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Top 10 Things We Learned From Emmys Fashion [Contributor: Rae Nudson]

The Emmys kicked off awards season right, and I’m happy there were many more lovely looks than there were boring ones on last night's red carpet. There are almost too many well-dressed people to cover in the span of one post, though, so instead of making a list of best and worst-dressed, I'm going to do something a little different. Here are the top 10 trends, fun facts, and gorgeous gowns that I noticed while watching the Emmys fashion unfold:

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1. Polka dots are never going out of style (thankfully, am I right?)

I have always been a fan of polka dots. It is a charming pattern, but it can be tricky to make it work on adults without looking too twee. But polka dots on an interestingly structured ball gown in a large pattern (on Teyonah Parris, gown by Francesca Miranda), and on a pant suit in an extra small pattern (on Jill Soloway), totally worked. They even made an appearance on Eric Stonestreet’s tie.

Photo credit: Twitter

2. People either went sleek and simple or…

There seemed be two distinct camps of dressing for The Emmys, and one of those camps was keeping it simple. Sleek gowns in black or jewel tones in minimal accessories and make-up were all over the red carpet and the ceremony last night. And, honestly, that is a timeless trend that looks great. Some of my favorite notable "sleek and simple" looks were Sarah Hyland in a beautiful plum gown from Zac Posen, Lady Gaga in a toned-down ensemble with a structural black dress by Brandon Maxwell, and Laverne Cox in a teal gown from Calvin Klein Collection (you can't see them, but her shoes put this look over the top).

3. … Ornamented and metallic.

If stars weren't aboard the "sleek and simple" trend last night, they might have been aboard this one. Because another popular trend for the night was to shine as much as an Emmy statue with embellishments or large sequins. Like polka dots, using sequins can verge on too kitschy if you’re not careful. Large or rectangular sparkles kept the look more adult and ornamented instead of veering into teen prom dress territory. Kerry Washington looked great in Marc Jacobs, Christina Hendricks nailed it in her metallic studs by Naeem Khan, and Jamie Alexander’s Armani PrivĂ© was galactic and statuesque.

4. Chain, chain, chains will do you good

Metallic gowns weren’t the only hardware of the evening. Taraji P. Henson in custom Alexander Wang and Claire Danes in Prada both had metallic chains as the shoulder straps to their gowns. Both looked high fashion and fun, and Taraji’s look was one of my favorites from the night.

5. Holy wow, Jessica Williams

I didn’t even see her on the red carpet, but I’m glad I saw her on Instagram. Jessica Williams looked phenomenal in a form-fitting black gown with a gold rose pattern (not to be confused with rose gold) by Gustavo Cadile.

6. Awards pant suits are definitely a thing

And I’m here for it. Tatiana Maslany had the best pant suit look in a sleek white blazer and pants by Bouchra Jarrar. January Jones also wore pants, in a brilliant green jumpsuit by Ulyana Sergeenko. Kiernan Shipka in pants underneath a dress by Dior and Sophie Turner in black pants and a royal blue strapless top (or was it all one piece? I couldn’t tell) both looked fresh and youthful.

7. Can we just talk about how adorable Maisie Williams looked for a second?

So adorable!

8. If you build it, they will come

Some dresses last night were real sculptural masterpieces, including this knockout look from Jane Krakowski in Bibhu Mohapatra. Gaga was somehow sleek and sculpted at the same time, which is not a feat mere mortals should attempt, and Lena Headey’s gown by Zuhair Murad looked like it could stand up on its own (I was into it, though, and also into her choppy bob that made the look a little bit punk).

9. Not-so-mellow yellow

There were a lot of yellow gowns last night, which is not a color I ever expect to be a trend because it can be so difficult to pull off. But it is absolutely stunning when done right. I don’t think Heidi got it right, but she did give us something to talk about, which I can appreciate.

10. Best dressed? Glad you asked.

I almost can’t even narrow down the good ones, but my top picks are Tatiana Maslany, Taraji P. Henson, Teyonah Parris, and Sarah Hyland.

Let us know who you loved about the Emmys fashion, who you hated, and what the weirdest trend of the night in the comments below!


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