Thursday, January 26, 2017

Lucifer 2x12 Recap: “Love Handles” (Real vs. Manipulation) [Guest Poster: Ilene Friedman]

“Love Handles”
Original Airdate: January, 23 2017

HOLY MOTHER OF GOD (almost literally). What was that episode? What did I just watch? What is happening to my babies? Why was this episode so stressful?! Someone please explain the horror of that cliffhanger again.

(Also, could we end at least one episode without Chloe’s life being in danger? First the car, then mother dearest trying to blow her up, and now poison. Give our girl a break!)

Okay, I am getting ahead of myself. First, this week’s episode began with a pretty hot dream, where Chloe and Lucifer are about to get it on, horns and all. But before anything good happens, Chloe wakes up to a very amused Maze eating popcorn and enjoying the show. Maze tells Chloe that she should loosen up.

Meanwhile, Lucifer has another therapy session with Linda, where he again misinterprets Linda’s advice, leading to some awkward situations with Chloe. However, once Lucifer leaves Linda’s office, Charlotte shows up and tries to convince Linda to give Lucifer some bad news. Linda, who is the best, doesn’t fall for it and kicks Charlotte out of her office.

The case of the week answers some of the questions that began in last week’s episode: the poison vials. The serial killer, who turns out to be a former professor of the school, is forcing people to relive his own personal hell. What is that, you ask? Well, the professor decided to save his life’s work over a student’s life, when a car caught on fire and killed the student instantly. The professor lost everything. He is now forcing people to choose between cutting off limbs, mutilating themselves, or destroying their careers. If they don’t, a random person gets poisoned. The team realizes it’s the professor and they go off to stop him.

This leads Chloe and Lucifer to an underground lab where the professor is holding his latest victims. The professor releases the one-of-a-kind poison gas into the room and flees. Lucifer, knowing it will not affect him, insists that Chloe leaves and he will save the victims. Chloe chases after the professor, while Lucifer waits for her to get out of range so that his immortality stays intact.

Once Chloe corners the professor, he tells her: “I’m not a monster. I’m human.” He then goes on to say that “choice is an illusion.” But most importantly, he says, “You’ll understand that soon enough.” Then, the professor kills himself. Which now we know is really, really bad.

Lucifer then runs out to find Chloe unharmed. The two embrace (and I die a little) and Lucifer reiterates that this is real — they are real. This all goes to crap when he meets up with Maze and his mother in a bar. However, Maze backs out of her agreement with Charlotte, only for Lucifer to turn around and see a picture of Amenadiel and Chloe’s mother. He learns that God put Chloe in his path and that their relationship may not be real, but manipulated.

Furious, Lucifer storms into Chloe’s house, asking if she knew the whole time. However, he stops instantly when a shaking Chloe turns around and we see that her nose won’t stop bleeding.

Final Thoughts: 
  • The season finale is next week and I think there is way too much to resolve. If there isn’t a season three, I may lose my mind. Look at how much there is to still discover! We have barely seen Amenadiel, we know God’s showing up at some point, we have no idea how Chloe is supposed to be used to get to the Silver City... too many unanswered questions!
  • Dan being awkward around Charlotte is forever hilarious.
  • I still don’t know if Charlotte truly gives a crap about Lucifer, and — although everything she has said has been true — we all know something just isn’t right. 


  1. Next week isn't the season finale. It's the last episode before the break. There are four episodes left after that.

    1. HOLY CRAP. You are the best! I thought I was going to have to wait an entire year, and I was low key dying. I love you.