Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Castle 8x04 “What Lies Beneath” (Someone to Count On) [Contributor: Hope]

"What Lies Beneath"
Original Airdate: October 12, 2015
Okay. So you know how I said I liked this storyline last week?

I like it a little less this week.

Literally every time Beckett pulled out her file on Vulcan Simmons or did something related to the case, I groaned. I get that she wants to solve the case and get justice for her old co-workers... but this is starting to bug me. I'm on Martha's side. Because you know what Martha did? She popped up at the precinct and gently gave Beckett a piece of her mind, and I loved it. She also said almost verbatim what I talked about last week –– "...but he is someone you can always count on." And I really hope that we're supposed to believe that Beckett already knew that, because SHE SHOULD, IT'S BEEN 7 YEARS. But I'm glad it was said. In one of the next scenes, Beckett watches Castle as he tries to win her back again and the look on her face says it all (and by "it all," I mean about half a dozen different emotions –– a great job on Stana Katic’s part).

So my point is that I don't mind PART of this storyline. I like how the writers are handling Castle and Beckett's relationship problems, because they're keeping them wonderfully in-character, at least in my opinion. I like how Ryan and Esposito are caught up in the middle of their split, going back and forth between sides. I like a lot of things. 

I just think that, are far as Beckett's case goes, it's all a bit much. She has grown over the course of the series. She solved her mother's murder in arguably one of the best episodes in the show's history. I can't speak for everyone, but to me, that episode signaled the end of an era, and a new chapter in her character's life –– NOT another round of obsession-driven crime solving. I think it's amazing that she is so driven and loyal that she'd risk everything to bring down these criminals. That in itself is not a bad thing. It's just that it feels like overkill. 

Moving on.


This is literally the most peaceful marriage break-up ever. The final scene where Castle makes her coffee (complete with a foam heart) was really just beautiful and wonderful and every other positive word I can think of. Just a few scenes before, they had both been leaning back against Beckett's old desk as Ryan and Esposito stood by the evidence board. That was a touching shot because it was just like old times and felt so natural.

What I really appreciate is how Castle isn't angry. Okay, he's had his moments, but 95% of the time he's either talking about getting Beckett back, being super sweet to her and trying to get her back, or trying to solve a case in order to get her back. He even gave up the chance to work with her FOR HER. Waiting in the church for the suspect to show up would have been the perfect time for him to talk to her. However, he knew that she couldn't be there because she's the captain now and can't take the risks that she used to. It must have pained him, but he did it anyway. THE LOVE, you guys.


The Ryan/Esposito storyline in this episode was really good. Their panic over whether or not they should work with Castle was hilariously adorable. It's awesome how much fear they have of Beckett. They were so in sync in this episode, and it was refreshing to have one happy couple in the show 
–– even if it was just the bromance. 

That is, until Ryan lied to Espo and took the only slot left for the sergeant’s exam. Esposito was (rightly) upset about it, but I do wish he had initially been a little more understanding. He knew why Ryan had done it, and while that reason didn't make it right, it came from a good place. I think he was more upset that Ryan lied to him about it than anything else. If Ryan had told him about it, I bet Espo would have let him have the slot out of the goodness of his heart.

The point is, however, that they made up by the end of the episode. The show needs at least one constant right now, and seeing as these guys bring such comic relief, I'm glad they're it.


I wasn’t as invested in this case as much as I was with last week's. I was kind of puzzled by this one, and not always in the best way. Just for the record: the victim was neither the famous author nor the mobster, but rather a conman? There were just one too many twists along the way. However, it was all worth it to have Castle pop up on the suspect’s computer to deliver the message that all the evidence was being taken from his computer.

So, overall this wasn’t a bad episode. It didn’t push the main characters to the sidelines, and I like this trend. Let’s just hope that the break-up storyline doesn’t get too repetitive too quickly.

  • Seriously, who is this guy? Carl, AKA the chemist dude with the bow tie, popped up like he and Beckett were old friends. Esposito walks in and says "’Sup, Carl?" It struck me as odd. Although in other news, I really liked Beckett’s outfit.
  • I also need to point out that Alexis 1) is getting better at being a P.I. than Castle is and 2) is dropping truth bombs when Castle needs them... and when he doesn't think he needs them. And it's awesome.
  • "It’s complicated." "So were his last two divorces."
  • "It’s my pony and you can’t pet it!"
  • "Billie’s not the killer." "How do you know that?" "Billie told me."
  • "At the time of the murder, he was in the front row of The Lion King." Just a typical mobster Friday night. Nothing to see, folks. (Seriously though: they put a lot of detail into a minor character, which was nice and paid off.)
  • Castle GPS-tagging Esposito was awesome.
  • "See? Brutal truth." "No, that’s just being mean." The observations this guy made were hilarious.
  • "Maybe you and I could work together? ... I’d pay you 500 a week." "I’ll do it." There’s no way this ends well, right?
  • "The blind priest just ran away."
  • "Wait, Beckett was having fun, with me. Score!" He was so happy.
  • "What I’m saying is I’ve been captain for about five minutes." I really appreciate that they haven’t had this promotion go to her head.
  • Castle to Alexis: "It’s go big or go home. Except in this case, home might be jail." Again, this doesn’t make him sound like the most responsible parent...
  • "Did it ever occur to you that your captain could pull some strings and get you both a slot?" This was great. It resolved the Ryan/Espo drama in one episode –– and actually, it might have been interesting to have seen it play out –– but this show doesn’t need more drama.
  • "Well, if I told you that, you might not need me anymore." THIS WAS SO SAD.


  1. Good review, and I, like you, don't like this version of Beckett very much. When she put her mother's ring away (Veritas deleted scene) it signified the end of her obsession. Hawley bringing it back strikes me as him trying to prove he's a better writer than Marlowe, and he's not. Marlowe was questionable as a show runner, but a great writer and created a great show. Hawley and Winter are ruining it. This couple does not need WTWT. Viewers are dropping like flies; one million fewer than last season's LOWS.

    1. Thank you for commenting! :) I like that you brought up the writing power-struggle, because I hadn't considered it. Hawley has a lot of prove, and a lot of pressure on him, and I don't think this was necessarily the right direction for the show to go in. I have to wonder what Marlowe thinks of it, as he seems to have had a plan for a new chapter in her story (after Veritas).

      I agree about the revival of the WTWT. At this point in the series, it shouldn't even be an issue, because we all know the answer. Continuing it is just extraneous. I mean, they were so happy together in season 6. In fact, the more lighthearted tone of that season made it one of my favorites. The series doesn't need big drama in their storyline -- I think it might even be counteractive.