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Series: First (And Third) #TBT- Week 4 Spotlight: Jaime [Contributor: Maddie]

Maddie approached me about doing a Throwback Thursday (#tbt, for all you Internet-savvy folks) piece where we highlight, bi-monthly, our writers. She noted that what makes our site unique and separates it from all of the other entertainment sites out there is the personal touch each of the writers put on their reviews. Throughout this #tbt series, you'll get the chance to know each of us as individual writers a little bit more and hopefully relate to us a little bit more as well. Thanks, Maddie, for such a great idea!

Technically the third Thursday was last week, but I did not realize that. Those blasted five week months! Oops. Anyway, our #ThrowbackThursday series is back for another installment. This week I (Maddie) got to talk to the lovely Jaime about her nostalgic faves. Enjoy!

(22 years old)

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Q: What was your first major TV obsession and how did it impact you and your taste in television?

A: I always watched a lot of TV as a kid, but the first show I remember getting really, really passionate about was CSI. Looking back now, I have absolutely no idea why, but from the ages of eight to twelve, CSI was my favorite show. I always liked mysteries, so maybe that had something to do with it?  I’m not into procedurals now, but I think that’s partially what got me into shows like Veronica Mars and Chuck, where there was a new challenge or mystery every week that had to be figured out.

Q: What Disney movie do you still love to watch and sing the songs to?

A: All of them, really. I’m a huge Disney fan. My last two years in college, my friend and I watched Hercules every single week, so I have to go with that one. We’d just put it on and eat ice cream or drink wine and sing along to all the songs. I can do an incredible rendition of “Won’t Say I’m In Love,” obviously.

Q: What pop culture obsession are you a little embarrassed of loving so much in retrospect?

A: Obvious disclaimer here about how I don’t really have guilty pleasures, and fully embrace everything that I like.  But in hindsight, I could have toned it down with how much I was into Twilight. It only lasted a few months, but it was a little excessive. Boys who want to bite you are not boys to keep around, ladies.

Q: Now I know you are currently obsessed with One Direction, but were you into boy bands back in the day? If so, Backstreet Boys or *NSYNC? 

A: I was a huge boy band fan back in the day, and I think that’s what primed me to love One Direction as much as I do. I listened to both Backstreet Boys and *NSYNC, but I was *NSYNC all the way. I was going to marry Lance Bass and we were going to have the happiest life together.

Q: While you are slowly converting everyone on staff to become fans of One Direction, the one thing I don’t think they can compete with the boy bands of yesteryear is campy fantastic music videos. Which is your favorite? (Mine has to be the video for “Pop” by *NSYNC)

A: Oh man. I have to go with “Bye Bye Bye” by *NSYNC. That to me is one of the most definitive and iconic music videos ever. I think I was eight or nine when it came out, so I was just old enough to appreciate how popular it was. That crotch grab? Running on top of the train? Amazing.

Q: Which couple from a nostalgic rom-com is still one of your OTPs? (Personally, I will never stop loving watching Kathleen Kelly and Joe Fox fall for each other.)

A: I totally agree –– one of my best friends first made me watch You’ve Got Mail and now I watch it like once a month.  I think, though, my absolute favorite has to be Harry Burns and Sally Albright. As far as I’m concerned, When Harry Met Sally is the best rom-com ever made, and watching Harry and Sally go from strangers to enemies to best friends gets me every time. The whole point of the movie is making it clear how wrong for each other they are, while making the audience realize that no matter how many differences they have, they absolutely are meant for each other.

Q: What was your first Internet fandom and what brought you to it?

A: The first one I actively participated in was CSI: NY, and when I tell that to people, their first response is, “Wait, CSI: NY had a fandom?” I found it one day while looking for CSI spoilers (because I was the coolest middle schooler ever) –– that led me to a message board where people talked about a bunch of different procedurals, which led me to a board specific to CSI: NY. I met our wonderful leader Jenn on that site, we became best friends, and now here I am.

Q: As Head of House Ravenclaw for our staff [Editor's Note: I divided my staff into Harry Potter houses with an Assistant Editor as the "Head" of each House. We are awesome.], what nostalgic television or film character best represents Ravenclaw?

A: It has to be Sherlock Holmes, right? Intelligence, wit, he’s got it all. But I think I’m glad he’s not actually on our writing team. He’d be a hard person to edit.

Q: Who is your favorite F.R.I.E.N.D?

A: Chandler, hands down. I always identified with him the most, though as I get older, I realize that I’m actually most like Rachel. I can be a little ditzy, but I don’t have chubby ankles, and I’m not just a waitress.

Q: First TV boyfriend?

A: This is hard. I’ve been collecting TV boyfriends for a long time.  I probably had others, but the first one who really mattered and stuck with me was Jim Halpert. I’m going on ten years of loving John Krasinski, all because of how well he can throw deadpan looks and make flirty small talk with the receptionist. I’m a huge Jim girl.

Q: What was the first show that inspired you to write about it?

A: I think Community was the first show I wrote about? I was lucky in that I was taking film classes at the same time I first got interested in writing about TV (which also coincided with Jenn starting this website), so that kind of spurred my interest in writing about media critically. Community was my favorite show at the time, and had a lot going on worth discussing. I think my very first post was discussing some aspect of Community with Jenn.

Q: What has been your favorite thing about being involved in fandoms?

A: I love the communal aspect of it. I have a bunch of Twitter friends now who I met through fandom (specifically the Community fandom), and now I’ve known some of them for up to four years. I’ve been friends with Jenn for almost nine years. At this point, we’re all real, genuine friends, and we’ve connected enough that we don’t even talk about TV for the most part anymore. There’s no shame or feeling like you need to hold yourself back because these people get it. They understand why you’re passionate, and they’re just as passionate themselves.

Q: What show growing up most shaped your sense of humor?

A: I’m torn between The Office and Gilmore Girls. Though I’ve always gravitated toward comedy over drama, and as a kid I would watch syndicated episodes of Cheers, Three’s Company, and The Odd Couple late at night.  So I don’t know necessarily if one particular show shaped my sense of humor –– I think just watching a ton of comedies from so many different decades made me want to be funny, period. And anyone who knows me will gladly tell you that I am not funny at all, so I very clearly failed.

Q: What TV friendship did you aspire to have growing up?

A: Right now the first one coming to mind is Lorelai and Rory’s relationship on Gilmore Girls. Obviously they were mother and daughter, but they also chose to be best friends. I’ve always loved their dynamic: they’re honest and emotional while being quick-witted and hilarious. They were a unit, and you never really got the full package unless you were talking to both of them. I think this definitely wound up shaping my future friendships, as I am now very needy and need my friends to do everything with me.

Q: Finally, what female fictional character from television past was the most influential on you? Why?

A: Veronica Mars, hands down. She was caring, but it was extremely difficult to earn her affection. She was ruthless, and unapologetic, and one of the best characters I’ve ever seen. I absolutely worshipped her.

Bonus #tbt photo of the lovely Jaime


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