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Thursday, December 1, 2022

The Resident 6x09 Review: “No Pressure No Diamonds” (Under So Much Pressure) [Contributor: Justine]

“No Pressure No Diamonds”
Original Airdate: November 29, 2022

The Resident approaches its midseason finale with yet another heartbreaking episode that pushes everyone at Chastain to their breaking points. Bell’s past is still haunting him and this feels like a moment of reckoning. As each character approaches a potential turning point, the show has established several directions that these stories could possibly take. 

It will never cease to amaze just how far Randolph Bell has come since we first met an arrogant surgeon who really had no qualms about causing his patients’ deaths. It’s been said before, and it’s worth repeating, that this is one of the strongest character arcs ever to be shown on network TV. Bruce Greenwood deserves so much credit for bringing such heart to this character who could otherwise be completely irreedeemable. 

Watching Bell break down in the face of his own mortality is so poignant. One could never have imagined Bell showing this kind of absolute humility when he was first introduced. This shows not only how far the character has come, but also how much of a toll MS continues to take on him. Hopefully this isn’t the last we’ll see of Bell as he ponders what’s best for him, his health, and his patients. 

Relatedly for KitBell lovers everywhere, this episode has some of the most heartwarming content. Watching Kit stand steadfastly by the love of her life can make even the most cold-hearted person overwhelmed with emotion. That hug is just the most adorable moment, even for a couple that has no shortage of cuteness to share on screen. It is still the right choice for the series to depict Kit being conflicted between her role as CEO of the hospital and supporting her husband. 

In other events, it’s unclear whether the Tiger King-adjacent storyline was a good one. Sure, it’s funny. It also gives Conrad kind of a chance to get back into diagnosing. This story doesn’t feel fully fleshed out, however. It felt as though the show was searching for a way to incorporate Conrad and his skills as a diagnostician. While this fine since Conrad has taken on a more background role recently, it feels unnecessary. 

It also feels unnecessary to portray the daughter of Bell’s patient as needlessly hysterical. She’s worried about her mother and has never met Bell. Anyone who has seen a loved one through any kind of health issue knows how stressful navigating the healthcare system is. We all want the best possible outcome for our loved ones. It doesn’t feel appropriate to demean these very real concerns. 

Finally, the Padma storyline is incredibly concerning. She’s expressed that she’s overwhelmed now that the twins arrived. Who can blame her, especially after everything she went through in pregnancy? A.J. and Leela need to step up in a big way. Something clearly needs to be figured out, since the situation as it is evidently isn’t working for anyone involved. 

The Resident continues to bring back the past in the most heartbreaking way. Before the show takes a break over the holidays, critical decisions need to be made. The staff at Chastain are being asked to weather the storms of their personal lives, as well as to continue to navigate an increasingly fraught healthcare system. It feels as though everything is coming to a boiling point. The next episode could be a crucial one. 

Other Things:

  • No Sullivans this episode. Hopefully they made it to the rehab center okay and Ian is finally getting the help he needs. 
  • A wild Trevor reference! At least it sounds like he’s doing okay and not getting into tons of trouble, which was definitely a possibility. 
  • The Chastain staff all babysitting the adorable twins is just perfection. Seriously, we need more of these two little humans being integrated into the Chastain family. 
  • “You're his wife. You're not impartial!”
  • “What are the odds that Tessa's story has a happy ending now?” “A lot less than this morning.” 
  • “Listen to me: I knew that man they wrote about in that article, and that's not you. Not now.” “I'm not so sure about that anymore for a number of reasons.” “I trust you with my life. After everything we've been through, that has to mean something to you because it means something to me. I know you can save this man's life right now.”