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Younger 3x08 Recap: “What’s Up, Dock?” (Many Men) [Guest Poster: Bibi]

“What’s Up, Dock?”
Original Airdate: November 16, 2016

So we begin this episode of Younger with Diana being approached by a city biker who noticed her in her car. Not sure if this is considered stalking, but Diana is flattered. Liza tells her that he's probably interested, putting Diana on high alert.

Meanwhile, Liza and David go to see a mediator to sign their divorce papers. It's clear that David wants to reconcile, while Liza is less than enthusiastic at the prospect. She has chosen Josh, yet David seems to think that their romp last year was a sign that Liza wanted to try their marriage again. Liza signs the divorce papers and happily walks out to go celebrate with her people. In a touching moment, Liza cooks Maggie dinner and thanks her for being the best friend a girl could have during the divorce — Maggie gave her a place to start over, and Liza is grateful. Liza then goes to see Josh, who is anxiously waiting for her. While celebrating, Liza gets an unfortunate call from her mediator saying she put the wrong date of birth (the date of birth she tells people to pretend she’s 26), and that she and David must come and sign the papers again the following day.

Kelsey decides to go out with the writer and he helps her discover all kinds of hidden gems in Brooklyn. While learning about each other on their first date, he reveals that the writing gig he has currently is not endgame for him. He writes fiction, and would love for Kelsey to give feedback on the book he just completed. Kelsey is immediately turned off by this. She isn't sure if he's interested in her or just using her professionally. She promptly ends the date, but not before agreeing to read the book for him. Kelsey asks Liza for advice, who says she should read it and if it's good, then she should continue to date him. Kelsey agrees to turn her phone off after work and make that happen.

The next day, Diana purposefully gets to work before the city biker. She's ready to flirt and see where it could lead. The biker suggests that they go for a ride together after work, and Diana lies and says she's an expert. She knows little to nothing about the city bikes, and has Liza do research to help get her prepared. On the ride — in which Diana is going incredibly slow — he reveals that he is married… to a man. He wants Diana to meet his husband and for them to be friends. Diana, frustrated at a failed romantic attempt, leaves her city rental bike and new helmet on the side of the road.

Liza, on her way back to New Jersey to fix her divorce papers, gets a text from Diana stating that she needs to go collect the bike and dock it. While being catcalled by a random construction worker, Liza loses focus while riding, runs into a car that stopped short, and flies over the bike handles.

After the accident, Liza hospitalized for a potentially broken clavicle bone. And this scenario allows Younger to final insert all of the men into Liza’s life in a revolving-door set of short scenes. Maggie and Josh are the first two to arrive and care for Liza. After the doctor says she doesn't need surgery, he gives her a morphine drip to help with the pain. Diana alerts legal about the accident (since Liza was running a work errand at the time) and they, in turn, call Charles. Charles is headed to dinner with his girlfriend Radha and her colleagues when he gets the call. He tells Radha that he needs to run to the hospital to see Liza, and she — in turn — gives him an ultimatum. If he leaves to go see Liza, they are over. Charles… walks away! Finally!

Meanwhile, David calls Liza because she is always punctual for meetings and is late to the one with their mediator. Maggie answers the phone and tells him that Liza is in the hospital. Naturally, he finds this to be the perfect time to come see her. Elsewhere, Diana stops by and apologizes to Liza (telling her that she’ll have another assistant run these kinds of errands from now on), which is huge for her.

Josh tells Maggie that he'll spend the night and she can go home and rest. He leaves to go find blankets for the sleepover. While he's gone, Charles comes in. Liza, high on morphine, tells Charles that her “piggies” are cold and Charles tucks them into the blanket for her. After, Liza tells Charles she has something to say to him. We think this is the moment that she will confess her true feelings and explain what happened at the beginning of the season. Instead, she crashes and falls fast asleep. Charles leaves quietly, and David arrives. Liza — in a lucid state and still thinking it's Charles in the room — confesses to David instead, saying that what they had meant something to her. He, hearing this, tears up the divorce papers, thinking this is a sign of reconciliation. In the hallway, Josh meets David, who introduces himself as her husband. Josh, clearly a bit disturbed by that, just moves on and spends the night.

The next day at work — because Liza can't get one day off after this accident! — Kelsey apologizes to Liza for not being there for her, having turned her phone off the night before. She then confesses that the book was incredible, and they should do a deal. So it looks like she might have a new boyfriend and book deal all in one!

Charles then comes over to Liza and makes a remark about her “piggies” from the night before. Liza obviously has no idea what he's talking about. They have a little moment, but as soon as he walks away, she gets a text from David who happy that she wants to try again. Liza is dumbfounded and trying to recall what she said the night before and what went wrong.

What did you think about the episode? Are you happy that Charles is single again? When will David get the hints about Liza not wanting to be with him? What will Liza do regarding the men in her life, especially now that the hospital stay has complicated matters?

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