Thursday, October 29, 2015

Style Tips From 'Jane The Virgin' [Contributor: Rae Nudson]

Jane Villanueva, the main character in hilarious and heartwarming Jane the Virgin, is a hyper-organized, careful young woman who landed in a situation she never could have planned for. After being accidentally artificially inseminated and becoming pregnant with the child of a man she barely knows, Jane is throwing out her planner and following her heart. (Hypothetically of course — Jane would never actually get rid of her planner.) Amid unexpected, life-altering news during just about every episode of this telenovela-inspired series, Jane continues to do her best handling each and every twist in her post-insemination life.

Last season opened with two hotties who wanted to marry her, then transitioned into Jane getting to know her superstar dad, and fighting for herself while remaining a kind and generous person. This season opened with the kidnapping of her newborn baby boy, balancing motherhood and the life she wants for herself, and still having two hotties who want to marry her. Somehow throughout all her ups and downs, Jane stayed true to her heart and true to her closet. In spite of every super-crazy situation she found herself in, Jane’s outfits remained super-stylish. And because Jane is practical, as well as fashionable, there is plenty to glean from Jane’s style that you can apply to your own wardrobe — even if you’re not a new mom, currently in the middle of a love triangle, or trying to protect your family from a terrifying crime organization.

Here are some of the best style tips you can take away from Jane the Virgin!

Cute pajama sets help everything.

It’s a fact that when you wear a matching pajama set, you are 10% less sad about getting over your ex. When Jane and Rafael (the father of her baby) break up, and when Jane and Michael (her ex-fiancĂ©) start talking again, Jane hangs out at home in adorable pajamas. Feeling cute, even when no one will see you, helps you feel a little stronger to handle the drama in your life — boy drama or otherwise.

Develop your own style to celebrate being yourself.

Jane dresses less high fashion than Petra, the ex-wife of the father of her baby, and more reserved than her mother, Xiomara. After facing her unexpected pregnancy, Jane learned that she needed to take risks in order to be truly happy. Dressing in clothing that makes you feel more like who you are and who you were meant to be is a brave act in itself, and defending your own tastes can make you feel vulnerable. Jane is brave by wearing what she wants and saying no to wearing something that doesn’t feel right to her her. When her friend asks if Jane wants to dress “accidentally sexy bohemian” for their high school reunion, Jane confidently says that’s not her thing. Jane’s style is comfortable, colorful, and feminine, and she stays true to that throughout the show.

Wrap dresses are almost always flattering — even when your body is going through many, many changes.

Diane Von Furstenberg knew what she was doing when she made the wrap dress famous in the '70s. For the past 40 years, the wrap dress has looked flattering on almost every body type. It hugs women’s curves, cinches at the waist to help define your figure and creates a flattering look that is easy and comfortable to wear. Jane often dons a wrap dress throughout her pregnancy, and no matter what size she is, she looks put together and comfortable.

Keep a cardigan handy to turn any nighttime outfit into daytime appropriate.

After Jane has a romantic, all-night talk with Rafael, she goes straight to her student teaching job in the morning. The nuns at the Catholic school where she works are none too pleased to see her show up in last night’s party dress, but she quickly throws on a sweater that she keeps at her desk to become work appropriate. This is one of Jane’s most practical tips, and, honestly, an extra cardigan is helpful any time — whether it’s to combat extra-cold air conditioning or to cover up spilt coffee on your blouse.

Dress appropriately for the occasion.

Whether she’s going on a date with her ex-fiancĂ© Michael or her baby daddy Rafael, Jane looks perfectly sweet in one of her many floral dresses. The ruffles and soft fabric are feminine and romantic, and a flowy skirt is perfect for twirling in happiness after you kiss under a starry summer sky. When she’s going to a professional meeting, Jane turns to a fitted sheath dress that is more structured and more business-like. And when she’s messing around at home, she’s comfortable in boyfriend jeans and a tank. Jane is always prepared, so she is always appropriately dressed for every event.

It wasn’t just pregnancy or the rush of new love that gave Jane a glow, it was also her romantic, yet practical, outfits. Whatever twists are in store, Jane will be dressed and ready to face what comes.


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