Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Series - In Style: Felicity Smoak of "Arrow" [Contributor: Rae Nudson]

Last month, Rae debuted a new series at our website titled "In Style" in which she creates look boards inspired by some of her favorite television fashionistas. Her first post on Hannibal's Alana Bloom can be found here. In honor of #CountdownToArrow, Rae will be doing a few special Arrow-specific posts. And, to help celebrate Felicity Smoak Appreciation Day, here's her article about Felicity Smoak! 
Felicity’s clothes, like the woman herself, are flawless. She always knows exactly what to wear, whether it’s a business meeting or a date — or a business meeting that doubles as a date. Her life may be constantly about to fall apart, but her outfits make her feel more together. They are coordinated and classic while still being completely on trend. Felicity wears a lot of bright colors because she’s the light on Arrow — not just for Oliver, but for everyone. The patterns and colors she wears are fun and powerful, just like she is. And her clothes have only gotten bolder as the series has gone on, and this perfectly parallels the fact that she, as a character, has gotten bolder too. She’s not afraid to fight for what she needs, and she’s not afraid to stand out in a bright dress and bright lipstick. Felicity is sure of her worth, and that comes across very clearly in the way that she prevents herself, especially through her sense of style. She takes care of herself, dresses with precision, and looks great while she’s battling whatever life (or the villain of the week) throws at her.


For work, especially since she joined the executive level at a company, Felicity is more often than not in a classic dress that is more formal than the skirts and button-ups that she used to wear in her IT days. When she’s in the Arrow cave, she is still professional, but this environment also allows for a bit more of a personal twist. Her crop tops are so perfect, honestly. And I feel like Felicity is the kind of woman who dresses extra cute when she needs an emotional boost. One thing I especially love about the way that Felicity dresses is that she so often wears her hair back and up in a ponytail. That choice in hairdo conveys that she is focused and practical, and that wherever she is, she is there to do hard work. After all, when you are hunched over a computer for hours saving the world, sometimes you just have to get your hair out of your face. (Aside: I love the Black Canary, but how many women would honestly fight crime with long hair flying around? A villain could grab onto that!)

But Felicity still knows when to let her hair down and she definitely knows how to get dressed for fun — it’s not all work for Felicity without any play. For a date with Oliver, of course, she brings out a killer (or Smoakin', if you prefer) red dress.


We keep hearing from the producers that season four of Arrow will be a bit lighter, less depressing and dark than the season before. And I hope that this season’s more playful and relaxed attitude is also reflected in Felicity’s wardrobe. What I sincerely hope with all my little shipping heart is that we see Felicity in more date night outfits with Oliver. So, now that we've discussed Felicity's impeccable style, you're probably wondering what you can do to imitate her look. While we can't quite tell you where you can find your own Oliver Queen, we can give you some style suggestions for how to dress like Felicity, practically, in your own life! I’ve put together some outfits which will hopefully serve as inspiration for how you can dress like her:


In order to become your own Felicity Smoak, I’d recommend bold colors, crop tops and pencil skirts, a closetful of pitch-perfect coats, and always having a knockout dress in your best color ready to go in your closet. When, exactly, should you use imitate Felicity's look? I recommend that you dress like Felicity when you need to do your best at a high-stress job, make everyone fall in love with you, and when you’re following your heart.


Additionally, if you have ever envied any of the awesome jewelry that Felicity Smoak has worn on the show, a majority of her pieces come from a designer named Peggy Li. Peggy is super sweet and a supporter of our website! Jenn owns a pair of her drusy earrings in blue (the bronze version is one Felicity wears in the show). Be sure to check out her designs and buy them. Peggy's packaging is super cute and her Instagram is lovely, too! :)


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