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Rookie Blue 6x11 "74 Epiphanies" (How Far We've Come) [Contributor: Hope]

"74 Epiphanies"
Original Airdate: September 3, 2015

Here we are. And here I am, trying to figure out where to start. This was an amazing episode. There was a nice bit of drama, plenty of wedding problems, and a good last fifteen minutes or so dedicated to just the characters and their happiness. The writers took the time to slow the moments down, pause a little on each character, and… well, I’ll get more into specifics in a moment, where I’ll also address that last scene. (Which was perfection, in my opinion.) Whatever happens, "74 Epiphanies" marked the end of an era. And the beginning of a new one, fingers, toes, and everything crossed.

Once again – but even more so than usual – this episode reminded me just how well-written these characters are. Their dynamics, their deeply-ingrained friendships, their growth, and their ability to speak paragraphs to one another with just a look… that is the stuff of real life. It takes a masterful show with masterful writers, producers, directors, cast, and crew to accomplish that. As a writer, if I could someday create something half as realistic and layered and well-loved, I’ll have achieved my goal. All the character growth lead here. Part of the magic of this episode was how the last scene put the characters right back where they started. That contrast between the first days of new eras (the pilot and that final scene) really let us step back and appreciate how far they've all come as individuals. They're the same in many ways and yet different in so many others. Rookie Blue came full circle in its finale. Let’s all hope that it gets the chance to go around again. But if it does not, let’s also take this opportunity to view the series as a whole, like this, and appreciate what a phenomenal job the creative team has done over six seasons and 74 episodes.


The scene where Andy loses her vows and answers the door to the apartment in her wedding dress to find Nick there… it was a beautiful moment. The back of her bodice tore and he basically sewed her permanently into it. They both checked to make sure the other one was happy with their life, and there was this moment, this smile between them, that was just lovely. I love these two. I don’t want Nick to move to Vancouver, and I while I’m so glad they parted as really good friends, I’m not ready for them to be out of each other’s lives either. He gave her his aviators as her "something borrowed" and she wore them for a good deal of the episode. He didn’t go to the wedding, but it was because he was moving on. As friends, there’s still this deep love between Andy and Nick, and you can visibly see it. They might not have worked out as a couple, but they are still kindred spirits, destined to be friends for life. The writers could have made Nick bitter. They could have made these two the epitome of a tropey broken up couple. But instead the writers only made their friendship stronger.

Traci, Gail, and Chloe

With Chris and Dov dealing with the flowers and Sam's dad, and Nick having flown off to Vancouver, the rest of the Rookies banded together to come up with a theory for the case Jarvis insisted Traci work on before leaving for the wedding. Well, that, and Chloe was put on video/slideshow-making duty, which she took very seriously. These three had some cute scenes, and that added a nice touch to the episode.


The moment where Andy and Dov walk into the station together was another beautiful one. If Andy was the female rookie focused on most in this episode, Dov was the central-focused rookie male. This brought both of them full circle, and I'm pretty sure that was the intended effect. I also really loved that Dov and Chris rode together to pick up the flowers (and Sam’s dad). Their friendship, especially in the early years, has been a one of the cornerstones of the show. And then there’s Dov and Chloe. They were so HAPPY at the end of this episode, and I am so glad. Besides Duncan, Chloe is the newest of the rookies, yet she’s such an important part of their group (if/when we get a season seven, I want her and Gail to become best friends). Dov’s reaction to Andy tossing the bouquet directly to Chloe was priceless.


Poor Andy got stranded on the road. In her wedding dress, leather jacket, and Nick’s sunglasses. The one negative thing I will say about this episode was that we didn’t really get closure for either case of the week. Is that girl still out there in Sam’s stolen truck? (HIS truck. THE truck. And he wasn’t even mad.) Was the guy who’d been stabbed okay? Did that lady really just trip, or was it the husband who killed her?

However, I’ll admit that as we approached the last fifteen minutes of the show, I was crossing my fingers that they WOULDN’T go back to those cases. After all, as much as the cases have explored issues and brought us suspense over the seasons, this show has never been ABOUT the cases of the week. It’s been about our rather large main cast. It wouldn’t have been right to take away from the wedding, the reception, or the next day at the station in favor of a case.

The wedding... geez. I think it must be hard to write the perfect wedding for a couple. You have to keep in mind everything they've been through and keep the ceremony in-character for both parties and for the couple as a unit. You have to bring in all the characters that should be there and perfectly capture what their reactions would be. You also have to live up to the expectations of the audience. I, for one, believe the writers succeeded. I don't want to use the word "perfect" too many times, but this scene really was. From Oliver giving Sam the wrong ring, to Andy and Sam's vows, the writers hit every note, played with our emotions, stayed true to the entire series, and exceeded our expectations.

The last scenes, at the station, were also outstanding. From the new rookies arriving, to Chloe freaking out about possibly leaving (hug and all), to everyone reading the reassignment boards, to the promotions, to Oliver back as sergeant, to the morning meeting… And to the last line. Oliver looks around the room and says "Serve, protect," and walks towards Andy, HIS rookie, and finishes: "... and don’t screw up." He and Andy watch each other and smile. The whole thing was a chord that was struck beautifully and powerfully.

