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Supernatural 11x02 "Form And Void" (The Power of Darkness) [Contributor: Deena Edwards]

"Form And Void"
Original Airdate: October 14, 2015

“I am not asking you to clean up my mess. Hell, don’t even know if you’re out there, but if you are, if you can hear me. I, um… we need your help, God. We need to know there’s hope.”

When the Winchesters start praying, you know crap is about to hit the fan.

And hit it does. We find ourselves diving right back into the non-stop action of season eleven with an episode even darker (pun definitely intended) and more intense than the premiere itself. You’d think after such a stellar episode, the writers might have taken a few moments to slow down, to give us fans a little breather so we could actually settle into our seats rather than right on the edge of them, but you’d be wrong.


“Whatever’s in that house, I can taste the power radiating from it. That thing… it’s old. Deep. Dark.”

Generally, babies are more cute than they are creepy. Sure, the constant crying isn’t that enjoyable, and the amount of diapers they go through? Bordering on supernatural itself. Even so, usually, when you look at one, you either think “cute” or “gross.”

Most people would generally not think: “evil primordial being that wants to devour my soul.” Unfortunately, precious little Amara falls under the latter –– not that any of us are all that surprised. The Darkness has to eat something, and I’m guessing formula doesn’t quite cut it.

After a sweet, genuine hug shared between Jenna and Dean, Dean departs, only to be called right back to her grandmother’s house barely even a few hours later when the baby pulls some major Exorcist-y tricks out of her sleeves. As nifty as it would actually be to have your newborn able to communicate its needs to you by telekinetically flinging alphabet blocks into drywall, Jenna’s grandmother is not so amused. She calls their priest, who sends over an exorcist, but it isn’t who you’d expect (unless you were expecting Crowley in a priest’s outfit, then I suppose it’s exactly who you’d expect.) Apparently, when Crowley isn’t brooding around in Hell, he’s masquerading as an exorcist in order to keep track of rogue demons. Neat.

Abrupt screaming draws the hunter and demon back inside the house to find the grandmother dead, the baby safe in her crib, and a soulless Jenna breaking fragile objects upstairs, admitting to slitting her grandmother’s throat. “Amara’s a growing girl,” she says, and obviously, what all growing girls need is actually a steady diet of human souls. I’m a little bummed that Jenna was killed off so quickly –– she had great potential, and I would have loved to have seen her stick around a while longer; maybe she could have gone off to kick a lot of butt with Claire and Jody. But regardless, I saw this outcome coming.

Now that Crowley knows Amara is the Darkness, he assures Dean that he will do what the Winchester can’t –– kill the child. As Amara had said before, she and Dean are bound; he will do whatever it takes to help her, and –– judging by the protective glint in his eyes when he saw the Mark on her chest –– I’m guessing that’s true, but it’s going to be a little trickier than he thinks. Dean’s quick, but Crowley’s quicker. By the end of the episode, Crowley has already lured the now slightly grown Amara into a shady black van full of tied up, human hostages.

Or, in Amara’s case, an afternoon snack.


“You’re unclean, in the biblical sense.”

Our youngest, puppy-dog-eyed Winchester has taken it upon himself to try to cure himself and the other infected inhabitants of the town before it’s too late, a task easier said than done, but he’s more than determined. In the midst of his possibly fruitless research, he’s startled by the distant sound of a woman singing somewhere in the hospital. Much like "Bad Moon Rising," when the lyrics of O, Death begin to play, we all know something bad is about to happen. That bad thing comes in the form of a reaper named Billie, proving that even though Death has supposedly kicked the bucket, people are still dying, so there are still souls to collect. She also seems to enjoy the message she has to pass along. With no one in charge anymore, she assures him that the next time Sam or his brother bites the dust, they won’t return from it. Desperate, Sam retreats to the hospital’s chapel, praying for a sign from God. He gets a sign, all right (if you can call memories from the Cage a sign), but it’s probably not from God. Lucifer, anyone? Was I right in thinking that he would return one way or another this season? 

With the effects of the virus now in full effect, Sam only has one last resort. With the reaper’s words and his own voice echoing in his head, he searches “bible purification” and quickly works at gathering the ingredients. I guess it’s a good thing he just happens to carry around a bottle of holy oil, right? Surprisingly, the biblical “cure” seems to work, not only on himself, but a few other infected that wander into the hospital. I’m not sure if I’m relieved that Sam’s not in any immediate danger anymore, or concerned that the cure came up so easily.


“I’m an angel of the Lord.”  
“Is that so? Because… near as I can tell, when you have to choose between Heaven and the Winchesters… you choose them. Every time.” 

CAN SOMEONE JUST CURE CASTIEL, ALREADY?! He spends most of the episode doing what he does best –– being beaten and stabbed to a bloody pulp for information that he refuses to give up, all while still suffering from Rowena’s spell. Hannah swoops in, and –– for a moment –– we all want to believe she’s there to really help Cas. They were friends, after all, but unfortunately for Castiel, her true loyalties still lie with the other angels. Since he won’t give up Sam and Dean, they attempt to “hack” his brain, but, like most plans on this show, it falls through as Cas manages to break free. He kills the other angels in the room, but not before one takes down Hannah. What breaks my heart isn’t that Hannah died, but that even after finding out that she had been lying to him, he still wanted to save his friend.

Stuff & Things:
  • “You’re so good with her.” “What can I say? Chicks dig me.” Give me a hundred scenes with Dean taking care of babies/children. I’ll watch all of them, and try not to cry over the fact that he will probably never end up happily with one of his own.
  • “I want something real. Something I can hold in my hands.” “Like what?” “Your pudding.”  Strange, but I suppose at least Dean would respect his priorities.
  • “Well, who are we gonna call?” “Ghostbusters?” BEST QUOTE OF THE EPISODE.
  • “Who knows what was in that giant, crazy fart.” “Wow. Vivid. Thanks.”
  • “Priest crap. Really?” “I’m sorry, Agent Pathetic Has Been Rockstar, did I offend your delicate sensibilities?” Runner-up for best quote. Honestly, Crowley had some of the best lines of the episode.
  • “Really? We have no idea what ancient, world-shattering evil we’re dealing with, but go right ahead. Let ‘em know we’re coming!”
  • “I’m way more of a Daphne.” 
  • “The child likes you. No surprise, really. You’re very maternal.”
  • “We gotta get a maid. But, y’know, one with a- a little uniform, and really big, uh…” Stay classy, Dean-o.


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