Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Lucifer 2x11 Recap: “Stewardess Interruptus” (Well, That Happened) [Guest Poster: Ilene Friedman]

“Stewardess Interruptus”
Original Airdate: January 16, 2017

GUYS. GUYS! It finally happened. HOW ARE WE STILL BREATHING?! I am so concerned for the future because this is far too good to be true. That was too perfect.

But let me back up a bit to what exactly happened upon Lucifer’s return. Well, the episode picked up where the last one left off. Lucifer and Chloe were about to kiss, but got ridiculously interrupted by a stewardess named Jana. This of course causes Chloe to snap out of their “moment” and bolt out of Lucifer’s apartment, much to Lucifer’s disappointment.

The next day at work, Chloe attempts to act like nothing happened. Maze then shows Chloe that her father’s killer was murdered, much to Chloe’s contempt and Maze’s excitement. And Dan is none-too-happy that Maze is bragging about their involvement in the whole ordeal.

Meanwhile, Charlotte confronts Lucifer about Chloe, saying she was wrong about the detective and that Chloe is worthy of him. Now before Lucifer can go woo Chloe, he needs to figure out why his former lovers keep showing up dead, beginning with Jana and then another flight attendant. The only connection between the two is that they both slept with Lucifer. This causes Chloe to bring in all of Lucifer’s exes and each person relays their story about their rendezvous with him.

This leads to all the exes talking about a girl they all saw at the club glaring at them. Turns out the girl is a very bubbly, but not all-around-creepy Lucifer fanatic. She may be crazy, but it turns out she is not the murderer. This leads the Chloe and Lucifer discovering that Jana was actually a mule for a drug lord who happened to lose one of his packages. The group sets up a sting operation with Maze acting as a very excited stewardess.

The problem? Maze beats up the wrong guy. The real drug lord ends up holding Lucifer at gunpoint, which is not the best idea. Lucifer takes his rage out on the man, yelling that Jana deserved better from both of them. I love when Lucifer gets those red demon eyes. The perp practically begs for Decker to arrest him.

Once the group has left, we see a man limping throughout the cargo bay. He is carrying the missing package. The man is obviously ill and is killed by a cloaked figure. The figure picks up the package, which is a row of vials, containing what? I have no idea.

The episode ends with Lucifer looking fabulous and staring across the ocean. Chloe comes looking for him so that they could wrap up the case. Lucifer then tells her that she was right — that they would never work out because they are simply too different and he is not good enough for her. She is selfless and special, and he is just not worthy. Chloe inches closer, only for her to quickly kiss him. Lucifer stares in awe as she goes to kiss him again, and we all die.

Final Thoughts:
  • We still have no idea why Chloe was bleeding, and it is bothering me!
  • I am still a little worried that Deckerstar is moving too fast. Will this fundamentally change Lucifer’s character? Will we have to go through the most painful drama on earth when she finds out that he’s the devil?
  • How exactly does Charlotte plan on using Chloe to get to the Silver City? As far as we know, Chloe doesn’t have powers aside from being Lucifer’s weakness, and we still have no idea how that works. 
  • Maze is forever my favorite, and her and Linda’s friendship is everything. 
  • I still don’t see the point of Amenadiel, and I hope he gets a purpose soon. I miss the way he was in season one.
  • Also, just in case I haven’t emphasized it enough: LUCIFER AND CHLOE FLIPPIN’ KISSED. WOOOOOOOOOOOOO!


  1. This show keeps getting better and better! I've already watched this episode twice and before next week, I would guarantee another rewind and play moment. The reason Chloe is bleeding in the preview is the "package" contained a vial broken by the man who was murdered at the end of the episode (and he's bleeding from his nose right before he dies). I'm guessing Chloe contracts whatever he had when she investigates the crime scene. I'm just glad to find another Lucifer fan!!

    1. Holy crap! You are so right. Oh no, now I'm freaking out. Internal me is running around in circles with her head on fire. THIS IS BAD. THIS IS SO BAD. NO. NOPE. NO.


    2. Yes, that makes total sense as to why she's bleeding!

  2. I love this show more and more! I love Mondays now!!

    I was, actually, surprised it's moving in this direction so quickly. I thought there would be a lot of "almost" moments before things took off for them in Season 3. I, too, think they are going too fast. However, b/c this show is kinda on thin ice, maybe the writers decided to go for it, in case they don't get a third season. And, while I do love this show and hope it continues at least a few years, at this point, if it does get a third season, I'm not sure I see a fourth unless things seriously pick up.

    I'm perplexed as to Chloe's purpose by end of series. I expect my heart to get ripped out when she dumps him when she finds out who is is - wouldn't it be nice if they surprised us and didn't break them up?

    Brooklyn 99 is a testament that a show can keep a couple together without lots of drama between them. Since that is another Fox show, and one doing so well, perhaps Fox writers are learning from that. I think they could easily keep Lucifer and Chloe together without break up-make up drama. A break up when she finds out who he is is such a predictable plot. I hope they go a different route with it - but find it unlikely. I'm preparing for the worst so I don't get too upset when it happens. I want to believe these two are endgame but not sure,yet, how that would be, exactly...

    I am interested in seeing how this changes Lucifer. I hope he continues to soften while also keeping up his dark comedic persona.

    I think Tom Ellis does a great job, and I want to crush on him, especially as he's my age. However, I wish his ex-wife hadn't called him out so publicly on his infidelity during their marriage. I can't help but get a little bit of a douchebag vibe coming off him, sadly.