Monday, February 20, 2017

The 100 4x03 Recap: "The Four Horsemen" (Flames and Nightblood) [Guest Poster: Ilene Friedman]

"The Four Horsemen"
Original Airdate: February 15, 2017

The 100 is back in full swing with the season we deserved all last year. In this week’s “The Four Horsemen,” we also got some serious reveals and a few touching moments that melted my cold, dead recapper heart. 

In this week’s episode, the flame goes missing from Roan’s chamber. Roan, of course, seeks out assassin Octavia to get it back. But Octavia and Indra come as a package deal. Roan really doesn’t care — he needs them to seek out the female flamekeeper who he believes stole the flame. If word gets out the flame is lost, Roan may lose the throne. And that can’t happen.

Octavia quickly tracks down the female flamekeeper, Gaia, who just so happens to be Indra’s daughter. Gaia almost gets the best of Octavia until Indra intervenes. Indra is not the proud mother she should be though. In her eyes, Gaia is a complete disappointment. She was supposed to be a great warrior, like Octavia, and lead Trikru. But she instead chose to become a follower of the flamekeeper and scour the earth for nightbloods. How disappointing.

Luckily, Octavia comes up with a plan to save Gaia, attempt to keep Roan on the throne, and stop Ilian from destroying the flame. When Illian and his Grounder friends come in to destroy all tech — including the flame — he smashes the flame totem that Gaia wore as a necklace. Turns out, Octavia switched the real flame for the totem. #winning?

Octavia lets Gaia escape with the real flame and reports to Roan that the looters destroyed the flame. Roan does not seem too concerned, but is he ever? He truly believes Clarke is working on a plan to save them all. And that leads us back to Arkadia. 

So, what could possibly be going wrong in Arkadia now, you ask? Well, Luna and the last of her people arrive at the gates, mostly dead or dying, with Nyko in tow. Luna and her people have acute radiation poisoning from eating radiation-infested fish. While Abby attempts to treat them, Raven quickly realizes that they have less time then they thought before the world ends — two months, to be specific. Raven insists that Clarke needs to come up with a list of the 100 people she will choose to survive. But Jaha has another plan. Sidenote: is following Jaha’s plans ever a good idea? I mean, really. Look at the culling, the City of Light, and basically anything he’s ever done. 

Jaha tells Raven, Bellamy, and Clarke that there was once a doomsday cult called The Second Dawn, led by a man named Bill Cadogan, who built a bunker to sustain 1,000 members. Raven thinks the errand to find the aforementioned bunker is a waste of time, but Clarke is determined to find a solution that doesn’t involve her choosing who lives and dies. Therefore, Clarke, Bellamy and Jaha begin what is essentially “Day Trip, Part 2.” 

When the trio arrives in the place the bunker is supposed to be, Jaha tells Bellamy that Clarke is lucky to have him because, “you keep her centered.” Bellamy quickly amends Jaha’s observation, saying he has it wrong, that Clarke is the one that keeps him centered (the #Bellarke feels are too real guys. WAY. TOO. REAL). Interrupted mid-conversation, Clarke finds the steps to the underground bunker. The group eventually opens the door to the bunker, but it is full of dead bodies. No one survived in the bunker. The cult’s motto is “from the ashes we will rise.” Sound familiar, anyone?

Back at Arkadia, Raven is even more pissed off in her leadership role. Abby is still treating Luna and her people, and when she asks Raven for anti-radiation meds, Raven rejects the request citing the fact that it’s a waste of time and resources if Abby isn’t sure the medicine will cure Luna and her people. Unbeknownst to Abby, though, Murphy is on it. He steals all of the medicine (and also some rations) and gives the stash to Abby. Abby then points out that Murphy’s father was floated for stealing meds. I FREAKIN’ LOVE MURPHY. Abby administers the stolen drugs to the child in the group, but sadly she also doesn’t make it. But you know who is shockingly okay? Luna. Her nightblood is able to filter out the radiation. I guess this means that everyone is about to change blood type. 

Back from their excursion, Clarke tries to write out the list of the 100 people who she chooses to survive, while she watches Bellamy nap on the couch. Beginning to break down over the stress of it all, Bellamy comes to Clarke’s side — and sees that slot #99 is his. He tells her, “If I’m on the list, you’re on that list.” Because she is too overcome with emotion and can’t do it herself, he writes her name on the list for her. Clarke then asks Bellamy, “You still have hope?” And his response is, “We still breathing?” 

Ah, the brains and the heart. I can’t even, you guys.

Final Thoughts:
  • I am so Bellarke trash — the unyielding support, the grabbing of the hands, the watching of the sleeping forms... this is all too domestic, which must mean that stuff is about to hit the fan soon. 
  • Jaha, I still loathe you. 
  • Murphy telling Emori they need to make themselves useful is so weasel-y and Murphy-licious. I’m just a little concerned that Emori is not going to make it. Anyone else have that feeling?
  • Roan, King Roan, you are the best addition to this show. I feel like he’s a person who — if he actually cared — could take over the entire world. I hope I’m not wrong. 
  • I am so down for this nightblood storyline! It’s going to be good, folks!


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