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Supernatural 11x03 The Bad Seed (Are We Not A Team?) [Contributor: Deena Edwards]

"The Bad Seed"
Original Airdate: October 21, 2015

While Sam, Dean, and Castiel have all changed a lot since developing their “team” name, the one thing I feel that hasn’t changed is the meaning of that name. Although it was a name deemed sarcastically by the eldest Winchester seasons ago, to me, "Team Free Will" has always signified the strength and loyalty among the three of them. Despite their unfortunate habit of keeping secrets and refusing help in certain circumstances, when it comes down to it, they really do have each other’s backs. They are a team, and because of this bond, they will do whatever it takes to help one another. I believe this episode is an example of that, as the hunters race the clock to find Rowena and unleash Castiel from the spell.


“What new hell has Dean Winchester unleashed upon the world?”

I have to admit, with all that has been going on in only the span of the first two episodes of this season, I had completely about forgotten the fact that Rowena was still out there, lurking about with the Book of the Damned and the Codex. She’s been attempting to recruit other witches into a coven of her own, and with that much power in her hands, you’d think she would be more successful, but I suppose the other witches aren’t as convinced by her grand (or should I say, mega) plan. Stop trying to make “Mega Coven” happen, Rowena. It’s not going to happen!

She narrowly escapes death during said witch meet-up after Crowley sends one of his demon lackies after her –– though, I use the word “narrowly” lightly, as let’s face it: magic or no magic, that had to have been a pretty crappy excuse for a demon if he couldn’t have even made it past a mere Jenga tower of chairs and tables. 

"Rowena and the Mega Coven." Really, though. It sounds more like the name of a female-fronted rock band, rather that the title for a potentially lethal coven of witches. I suppose if the whole witchcraft thing doesn’t work out, she can use that to fall back on? She’s got enough style to pull it off, that’s for sure.


“I don’t think you’re seeing the big picture.”

In this episode, the King of Hell has swapped his title of “Father Crowley” in for “Uncle Crowley,” taking the name to heart as he spoils Amara with various treats such as a laptop for her “studies” (a laptop? Really?! I didn’t get my own laptop until I was at least sixteen!), dresses, books, a nanny, and a steady supply of demonic souls to feast on. Of course, this is all mostly for his own personal gain, as having something as powerful as the Darkness on his team is possibly significant to his survival. 

Amara, on the other hand, is growing increasingly agitated. Her hunger is more frequent, and she’s receiving ominous advice from her “older” self in the mirror, who advises her to stay fixed on their purpose, whatever that may be. By the end of the episode, she’s aged again, and there’s no doubt very soon she’ll be grown and at full strength. If Crowley thinks she’s difficult to handle now...


“It’s getting worse.”

The curse’s symptoms are finally reaching a breaking point. With the angel chained up at the bunker, Sam and Dean follow the only lead they have: Rowena. With the help of one of the witches she was trying to recruit, they track her down just as she’s about to skip town, bags packed and donning a blonde wig. By the time they return with her, however, Cas has broken free. They track the GPS on his phone, and –– on the drive to find him –– Rowena, being the sly witch she is, brings up her and Sam’s previous deal. Y’know, the one where he agreed to kill Crowley for her in return for removing the Mark, but then never did? With all that has been happening, that was another thing I had completely forgotten Dean was unaware of. 

Fortunately, they get to Castiel just in time, forcing Rowena to lift the curse. She does so, albeit reluctantly, right before making her escape. (C’mon, boys, did you really think she was going to stick around?) I don’t know about you, but I’m relieved Castiel will finally be back to his old self, and I hope they’ll give him some time to kick back at the bunker and rest from the whole ordeal Not that, as an angel, he really needs it, but you know what I mean. Let’s give him a break before we throw him right back into another type of life-threatening danger, shall we?

“We’ve got bigger fish to fry,” Dean reminds us. Like, for instance finding Amara, tracking down the Book of the Damned, and I’m sure a dozen other problems that will surface soon.

The Darkness is only getting started, after all.

Bonus GIF, just because... c'mon, how smooth was this move?

Stuff & Things:
  • Another wonderfully directed episode by ours truly, Jensen Ackles. Is there anything the guy can’t do?
  • “And we shall be known as the... Mega Coven! MEGA Coven. Because it’s greater than Grand Coven, so it’s not grand, it’s mega. It’s the Mega Coven –– I don’t think you’re followin’.” 
  • “I hate to point this out, but you both know who we might need to help deal with the Darkness.” “Don’t even say it.” “He was God’s Scribe. He did hear about everything.” “That’s just like saying it!” Yeah, let’s not bring Metatron into this, shall we?
  • “Why isn’t he answering the phone?” “Because he’s a dick, and that’s not breaking news.” 
  • “Places Metatron might hang out?” “Um... I mean, he loves waffles. You could try places that have those.” Wait –– Metatron and I have something in common? I’ve never been more ashamed for my love of waffles than I am right now.
  • “Do you know where you are? What’s the date?” “Earth. Several billion years from the beginning.”
  • “It’s like I was... inside a blender that was set to puree for a tomato salsa.” “And you’re the tomato?” “In this analogy, yes.” That is an oddly specific analogy, Cas.
  • An angel and a demon walk into a bar... Sounds like the start of a bad joke, but no, it’s a scene that actually happens in this episode. 
  • “I mean boom, bang, stars, evolution, Taylor Swift. I’m guessing you’d have done things differently.” Somewhere out there, Dean Winchester is offended you would even suggest a world without Taylor Swift.
  • “Language! Is that any way for a primal force to speak?”
  • “After the last one became indisposed...”  “Indisposed? She’s dead.” Potayto, potahto!


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