Saturday, February 4, 2017

Lucifer 2x13 Recap: “A Good Day to Die” (A Very Literal Title) [Guest Poster: Ilene Friedman]

“A Good Day to Die”
Original Airdate: January 31, 2017

I have one word for you Lucifer writers: RUDE! What was that ending? How dare you!

This week’s episode title really did give away the entire episode. It truly was a good day to die for more than one character on the show. I believe Uriel died the most this episode, but Lucifer and Mama Morning Star defiantly came in close second. You know who didn’t die this episode? Chloe!

So, what actually happened this week? Well, the episode picked up right where the last one left off, with Lucifer encountering Chloe in the bathroom. In an attempt to prolong Chloe’s life, Lucifer tries to convince her to go to the hospital, but she refuses because all the victims died in the hospital. This leads the duo on a giant goose chase to find the antidote, which they quickly realize is destroyed.

The good news is that thanks to another hilarious Dan/Lucifer team up, the two got their hands on the list of ingredients for the antidote. The problem? Well, the guy with the formula is kind of rotting in hell — literally. Now this wouldn’t be a big deal, except for the fact that Lucifer isn’t currently in hell and he needs to die to get there.

Maze and Amenadiel (sidebar: I am so happy Amendiel stepped up this episode — boy, how I have missed him) both volunteer to kill Lucifer, but Amenadiel gets stuck guarding Chloe. Lucifer points out that in order for him to remain dead and in hell, with the potential to come back, he must remain near Chloe at all times. A.K.A, Chloe cannot be moved.

Lucifer eventually makes his way back to hell by electrocuting himself while Maze and Linda bicker over who is going to kill him. He gets the formula from the doctor. But only seconds later, he gets trapped in one of his own cells — stuck in the recurring torment that was Uriel’s murder. Now it’s Mama Morningstar to the rescue. Although she’s terrified to return to hell, because she can feel it calling to her, she risks remaining there forever to save her son. I guess she truly does care. Who would have thought?

Charlotte’s rescue is not without its flaws. Once she rescues Lucifer, she also gets trapped in the cell. Uriel convinces her that they can be a family once more. Lucifer is able to drag her away, and the two come back to the mortal world physically unharmed.

This was definitely a team bonding episode. Charlotte and Lucifer went to hell, while Maze and Linda killed them both and brought them back. Amenadiel and Trixie guarded Chloe (like guardian angels), and Dan and Ella found all the ingredients for the antidote. A job well done, team.

But what makes me so upset then? Well, Lucifer is tired of being caught in his father’s manipulations. So he closes down Lux and runs off... WITHOUT TELLING CHLOE. She shows up at his place lost and confused. And that’s how the episode ends.

Final Thoughts: 
  • Everything Maze does gives me life. I aspire to be as flawless as her. Her shock paddling Charlotte was comedic gold. 
  • I still do not trust Charlotte. 
  • We got Ella backstory!
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  1. Loved this episode but am in mourning until it returns in May. Great review!

    1. Dude, I didnt even realize it wasn't returning in May. It's friggen rude!