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The Biggest Awards Show Snubs of 2017 [Contributor: Megan Mann]

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2017 was a collective dumpster fire. I mean, honestly, it was just pure trash. However, there were some serious bright spots. Well, at least when it comes to the entertainment industry. We were graced, among major flops such as Justice League and King Arthur, with incredible films such as Lady Bird, Wonder Woman, and Dunkirk. We were blessed with some standout performances on TV and in film. And even though there was a terrible break in music (ahem, Taylor Swift because I said what I said), there were some unbelievable albums that we were graced with in 2017.

Of course, all of these things that I’m about to discuss were severely overlooked when it came to award shows. They were performances that deserved the highest accolades and were left in the dust. This upsets me greatly, let me tell you. It upsets me so much that I had to compile an entire list of all of the things I thought did not receive their proper recognition. Let’s not wait any longer!

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Harry Styles by Harry Styles

Okay, this might seem biased as I am a ridiculously huge One Direction fan, but that’s honestly not the case here. If it were, I would be trying to convince you of any of them being worth their weight in boy band gold, but I’m not. I’m focusing on Harry. While I truly adore the Niall album and seriously get down to Liam’s “Strip That Down” regularly, it’s Harry’s album that truly stands out. He took the biggest departure from his boy band roots, delving further into the musical seas than any of his bandmates. His first single, “Sign of the Times,” sounds straight out of 70s era Bowie, and “Carolina” sounds reminiscent of the Rolling Stones. He essentially took a trip back in time and had us along for the ride. He reinvented who he is as an artist and for the Grammys to overlook that is just plain stupid. If Justin Timberlake didn’t have to earn his stripes before being nominated, neither does Harry. Shame on you, Grammys.

Tiffany Haddish in Girls Trip

After writing an entire article about the injustice of the Golden Globes overlooking this unbelievable performance, I’m still bitter. I just can’t get over the fact that one of the best performance in all of cinema, not just comedic film experiences, of 2017 was overlooked. And for what? Lesser performances? I don’t buy it, especially seeing as Melissa McCarthy was nominated for just as raunchy of a role in Bridesmaids. She was simultaneously abrasive and warm, inappropriate and caring, wild and loyal. In essence, she was a fully realized, well-constructed character and acted it effortlessly. And yet, no nominations. Yet I’m still holding out for that Oscar nom, friends.

Domnhall Gleeson in Goodbye Christopher Robin

Honestly, this was one of the best performances of the year. It irritates me that it’s thus far gone under the radar. Or really that this film has gone under the radar entirely. The story of A.A. Milne and what lead to the creation of Winnie the Pooh. It was a truly moving story that legitimately had me in tears for most of the film and for Domnhall to go overlooked is a travesty. He was playing a man with post WWI PTSD, which was entirely undiagnosed at the time, while trying to maintain a career, a marriage and a child. It was an absolutely stunning performance and as I left the theater saying, “He’ll definitely get nominated,” I was irritated to learn that he wasn’t. You’ll feel the same way when you watch. Trust me.

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Mckenna Grace in Gifted

It bothers me to no end that children are often overlooked in their performances. Did we forget that Anna Paquin won her award for The Piano at the ripe old age of 11? Mckenna played the character of super genius Mary with a sincerity that actors twice her age aren’t capable of. She had you laughing, crying, and thinking in ways you didn’t anticipate a child could. She’s going to go on to be a truly spectacular actress and to not acknowledge her role in Gifted is an oversight. Mostly because it’s astonishing that she managed to remember all of that math when I can’t even do basic math at 28 years old. She should get a trophy just for that aspect of the role.

Greta Gerwig for Directing Lady Bird

Okay, I understand that the director’s categories are generally a boys club, but this is just ridiculous. Gerwig wrote one of late 2017’s most incredible films and also found herself behind the camera for the first time. What she gave us was not only a terrifically realistic coming of age story that we could all find ourselves in, but she also did a flawless job in its production. The scenes were seamless, the story never lacked flow, and every shot was exactly where it needed to be for its impact to land. It was a fantastic first turn behind the camera and for her to be iced out is stupid. I’m glad she got the screenwriting nomination, but she should have had this as well.