This ending to this Rookie Blue finale was astounding, truly. It was exactly what it should have been and more. Everything about the series that made it important and memorable came full circle. As Chloe described it: "It’s just the end of an era. All those moments coming together." Everything in the last six seasons built toward this episode and was culminated in those final moments. Sure, I would have liked a little more focus on Traci, Chris, and Gail. I would've liked them to have more closure, just in case this really is the end of the show. I would've liked to have seen Frank and Noelle at the wedding. I also would have liked the episode to be... I don't know, maybe three hours long. But it couldn't be. There is only so much one episode of television can include while remaining coherent and keeping us all in suspense. For a show with so many main characters, Rookie Blue did a wonderful job with this episode and bringing it all together.

Truly, for the record: the whole season was amazingly done.

If you’re reading this (and this was long, so thank you for getting this far), THANK YOU. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I always wanted to write reviews, but I never knew it would be THIS fun. I was a rookie reviewer this summer and it still amazes me that I get to do this at all. I’ve loved this show since it premiered, and have been thrilled to share my thoughts with you all. We have some fun stuff for Rookie Blue fans in the pipeline at this site, and God willing, I'll be writing about 13 or so more episodes next summer. Continue chatting with me about the show on Twitter, too! Until then: serve, protect, and stay awesome.

Notepad (The Extended Edition)
  • Jarvis didn’t care if Traci had maid of honor duties to attend to. See? I knew he was no good.
  • Chris, Dov, and Chloe taking over Traci’s duties. It was just asking for trouble and it was perfect.
  • "Well, I actually can’t believe I’m stitching you into your wedding dress."
  • "Who is that Muppet?" Chloe, of course.
  • Gail role playing to solve a case: "I’m the husband, and I don’t like the way you chew. I grab a hammer and AHHHHH."
  • Chloe: "It’s just the end of an era. All those moments coming together." Gail: "You weren’t even here for all those moments. You’re just walking in in the last act." Ouch.
  • Celery! We hadn’t seen her in a while.
  • Poor Duncan wanted to go to Andy’s wedding so much. And even though she didn’t invite him, he still drove out there to find her.
  • "Come on, IT’S MY WEDDING!"
  • Chloe’s weird chicken-cooking technique saved the day.
  • "I was thinking it could be seventy-four." "Seventy-four what?" "Epiphanies. Moments. Big or small."
  • I liked the shot of Andy running away from the camera, down that long road in her leather jacket and wedding dress. Very good directing in this episode.
  • Andy’s father! We haven’t seen him in ages and I’m so glad they brought him back for this episode.
  • Sam’s father tried to give him his old pocket watch back… but Sam pulled out another one – the one Jerry gave him when Sam was going to be his best man. I wasn’t sure when this episode started why they suddenly invented this pocket watch Sam’s father had given away. And then...  It was beautiful. They went out of their way to include Jerry in this episode.
  • "Unbelievable! What is wrong with you?! YOU are what’s wrong with the world! I’m getting married!" -- Andy to the car that swerved around her.
  • Sam to his father: "You know what, I’ve learned how to compromise. I’ve learned how to be vulnerable." And his father acted like she wasn’t coming. "If your girl knew how hard that was, I think she’d be here right now." Of course she knows. What do you think a good chunk of their drama has been about, dude?
  • "I know I’m a dummy, but I’m not deaf." Duncan. All grown up but never changed.
  • "Sweetheart, I never doubted you for a second."
  • The absolute, cricket-worthy silence that followed the "speak now" line.
  • "You took a broken man, and you made him whole. And each day I will be grateful… so now I take you, my friend, my best friend, my partner, and the love of my life…"
  • "So here I am… and this is what I know. I have loved you since the moment I saw you. Loved you and feared you. Well, not you, but this…. For the good and the bad, the great and the hard, for dreams and the truth behind the dreams… I am yours. I choose you and while I will not obey you per say, I will hear you… one epiphany at a time."
  • "With this ring, I thee wed." "Thank you, but I think you have the wrong ring." *Oliver ducks in to swap out rings*
  • Who was Chris with at the reception? Jarvis’ (ex)wife?
  • "I already don’t like the way you chew."
  • Duncan thanked Andy. Her reply: "I didn’t invite you." But no. He thanked her for teaching him "everything he knows." And he announced that he’s being transferred, and THEY HUGGED. I really hope that we see him again. I want to see him grow as a cop and a person. He’s come so far already.
  • "I feel like I’m going to explode into a million tiny pieces."
  • "HEY, Price!" *throws bouquet directly at her* Dov and Chloe looked so happy at the reception.
  • WHO was Duncan looking for?
  • "Hey, walk here today?" Dov and Andy. Like old times. "Six years in this place…Whatever happens, you’re a solid cop, McNally."
  • "Move it, child." Poor rookies. No training can prepare you for Gail Peck.
  • "My name’s not even in here?!"
  • Chloe dancing over not leaving, and Dov becoming a detective! Oliver back in white! Traci as Detective Sergeant! Everyone else as training officers with new rookies!
  • "Peck, you’re with fox, who’s looking kind of nervous…"
  • Oliver: "So much class. You guys are not the problem. You’re the solution."


  1. This was a fantastic episode. I absolutely love this series, fingers crossed we have another season or two but if not I'm so glad they treated this as a series finale, because it was a perfect way to end the show.

    1. Thanks for commenting! :) I agree that it would make a really wonderful ending, if it comes to it. The way they chose to use this episode to end an era/begin a new one worked perfectly. They gave us enough closure to be happy with it, but left enough open that we can see where the series could go next. We won't feel we were cheated out of a perfect happy ending if the show continues, because they didn't end the storylines, but rather just left them in a good place. Plus, I have a lot of faith in the writers' abilities to know where to navigate to next.