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The Bachelor 21x02 Roundtable: A Secret Gets Out [Contributors: Patti Murin, Alisa, Chelsea, Rebecca]

This week on The Bachelor, someone gets pregnant and someone gets slapped. But somehow those events aren't the most dramatic ones of the week. See what Patti, Alisa, Chelsea, and Rebecca think of this season's villain's big debut and the girl who gets sent home early.

What do you think of this season’s villain, Corinne?

Patti: She’s literally the perfect villain. I find myself yelling at the TV, at Nick for letting her steal him so much, at the other girls for not stealing him back, or for not saying NO to Corinne. But at the same time, man is she entertaining! It just would not be the same without her to root against. And I don’t think she’s pure evil, like some of the other villains have been (ahem, Kelsey). She’s just a girl with way different values and strategies than I myself hold and employ. So like, you go, very naive sexual 24-year-old Corinne. You go.

Alisa: As Patti said, Corinne really is the perfect villain — easy to hate but not loathsome like a few past contestants have been. She’s almost too perfect. I’m sure the producers are backstage, whispering suggestions and quippy comebacks to her on a near-constant basis, and she just goes along with it because she’s here for the fame and not the Bachelor. Or I mean, maybe she’s here for both. Two birds, one stone. Either way, she’s causing all sorts of drama and that keeps things interesting.

Chelsea: The producers have stumbled upon a goldmine. She’s the perfect villain, and it doesn’t look like it takes much to get her to do anything. I just hope they’re hydrating her with how drunk she was that whole episode. She’s the perfect person to stir up trouble, and we need a “love-to-hate” gal on every show. I cannot wait to see her reaction when she finds out Liz and Nick slept together.

Rebecca: I agree with everything that’s been said. I also found myself yelling at the TV, wondering why Nick and the girls never put a foot down to say, “Hey, you’ve had a ton of time tonight, and some girls haven’t had any. Let’s be fair, here.” Between bringing in a past fling and finding Corrine, I have to give the producers props for their casting this season. Corrine is so ridiculous, annoying, and over-the-top, but I can’t hate hate her. She’s definitely not here for Nick though, and (hopefully) that will become apparent over time.

What was the best and worst date this week?

Patti: Best would be Danielle’s, I think. Just because it’s the only date where two humans had actual meaningful discourse and — GASP — got to know each other a little bit better! I really like her. Big fan. Big, big fan. Worst date? That horrible break-up museum. What exactly deems an artifact fit for a break-up museum? I have a whole trunk of stuff from my first wedding just sitting in my brother’s basement. I could make some serious donations.

Alisa: Okay, so taking your date — or dates, plural — to a break-up museum? Specifically so you can show them the engagement ring you gave to SOMEONE ELSE and then force these ladies to role play breaking up with you? Nick needs some therapy, stat. The whole thing was cringe-worthy. Best date was definitely the one-on-one with Danielle. She’s super sweet, way too good for this show (and Nick), and just seems like an all-around incredible person. Seriously, what’s she doing on a reality TV show? I love her and want her to win all of the roses, forever and ever.

Chelsea: I think Nurse Danielle had the only nice date this week. The group dates were either too silly or painful to watch. I don’t remember much of the wedding photoshoot, other than it being awkward and Corinne being annoying. The break-up date was the hardest to watch in that the bad acting in the museum screamed, “THIS IS ACTING! GIVE ME MY SAG CARD!” I will say Christen’s reaction to Liz’s “break-up” gave me life! I didn’t like Christen on episode one, but now I’m hoping she and Alexis become the next twins in Paradise.

Speaking of twins, shout out to the twins for landing their own show on Freeform this year! I think this roundtable group has been secreting that idea into the universe since we first laid eyes on them.

Rebecca: The best date was definitely Danielle’s — it was sweet and looked fun, but it was mostly the best because it was an actual date, not a drama-filled, awkward group get-together. Danielle and Nick seemed to have a really nice conversation and good chemistry. She’s one of my favorites. I also am a sucker for the photoshoot dates — I just think they’re so fun and silly and I always like them. Alexis gave me life on the group date (and why are more people not talking about the fact she threw a birthday party for her boob implants? I LOVE HER). While she definitely won’t be going far, she’s one of my favorites. And I am always a sucker for drama, and there was plenty of that in the photoshoot date.

Obviously the worst one was the break-up museum. I’ve heard about it before and have always wanted to go there, but not on a date... with my boyfriend... who I don’t want to break up with. It was all very weird and strange, and I was so uncomfortable listening to Nick talk about his almost-engagement to Kaitlyn. No one wants to hear the guy they’re into talk about past relationships and how much he learned from them and what a big role the girl played in his life and growth. Weird.

What do you think of Liz? Are you glad she went home?

Patti: YUP. Seriously, she should have had her defense in order as soon as she stepped out of that limo. Did she really think she could just show up and he would be thrilled to see her? I kind of blame Jade for not helping her prepare more. It could have been an awesome story, but Liz was just not smart enough to carry it through.

Alisa: YES. She needed to go. Look, I don’t hate her for coming on the show to see if there was anything more to explore with Nick — like, you know, his personality or whatever, since she clearly already explored the rest of him at Jade and Tanner’s wedding. Like, okay, sure. But, the story just doesn’t hold up under even the slightest examination. You two hook up, but then he asks for your phone number and you say no because you’re afraid he doesn’t really like you and is just being polite. And you think if he really liked you, then he’d what? Be persistent, not give up, be one of those guys who doesn’t take no for an answer?

Personally, I appreciate that Nick respected Liz enough after she turned him down that he took what she said at face value and moved on with his life. If only more guys would do that instead of turning into creepy stalkers or whiny entitled jerks, the world would be a better place. So, to me, her coming on the show to begin with felt weird and forced, like a producer’s ploy. You didn’t give him your number after you two slept together because you were afraid of rejection but, yes, let’s come on NATIONAL TELEVISION and compete with 29 other women for this basic guy’s affection? I’m not buying what Liz and the producers were trying to sell. So, good luck and good riddance, Liz.

Chelsea: I’m only sad to see her go because I loved every moment of the drama. I wish I was sipping margs with Christen, watching it all unfold. We all knew she wouldn’t last long and Corinne quickly became the show’s favorite for the villain. See you in Paradise, Liz!

Rebecca: Last week, I had predicted her as one of my final four, 30% because I thought there was a chance that they could rekindle that spark and 70% because I had a small window in my schedule to complete the roundtable and she was one of the only girls whose name I remembered. But I’m glad that I was wrong and that she’s gone. I like her, but I would have gotten too bored by the storyline had it drug on all season. Like we get it, you guys slept together, and after the initial reaction of all the women, it would have just been boring. Also, her reasoning just didn’t make any sense, and she seemed very ill-prepared to deal with the inevitable conversation she finally had with Nick. And I agree with Alisa — it would have been awesome to have seen Jade giving her some advice and guidance in the first episode as to handle the situation.

And to conclude, as we mentioned last week, the roundtable staff are participating in a Bachelor Fantasy League. Here are the current standings:

  1. Chelsea (160 points)
  2. Patti (160 points)
  3. Rae (130 points)
  4. Alisa (120 points)
  5. Rebecca (20 points)


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