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Younger 3x06 Recap: “Me, Myself, and O” (Surprise!) [Guest Poster: Bibi]

“Me, Myself, and O”
Original Airdate: November 2, 2016

We open this episode with a reading of P is for Pigeon at Charles’ house, as an attempt to build interest and help boost sales of the book because, as it turns out, the Booker Prize did not help sales. Charles’s daughters, evading sleep like most kids do when company is over, go downstairs and greet Liza. They are beyond thrilled to see her again. They reveal to Liza that may have to move soon because Charles needs to scale back their lifestyle to have money for Empirical. Charles chimes in and says hopefully he can convince the Crown of Kings author to write another book in his widely successful fantasy series so that doesn’t have to happen. When Charles’ girlfriend sees the girls out of bed, she teasingly scolds them and immediately follows Charles upstairs. They seem more serious than Charles is letting everyone believe.

Josh finds Liza and he takes her to Charles’s library, attempting to hook up with her there. Liza pushes him away since it’s her boss’s house.

At Empirical, Kelsey is approached about a book called Me, Myself and O, a story about a woman who sleeps her way across four continents to find the perfect... well, you can probably guess. The catch is that the author does not want to be seen in public; she just wants the book to stand on its own and speak for itself. This is tricky for Kelsey, because they've never made an offer to a new author who doesn’t want to be seen, and whom they've never met. Kelsey passes on the book, because she isn’t sure this is right.

Charles, meanwhile, meets with the Crown of Kings author Edward L.L. Moore to try and convince him to write another book in the series. Moore respectfully declines and says that Charles will need to find another author to save Empirical, because he can’t. On his way out of Charles’ office, he stops by to see Liza. Moore then says a familiar phrase that is identical to a line in the sample of the book Liza just read.

So she frantically goes to Kelsey’s office to discuss what she just found. They sift through every Crown of Kings novel and turns out, it is the same author. Moore wrote Me, Myself, and O under a pseudonym — the alias of a woman. Once they realize who the real author of the book is, Kelsey goes back to try and buy the book... but it has already been sold. Luckily, Liza has a plan, since Moore is Empirical’s biggest money maker.

Meanwhile, Maggie goes out with new girlfriend, Malkey. And they just happen to run into Malkey’s ex. The ex seems really jealous of Maggie, still in love with Malkey, and not at all like the traditional ex-turned-BFF that actually sometimes works on TV.

Liza decides to have dinner with Moore and after some prying, he eventually confesses that he is the author of the book. Liza tries to persuade him to sign with Empirical. Moore tells her that he needed to get away from Crown of Kings, and used Aubrey to do that. He feels connected to the character in his new story and wants to protect her (and his pseudonym) at all costs. So he tells her that he will stay with Empirical, but only if they double their original offer.

Kelsey and Liza approach Charles with this new development, and — in a frazzled state — he says he doesn’t have time to deal with them. He’s stressed with trying to keep Empirical afloat. Liza tries to persuade Charles to change his mind, but is unable to say who the author is. She ten gives him hints and context clues that lead him to figuring it out on his own. Not sure how tight that NDA Liza signed is, but I am sure she still broke the terms of it. Either way, Liza saves the day!

Maggie, feeling insecure about the ex that she met, forces Liza to go to a Jewish ritual bath with her, which Malkey and the ex mentioned attending. As they enter, Liza tries to stop Maggie from going in. Maggie goes in and someone see her tattoo of a cross! The woman yells and everyone scurries out of the bath!

After the contract is signed, Charles and Liza have a drink in his office to celebrate the big win they had. Charles tells a story about his grandfather and how “the true joy of publishing is taking pleasure in each project.” It wasn’t about the money, but the art.

Charles's perfect girlfriend is great on paper, but can we trust her? She seems like the type that can expose Liza and ruin this entire front she’s worked so hard to build and maintain. She comes into Charles’s office and wants to know more about Liza and every detail about the woman who is spending so much time with the man that she’s crazy about. She tells Liza that they should get lunch. It’s clear that Liza is apprehensive and evasive about doing that. Don’t do it, Liza!

So what did you think about the episode? Is Charles using this woman as a placeholder for Liza? Will this new book be the hit Empirical needs to keep them out of bankruptcy?

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