Monday, September 14, 2015

'Carmilla' Fan Art Contest!

Just About Write is celebrating the weeks winding down to the finale of Carmilla with a little friendly competition. We're happy to announce a Fan Art Contest for you - the fans!

The contest is all about celebrating this roller coaster of a season with Laura, Carmilla, and company with cookies, Creampuffs, and art. There are so many of you who are amazingly talented artists in the fandom, and we're excited to see what you guys come up with!

Your artwork can involve anything related to Carmilla -- Hollstein, the ginger squad, cross-over artwork, in any medium! If you painted it, it's eligible. If you made it out of clay, it's eligible. If you hand-drew it or used software, it's eligible. You can even submit a fan-video. Basically, as long as it's yours... it's eligible. The art can even be something you created before this contest was announced.

Here's how it will work: you can submit your art to use one of two ways: either post it on Tumblr or send it to our super-cool Tumblr email address with your artwork attached and we'll be sure it gets posted for you.

If you're posting on Tumblr, you will: 
  • Create a post with your artwork. Please create ONE post per piece of art. If you're submitting multiple pieces, please create multiple posts. This will just make it easier on us. 
  • You MUST tag your art with JustAboutCarmilla in order to be eligible. Contrary to popular belief, we actually don't spend ALL of our time on the Internet and tagging ensures that we see the entries as they populate on Tumblr so we can reblog them. 
  • We'll reblog the entries so others can see them, too!
  • Oh. And did we mention we're giving out prizes to the top three winners, too? Because we are. (Prizes are listed in the bottom of this post. We strongly recommend following us on Twitter or Tumblr so that we can have an easy way to contact you if you win!)


  1. Here’s your guidebook for winning cool stuff! Please, please, please follow these rules. They're simple, we promise. And people who cheat will be disqualified and forced to wear the hat of shame*.
  2. Only post YOUR ORIGINAL ARTWORK. Posting any artwork that is not created by you will result in an instant disqualification. If you notice anyone posting art that doesn’t belong to them (especially if someone is posing as you), please let us know as soon as possible. The fan art can be old or new, it just needs to be yours. NO EXCEPTIONS!
  3. Either post on Tumblr or email us your original art. Remember, if you are posting on Tumblr, you MUSTput JustAboutCarmilla in the tags so we can find your post! Otherwise, we’re likely to miss it altogether. And that would be sad. 
  4. Feel free to encourage your friends to reblog and like the artwork that you like. :) We aren’t counting reblogs into voting but we will be reblogging the entries so you guys can see them!
  5. The deadline to submit your artwork to us is Wednesday, September 28 at 6:00 PM EST. Winners will be announced September 30, the day before the finale!
  6. The entirety of Just About Write's staff will decide on the top three winners. We like liking things.

*Just About Write cannot be held responsible for how silly you look in the hat of shame.

Above all else… have fun! We hope this serves as a nice way to end the season. We will also be posting many different articles about the show and season re-watch parties on Twitter, so be sure to follow us over there for a lot of fun.

The prizes are as follows:

Carmilla t-shirt and cookie coffee mug

Carmilla poster (18 x 24) and Hollstein sticker

Hollstein print and two-sticker packet


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