and Heather a thing.

Tess shows up to the crime scene of her case and Cat walks in. After Cat tells her that she is no longer employed by NYPD and that the case no longer belongs to Tess, it causes some strain between the two of them, because Tess feels blindsided by Cat.

Vincent and Cat go to an underground fight club and are surprised by Cat’s recruitment.

In some of the most questionable detective work I've seen, Cat walks into an exclusive place, loudly and openly discusses a person who just died, and is overheard by the guy who signs up the fighters. Vincent doesn't want her to fight, but of course Cat does it. She says it's the only way.

Cat dominates in the first fight – because, well, did we expect otherwise? – and is taken away to an undisclosed location for the final round.

Another girl is injured and Vincent takes her to the hospital. The fighter reveals that a wealthy man bids on her consistently and doesn't like to lose, so she has to win. Vincent realizes that Cat was probably taken by his guys in order to fight for him.

Meanwhile, Tess finds out that J.T. turned down tenure when their new landlord calls to verify J.T.’s employment and realizes that he turned it down and changed his entire life without telling her. Tess understandably thinks that J.T. doesn't want move in with her since he hasn't consulted her on any major issues in his life, and because it's taken him five weeks to pack for their move.

Cat is found in a high-end, underground fight club and gets knocked out. She eventually beats her opponent as Tess and Vincent use her old case materials to help track Cat. In attempt to save his wife, Vincent misses the start of his shift at work, and I wonder if he'll even have a job next episode.

Right after Cat wins, NYPD busts in and the wealthy businessman walks out the back door. Cat pulls DHS rank and he threatens to shoot Cat. Vincent senses her fear and kills two men before they kill her. Cat feels great, thinking that this man is the guy who put a bounty out on Vincent and they can finally get their lives back. When he sees Vincent in beast form, he is terrified and they realize he doesn't know anything about beasts, let alone about a bounty.

Cat and Tess meet back at the precinct and Tess admits that she doesn't like Cat's new promotion. Tess wants her partner back, and as Cat gives back her NYPD badge, there are tears. This was the best moment of the episode, because Cat and Tess’s friendship and working relationship has been a key dynamic of the show for me. They've been working together for ten years and they are more than friends, they are family. Side note: I miss scenes with just the two of them.

The last big moment that episode ends with is J.T. and Tess coming to terms with the idea that they are at two different stages in life. Is this the end? Likely not, but Tess recognizes that he isn't ready for the things that she is ready for. She wants to move forward and they are in love, but J.T. needs time and space to figure out his life and search for what will make him feel fulfilled.

Questions that need answers: Can we trust Kyle? Did he stalk Heather at that bar? Is he the bounty hunter? Why isn't Heather more concerned about how Kyle found her? Also, how did Heather quit after one day? Does the bounty hunter really exist?

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