Thursday, February 9, 2017

The Bachelor 21x06 Roundtable: Life's A Beach [Contributors: Alisa, Rebecca, Chelsea]

This week on The Bachelor, literally no one had any fun. Except for Alisa, Rebecca, and Chelsea, of course. See what we thought of this week's disastrous dates and let us know your feelings below.

It seems like everyone was having a meltdown this episode. Whose meltdown was the worst?

Alisa: Jasmine’s self-destruct sequence throughout the group date was fascinating to watch. Too much alcohol combined with sand and Corinne created one of the most fantastic meltdowns I’ve ever seen. I don’t know that any previous contestant has tried choking the bachelor, but let this be a lesson to all future contestants — don’t.

Rebecca: Jasmine’s was the worst, i.e., the best. Everyone being drunk and having drama with each other (*coughCorinnecough*) led to tension, and watching Jasmine unravel was a long time coming. She has seemed to be taking the process pretty hard throughout the entire competition, so it all came up to the surface and exploded this week. I feel a little bad for saying this, but it was waaaaaay entertaining.

Chelsea: I feel like we’ve seen the red flags for Jasmine for WEEKS now. She isn’t wrong in that she should’ve had more time with Nick at this point, but the girl broke and let out the crazy. Thank you alcohol, Corinne, and some very smart producers. I didn’t know what to make of it all, but I really enjoyed Raven’s commentary over the whole crazy episode. She kept it light enough so we could enjoy it all.

Do you agree with who Nick sent home this week?

Alisa: I was surprised he sent Danielle L. home. She seemed genuinely sweet. Obviously Whitney was headed home, as it took until this week before I realized she and Vanessa were not, in fact, the same person. Now we’re finally getting down to a small enough group that there’s hope I — and Nick — will remember their names. I think all of the women he has left (except Corinne) are truly fantastic and I’m impressed he’s kept so many intelligent, thoughtful women in the mix.

Rebecca: The women he sent home were all ones I didn’t expect to make it too much further anyway. I always forgot about Josephine and Jaimi, and didn’t even know that Whitney existed until last week. And as much as I loved Alexis, I never thought she would win (I’m surprised she made it this far!). Jasmine clearly didn’t have good chemistry with Nick and her attitude was starting to annoy me anyway. I was surprised about Danielle L. as he seemed really into her throughout the whole show. The women who are left are all ones that I would marry — sweet, thoughtful, intelligent, and selfless... minus Corinne, of course. So yes, I agree with who Nick sent home this week, except that Corinne should have gone along with them.

Chelsea: This week was a freaking bloodbath. Literally HALF the contestants went home. I would have liked to have seen Jaimi get more screentime, but I’m not shocked she left. She was sadly there for the bisexual shock value and not much more. I knew Danielle L. was more of an attraction thing than anything, so I’m not shocked she left, just shocked at how she left. I’m a big fan of all the remaining contestants sans Corinne and Nick does not deserve any of the five lovely ladies.

Real talk though, I’m so upset Alexis the Dolphin/Shark is gone. She was the best comic relief, and I cannot wait for her Paradise debut and eventual Happily Ever After spinoff. Her end of show bumpers with Nick were always the best parts of the show, and she kept everything fun. Girl was totally there to make friends and have a good time, and I have all the respect for her. #TeamDolphinShark

What did you think of the one-on-one with Kristina?

Alisa: So, I picked Kristina early on as one of my top four and I’m glad I did. She is so amazing and way, way too good for Nick. I want her and Christian from JoJo’s season to meet and get married and have beautiful babies together. They are both good eggs who have faced unimaginable tragedy and come out of it as truly outstanding human beings. So, yes, how do we introduce Kristina to Christian?

Rebecca: I LOVE Kristina. I didn’t have much of an opinion of her before this week, but she quickly rose to one of my favorites. Her strength and optimism are so admirable, but she’s definitely not a good fit for Nick — and that’s a compliment.

Chelsea: Kristina is too good for Nick. Like, way better than he deserves. She needs a Christian or Luke or Derek to sweep her off her feet. I loved her earlier this season when she was talking with Corinne and got the group date rose, but it was so nice seeing her open up about her past. I know Rachel is my favorite for Bachelorette next season but Kristina is now my runner-up. I want all the nice things for her.

Bonus question: Will Nick and Corinne sleep together next week?

Alisa: Uh, YES. Nick has no self-control, I hear Corinne’s nethers are like diamond-encrusted or something and so yes, obviously they’re going to sleep together. Come on. And also, they deserve each other. I say go for it. Just release the other girls to find guys who are truly deserving of them.

Rebecca: Agreed with Alisa. Corinne is manipulative and gets whatever she wants, and Nick doesn’t know how to say no.

Chelsea: I mean, I wouldn’t be surprised if he did sleep with her but watch this either be a fakeout or a moment for Nick to be a “gentleman” and turn her down, since most of Bachelor Nation is not pleased with him. He’s been doing talk shows this week trying to clean up his image because he knows he looks bad in this most recent episode.

And, as we do every week, here are our Fantasy Bachelor League standings:

  1. Chelsea (460 points)
  2. Patti (410 points)
  3. Rae (339 points)
  4. Alisa (330 points)
  5. Rebecca (320 points)


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