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Wynonna Earp 1x12 Recap: "House of Memories" (No Rest for the Wicked) [Contributor: Isabella]

"House of Memories"
Original Airdate: June 17, 2016

The episode opens with Willa and Wynonna trying to get background information about Willa out of a Revenant they've caught. What better way to do this than with torture?

The punishment they're pulling on him seems to be doing the trick, slowly but surely. This isn't good enough for Willa who wants answers now, so she furiously shoots him back to hell. The problem with Willa is that she doesn't think before she acts. She just does. She lets her anger get the better of her and it clouds her judgment. On the opposite side of the spectrum we have Wynonna, who has sometimes taken too long in reacting to Revenants that they escape. And yet, she always gets them in the end. This hesitance and attempts at weighing her options has only been good for Wynonna. Willa's quick anger could, and seems like it will, ruin their attempts to catch a Revenant or ruin something even bigger than catching them — something far more important.

It's not even just Willa's anger that domineers her personality, but also her distrust of people. She walks in on Nicole dressing Waverly's wound for her and kicks her out because she's been doing a bad job of it. While Nicole uses a different type of ointment, Willa uses coconut oil. She's been redressing the wound after Nicole leaves, but because Waverly enjoys when her girlfriend dresses her wound, she hasn't told Nicole about it. Generally, after people react to Willa's rudeness and leave, Willa always seems to realize that she's reacted negatively and regrets her decisions. Maybe it's because I don't fully trust her yet, but I think it's interesting that she only does this in front of her sisters. She apologizes for what she does and how she has to fix the way she reacts. Sure, she'd confide in them because... well, they're her sisters. But there's a part of me that thinks she might be doing this in order to get them closer to her and more distant from outsiders as some sort of ulterior motive. She's already tried separating Dolls and Wynonna, and now she might be attempting that with Nicole and Waverly. But who knows. I'm just a very paranoid person all around so that might be it, too.

Later on — as Waverly and Nicole start to make out and get it on in the barn — Willa walks in on them. Poor Nicole ends up leaving, yet again, to give Willa and Waverly a chance to talk. Willa implies that Wynonna wouldn't be too happy to find out that Waverly's been keeping this a secret from her. Okay, I personally hate this because I've been through it before. I never understand why someone would be angry at someone else for not coming out to them if they don't want to. It's their choice. You don't have to guilt them into telling you. Before I go on more of a rant, Waverly reminds Willa of a time when they were younger. Willa caught Waverly snooping in one of their father's drawers in the barn and — in exchange for not telling on her — Willa made Waverly walk across one of the high beams where she was at full risk of breaking her neck. Waverly ended up doing it, but Willa told their father just the same.

Willa and Waverly then find the Swan Reservoir, where Willa was being kept by Bobo all those years ago. Through her memory coming back, they learn that Willa was saved and released by the witch Constance.

Meanwhile, Wynonna and Dolls are interested in finding out who sent the kill order on him and they begin with their first suspects: The Machetes, a group of ex-servicemen. They fight with two of them and learn that the Judge wants Dolls dead. In reality, he was forced to send the kill order by Bobo del Rey. Although Wynonna attempts to shoot one of them with Peacemaker, it fails. For the first time, it fails. Most likely because the true heir is back. Afterward, in the car, Wynonna tries to tell Dolls what happened, but he doesn't let her. He just tells her that he wouldn't want to fight with anyone else. This softens her up a little — enough for him to decide to show her what the cops found: the burnt remains of the Cadillac Wynonna gave to Doc, but no Doc.

Speaking of Doc, we learn he's being held captive by someone named Big Bubba who was hired by Bobo to kidnap him. Big Bubba's a terrifying man who keeps him tied up and likes to throw knives at him, but he luckily escapes using one of these knives and kills Bubba.

To try to get more insight into why Bobo sent the kill order on Dolls, Wynonna and Dolls, along with the rest of Purgatory, attend a black-tie event. Before getting there, Wynonna makes her own way to the Swan Reservoir and finds a letter left behind that gives more context to Bobo's plan. The only way to cross into the the Ghost River Triangle is with the Earp heir — Willa. Despite this risk that Bobo will try to take Willa with him, Willa wants to stay.

A little later on in the party, Dolls and Wynonna talk about what it means now that Willa's the "true heir." Wynonna hadn't been worried about it until Peacemaker didn't work for her. "I never wanted this, but after awhile I just felt like it fit. Like I was meant to be. But I'm not special, I'm just some girl." What I love about Dolls and Wynonna's relationship is that they get each other. There's this unspoken connection between them. They can look at each other and instantly know what the other person is thinking or feeling. Dolls is very intuitive in that way, but this isn't even why he says, "Hey, you were not just anything." He doesn't say this to try to make her feel better. He says this because he means it, because he needs her. The feelings that have built up between them since they first met at the start of the season reach a new height when Wynonna kisses him. It's passionate and something we've been waiting to see, and it didn't disappoint. Even when they opened their eyes to find Doc back and watching them. Doc seems visibly disappointed, but can't say anything before he realizes that the champagne being served at the party is poisoned.

But then he is interrupted by Bobo's appearance. Bobo lets the party know that the champagne is in fact poisoned and whoever is able to retrieve Wynonna Earp and return her to him will be given the antidote. As the crowd starts to surround her, Dolls and Doc, Wynonna tells Waverly to get Willa out of there. Before she can, Waverly says goodbye to Nicole, who's staying behind to control the riot. As this happens, Willa disappears and finds Bobo. She's remembered him since she went up to the Swan Reservoir. They walk off hand in hand, leaving everyone to fend for themselves.

Other Points of Interest:
  • I'm always so shocked when I see Nicole with her hair down. I think she looks really different. Still as gorgeous though.
  • "The Machetes. Another elite group. Dangerous guys, guns, drugs, delicious potato salad that'll go from lips to hips in five seconds flat."
  • "We make a pretty good team." "We should get T-shirts." "Don't push it." (Okay, any time anyone mentions that they're a good team with someone I ship them with, it just reminds me of Jeff and Annie's "We make an amazing team" and then it makes me love them even more).
  • "You know littering's bad for the heart, right?" "How so?" "Because when you litter... *punch* I hit you in the heart." Dolls is boss. Also, Wynonna finds this so hot.
  • "I want answers... and my hat."
  • There was so much blood this episode. I hope you all didn't watch it while eating.
  • Nicole is so haught (pardon the pun) when she kicks Champ's butt for being homophobic.


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