Thursday, November 24, 2016

Lucifer 2x09 Recap: “Homewrecker” (Plans) [Guest Poster: Ilene Friedman]

Original Airdate: November 21, 2016

Oh, Mamma Morningstar, how I loathe you. This week’s episode of Lucifer begins to reveal dear mom’s plan and I have a feeling Lucifer is not going to like it.

It all starts off with the victim of the week: Lucifer’s multibillionaire landlord is murdered. The deceased man’s son, mere hours after his father is murdered, shows up at Lux to evict Lucifer from his home. Lucifer, of course, will not have any of this and is ready to go to war to save the place in which he belongs. This follows the theme from last week’s episode, when Lucifer told off Amenadiel and his mom regarding going back to heaven.

Now how does Lucifer’s mom tie in? Well the first suspect is, of course, Charlotte. But Charlotte quickly points out that if she wanted Lucifer’s home, she would just take it (ominous much?). It turns out, Lucifer’s mom takes this entire situation and uses it to her advantage. She seduces Dan, becomes the defense lawyer for Dan’s case, and recruits the criminal to set up charges to blow up Lux. Have I mentioned how much I hate this woman?

As the episode unfolds, Lucifer does everything in his power to keep his home — having no idea, of course, about his mother’s plan to blow it up. Chloe insists there are legal ways to reclaim Lux from the clutches of real-estate moguls, but Lucifer is determined.

In order to stall the movers and police from closing down his club, Lucifer throws an impromptu party and gets all the workers completely smashed. The bomber, seeing the amount of people he would kill, has second thoughts and refuses to blow up the club — much to Charlotte’s annoyance.

Charlotte appears at the party and attempts to communicate with Lucifer, but Lucifer pushes her onto Linda who is all too excited to meet the Goddess of Creation. However, the chat between the two ends up with mommy dearest discovering Lucifer’s love for Chloe. This is not going to be good.

Due to the illegal party, the cops show up with Chloe in tow. She tells her crew that she will handle it, but then lets loose and allows the party to continue. She isn’t heartless, after all. Lucifer and Chloe then have the most adorable dance known to man with music and lights blazing. These two are the cutest cute to ever cute!

Charlotte then slips away, only for Amenadiel and Maze to follow her. She turns up at a bar to meet Dan, who ends up talking about Chloe the entire time, which is exactly what Charlotte wanted. She then she sleeps with him. Maze obviously takes pics of Dan and Charlotte meeting (along with a selfie of Amenadiel’s disgusted face, which — by the way — is priceless!

The end of the episode reveals that the mogul’s daughter-in-law (along with the son) were the murderers. But that leaves Lucifer confused as to why there is a double confession. Things get more confusing for Lucifer when Chloe shows up at his club with paperwork establishing Lux as a social heritage site. I was so touched that I almost cried. Lucifer cannot believe Chloe would do this for him and Chloe tells him that it’s what friends do. Lucifer tells Linda about the incident and asks him why he hasn’t shown Chloe his true face. Linda brings further insight when she points out that Lucifer came to Los Angeles because he was searching for something. And she thinks he found what he was looking for. (*cough* CHLOE *cough*)

This leads to Lucifer contemplating his session. And, inevitably, the contemplation leads to him standing Chloe up at the restaurant. My heart broke a little at her disappointment. Then, to make matters worse, Charlotte puts a bomb at the bottom of Chloe’s car, and has a detonator in her hand. And... end scene.

Final Thoughts:
  • Would it kill the writers to not put Chloe’s life in danger? Also, when do we get to discover why she makes Lucifer vulnerable? I still don’t dig that situation. 
  • How far back is the whole “standing up Chloe” thing going to put their relationship? I still don’t know if I’m mentally prepared for Lucifer and Chloe to get together (Lucifer still has some growing up to do) but still. 
  • Dan sleeping with Charlotte is all kinds of problematic. 
  • I am all here for grossed-out Amendiel and know-it-all Maze!


  1. I am not sure that the man we see in Charlotte's bed is Dan. I was under the impression it was her husband

  2. The longer this show goes on, the more addicted I become. Great summary!