Wednesday, June 29, 2016

The Bachelorette 12x06 Roundtable: The Quick Train to I-Love-JoJo-ville [Contributors: Chelsea and Alisa Williams]

JoJo and her men spend the week in Buenos Aires where Wells finally gets his first (and last) kiss with our leading lady. A second two-on-one date has Derek and Chase tangoing for JoJo’s heart, and James Taylor uses the group date to air his grievances. Chelsea and Alisa share their take on this week’s episode.

What do you think about the one-on-one with Wells? Should JoJo have given him the rose? Or was it time to say goodbye?

Chelsea: I really liked Wells and I don’t think he was given enough time on the show with JoJo for anything to happen. From following him on Twitter and Snapchat, I can tell that he and JoJo are different people and probably wouldn’t work. He’s a super fun, nice guy that likes music and hanging out with people. And JoJo likes her guys to have a little edge to them. I love that the show made their date seem so much more awkward than it probably was with the terrible music and the editing. I’ll take Wells though. He seems like the perfect guy for me and my friends.

Alisa: I liked Wells, even if I could never quite figure him out. He always looked like he was half-asleep or coming down with the flu, but maybe he was just a low energy dude who just doesn’t like fighting fires or participating in performance art. But all in all, he seemed like a sweet guy who got terribly awkward and tongue-tied around a beautiful, confident woman, and it became his downfall. I think saying goodbye was probably the right choice. I never really saw it working between JoJo and Wells. They seemed like completely different people, and I think that became increasingly clear during their date when JoJo wanted to talk about exes and unicorns, and Wells just wanted a nap.

Do you think James Taylor did the right thing by telling JoJo his opinions of Jordan? 

Chelsea: I like James Taylor and didn’t fault him for telling JoJo, but it was clearly a thing the producers tried to drum up since they have no drama in the house. We didn’t see their “drama” go down and it wasn’t a real issue. Very petty of the show in my book. At least if you’re going to create some drama, let us see it unfold and tell a whole story.

Alisa: I agree with Chelsea completely. That drama seemed so random and it came out of nowhere. James Taylor and Jordan are self-described BFFs in the house who have had absolutely no tension and then BOOM. So Jordan apparently schooled you on the rules of poker off camera one night and acted super arrogant and entitled about it. Big deal. I personally can’t stand Jordan because he’s one of the bullies of the house, and James Taylor certainly wasn’t wrong in his description of Jordan’s less-than-stellar personality. But come on. Let’s not get our feelings hurt over a game of poker.

What are your thoughts on the remaining men? What about the ones that have gone home? Is your favorite still standing?

Chelsea: Of the remaining guys, I love James Taylor but I don’t think he’s going to win and I really like Luke. James Taylor is too good for this show and needs to be protected. Luke looks like a bad boy at first but seems to be a teddy bear when he talks. I really want him to be the Bachelor next season. I do like Robby a lot and I hope to see more of him. Alex is the only guy I despise.

Though I do need to add that the show dragging out Derek’s exiting and all of his crying was one of my most favorite things I’ve ever watched. It was just magical and hilarious. After learning about Derek outside of the show and how he prepped for it all, it made me really dislike him. Glad to see him gone, even though he has that adorable Jim Halpert face.

Alisa: So my favorite man, and the only one I was rooting for, was sent home. I’ll miss you, Derek. It’s true you got disturbingly cocky about how this two-on-one would go which made it clear the odds were never in your favor, but up until this week you handled yourself with grace and maturity in the face of Chad-bears and house bullies. I like James Taylor, but I don’t think he’ll stick around much longer. His insecurities are getting the best of him. As for the other men, I really can’t stand any them. Luke seems like your typical bad boy, Jordan’s hair is full of secrets, Alex is an angry elf, and Chase and Robby are completely forgettable.

Hometowns are coming up fast. Who’s going to make the cut?

Chelsea: Luke, Jordan, and Robby seem pretty safe for hometowns. I’m curious to see how those will go and what kind of drama can come from them. I want to know more about Luke since he’s my frontrunner for the new Bachelor. In a perfect world, James Taylor would be my next Bachelor but I don’t think we’ll be that lucky. I’m gonna bet Chase is the fourth hometown contestant.

Alisa: I think it’s pretty clear both Jordan and Luke will make hometowns. I’m less certain about the other two spots. I’m hoping James Taylor is still standing at that point. Hometowns can prove pivotal for developing relationships and I think making it to hometowns could really help JoJo see what a great guy James Taylor is compared to these other men. I’m just going to throw it out there and say Robby will be the fourth hometown contestant.


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