Saturday, November 5, 2016

Grey’s Anatomy 13x07 Review “Why Try to Change Me Now” (Treading Carefully) [Contributor: Julia Siegel]

“Why Try to Change Me Now”
Original Airdate: November 3, 2016

Tensions are running high after an unwanted visitor shows up to turn the hospital upside down. Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital is likely to make some major changes before the winter finale airs in two weeks. With Bailey and the attendings at odds, things are going to get dicey if change is resisted.


There’s a new doctor in town, and she’s bringing down the hammer on the attendings. Bailey decides to take Catherine’s warning seriously and has one of the top residency program fixers come in to see what could be the problem with Grey Sloan’s program. Dr. Minnick is supposed to come in and observe. Instead, she quickly tries to overhaul the residency program and put herself in charge. She’s an incredibly pushy character, but she does get the job done. She manages to get the residents more surgery experience and make every attending hate her all in one day.

The problem with this scenario is everyone is resistant to change. No one feels that the system is broken, so they don’t want to comply with an outsider taking charge. I don’t blame them, because Dr. Minnick is arrogant, blunt, and controlling. There really isn’t anything to like about her, and she may become Arizona’s new love interest. The whole show has been thrown for a loop, which is not something I’m fond of.


Unfortunately, the harsh reality of the situation is that Grey’s will more than likely be doing some overhaul changes quite soon. By the end of the episode, Bailey is happy with the progress Minnick made in one day and offers her a full-time job. Minnick replies that if she decides to stay, she only works alone. This means that Bailey may have to choose between Minnick and Richard, her mentor and the heart and soul of the hospital. Interestingly, Richard wasn’t thrilled about change at the beginning, but sees the potential and tells Bailey that he wants to work with Minnick. It’s an incredibly sticky situation that may lead to phasing Richard out. I can’t imagine the show without him, but it’s clear that he’s either going to have a lesser role or will be fired.

The other bit of harsh reality is Owen and Amelia’s tense situation. Amelia hasn’t been at home for two weeks, the time that has passed since her negative pregnancy test. She can’t bring herself to tell Owen the truth about her feelings on having kids. There’s a lot of tension between them during the episode that almost leads to compromising a shared patient. By the end, Amelia blurts out that she doesn’t want kids in the middle of an argument with Owen, who is stunned by her remark. Amelia shows up to Meredith’s house to ask to stay there for the night, so it seems there are more rocky roads ahead. Maybe Owen and Amelia will finally realize that they should have gotten to know each other fully before getting married.


This episode not only covers a rocky marriage, but also the most awkward divorced couple becoming even more awkward. It’s been weird watching April and Jackson live together and co-parent since they are divorced. April decides that she needs to get over Jackson and makes a Tinder account to get herself into the world of dating. This is hilarious because you just know that it’s not going to go perfectly. April has no idea how to use the Tinder app, which becomes the comedic relief of the episode. Her struggles eventually land her a date, but she bails after a few minutes.

The awkward part is that she winds up talking to Jackson about her dating life, which makes him jealous. It’s clear that there are unresolved feelings between these two. It’s hard to tell if feelings have reemerged because they have a kid or if they shouldn’t have gotten divorced. It still seems likely that Jackson and April will wind up together in the end because they can never escape each other.


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