Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Series - In Style: Thea Queen of "Arrow" [Contributor: Rae Nudson]


Rae recently debuted a new series at our website titled "In Style" in which she creates look boards inspired by some of her favorite television fashionistas. Her first post on Hannibal's Alana Bloom can be found here and her second about Felicity Smoak can be found here! In honor of #CountdownToArrow, Rae has done an Arrow-specific post for Thea Queen as well to celebrate Thea Queen Appreciation Day!
From being a partying, lost teenager trying to find her way amid family tragedy to being a woman who can literally and metaphorically fight for herself while accepting her past and her flaws, Thea Queen has gone through one of the biggest transformations on Arrow. And her style has gone through one of the biggest transformations as well.


Thea can still rock a minidress from her partying days, but in general, her style has evolved from tight and trendy to simple and carefree. Thea knows herself now and knows her strengths, and so her style has changed to focus on the girl wearing the clothes. She dresses much more relaxed and much more reflective of who she is, rather than following fashionable trends that match everyone else. When she cut her hair to better frame her face, she essentially also cut her style down to better match her heart.

Thea doesn’t just have one style or one way to look — she dresses for all sides and layers of her because she has accepted every part of who she is. When she needs to spar with her evil dad, she makes sure she can move comfortably in her clothes. When she goes to a wedding, she throws back on a minidress that shows off her, ahem, assets. She’s not afraid to show off her body in a crop top or to steal the scene in a sparkly jacket (or pair of pants). She’s as comfortable in stilettos as she is in low tops. Thea is so many things, and she’s not afraid of any part of herself anymore.


Because Thea recognizes her power and her skills, she is ready for new challenges — and new outfits — saving the city as Speedy. Speedy is just another part of Thea Queen, really, and it won’t define her, just as being Merlyn’s daughter or a business owner of Verdant or a sister of Oliver Queen doesn’t define her. And I can’t wait to see her get to work — both in her new uniform, and out of it.

We have some inspiration if you want to dress like Thea — and honestly who wouldn’t? I’d recommend some sleek tops and cool jackets. Don’t be afraid to show off your midriff or to wear a very shiny accessory. Leather is always a good idea, and you could show some cheek by wearing red as a nod to Thea's extracurricular activities. You should dress like Thea Queen when you need to undergo assassin training, look great on a date, or run your own business.



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