Patty Jenkins for Directing Wonder Woman

I know that generally speaking we pretend like superhero films aren’t worthy of awards other than technical or make-up, but Wonder Woman was the only good film to come out of the D.C. camp and it was done incredibly well. All of the action sequences were perfect, the Amazons weren’t there for spectacle but were rather there to prove how strong and incredible they were, and while we cared about the love interest, he wasn’t what Diana’s story hinged on. Gal Gadot was front and center and filmed beautifully. And that movie was what it was because Patty Jenkins stuck to her guns and gave us the Wonder Woman film we deserve. She should be rewarded for saving D.C. from absolute film ruin alone.

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Literally Anyone on The CW

I could sit here all day talking about how The CW is constantly overlooked by the Emmys, but that would honestly take too long. I cried during the last season of The Vampire Diaries more than I would care to admit and though that’s a lot to do with the actors, it’s more to do with the writing team. Certain episodes really could have been nominated and it’s infuriating that because it’s The CW — a channel predominantly targeted at young adults — that deems it worthy of a nomination. I mean, come on. Half of Riverdale’s first season was better written than some of the nominees this year. Yeah, I said it. From acting to writing, it’s an entirely overlooked channel and that bugs me to no end.

Jeremy Allen White as Lip Gallagher on Shameless

I have said this year after year, but only nominating Emmy Rossum and William H. Macy from an entire ensemble is just pointless. Sure, they’re two main characters, but they’re two main characters on a huge ensemble show that wouldn’t be the same without the rest of the ensemble. I will always fight for Jeremy Allen White as Lip to be nominated for Emmys, Golden Globes, and SAG awards. The evolution and regression of Lip is one of the best stories on TV these days, and it’s disappointing that it’s overlooked. He will have you screaming at his screw-ups and rooting for his successes. You hate him and you love him and Shameless wouldn’t be the same or pack as much of a punch without Allen White. #LipDeservesHisAward

The Path

If you aren’t watching this Hulu original series, you’re making a huge mistake. Sure, we know Aaron Paul for his award-winning turn as Jesse Pinkman on Breaking Bad, but he really stands out on The Path has a disillusioned cult member turned future leader. The cast, also featuring Hugh Dancy and Michelle Monoghan, is absolutely fantastic. And the cult-who-doesn’t-believe-they’re-a-cult at the center of the story is fascinating; it’s a different story than anything else that’s out there and should be able to put its hat in the awards ring in the way that Netflix originals are. Also, don’t let the cult thing turn you off. It’s not “let’s drink the Kool-Aid and die” type stuff. It’s modern and really interesting!

The Tunnel

It will forever confuse me why Downton Abbey could kill the game during every year it was on, but why other shows that air on PBS were never given the same chance. I could talk about my super fan favorites Poldark and Grantchester all day, but to omit The Tunnel is just plain rude. It may have been because it was released in 2016 in the U.K., but it didn’t air until 2017 here in the States and therefore should be considered. It’s a suspenseful crime show that has two detectives from opposite ends of the criminal justice (and emotional) spectrum coming together to solve a mystery that will leave you breathless until the very end. I will champion this show from here to eternity for how exquisite it is. It’s breathtaking from start to finish and it’s can’t miss television. Go! Find it on Amazon now!

I could sit here all day and talk about other TV shows, their casts (the entire rest of the cast of How to Get Away with Murder is criminally overlooked), films (did no one else see Breathe?) music, and don’t even get me started on books because we’ll be here until 2019. But these are some of the top omissions that have really grinded my gears this year.

2017 was an amazing year for entertainment and although it’s a shame that only so many people can be nominated, it’s an even bigger shame that some of the wrong people got nominated simply because of who they are rather than the performance that they gave. (Again, I said what I said and I stand by it.)

Here’s hoping that even if 2018 is another dumpster fire year for our country — and perhaps even world as a whole — at least we’ll have some seriously quality entertainment to keep us moving forward when the days are the hardest. I personally look forward to seeing what sort of gems we’re blessed with and can’t wait to discuss it with all of you!


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