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The Bachelor 22x03 Roundtable: Back in the Ring [Contributors: Alisa, Rebecca, and Chelsea]

Welcome back to The Bachelor, where you'll experience some group and one-on-one dates, as well as Chelsea, Rebecca, and Alisa's opinions on them all!

This week gave us two group dates and a one-on-one date that went south quick. What was your favorite date and which contestants brought you the best moments? 

Alisa: The dates were all so bad. The dog date should have been fantastic but for whatever reason (Arie), it just wasn’t. When Arie announced they’d be spending the day with all those puppers — I thought it would be like Rachel’s adorable date with Peter at the dog park, which is basically my dream date. But no. For some reason this dog date with Arie was awful. Not quite as awful as those mean GLOW ladies or Lauren S. word vomiting all over him, but pretty close.

Rebecca: I loved the GLOB date! I thought it was so fun and I thought the GLOW women were hilarious. I liked watching the girls let loose and have fun. They seemed to enjoy hanging out with each other more than hanging out with Arie, and I was here for it. The date with Lauren S. was cringeworthy awkward and I had major secondhand embarrassment for her. I’m glad he let her go now though instead of stringing her along, because she seems like a really nice girl. The dog date was great, in theory... in practice, not so much.

Chelsea: I definitely think the GLOB date was more entertaining than the dog date. Normally, a dog date is my ideal social situation, but it was so awkwardly planned and filmed, and did nothing to entertain. The Rachel/Peter date will forever be the gold standard of first dates/dog dates in this franchise. At least the girls were able to have fun with wrestling and creating characters. Maquel was robbed of that group date rose though. She clearly put the most thought into her lunch lady character and had the best time. I’m surprised she isn’t more of a force this season. I wanted to see more of her. The date was just a fun concept and we got some good drama from Tia and Bibiana. Plus we got to see Kenny!

I felt so bad for Lauren S. having that boring and awkward date. I thought she was great but he was so silent and contributed nothing to it. Girl, you’re better off without him.

Krystal has emerged as the big villain this season. How do you feel about her character arc and who do you see her clashing with next? How far do you see her going in this game? 

Alisa: Meh. She’s such a stereotypical villain that I’m completely apathetic about her. I’m pretty sure she’s a sociopath (or getting paid to play one on “reality” TV), and either way I’m over it. Plus, Arie is unsurprisingly not helping matters by telling her this week that he’s totally fine with her stealing time and being aggressive. Don’t get me wrong: Krystal’s super obnoxious and a toxic force in the house, but the ladies need to reserve at least a spoonful of that righteous anger for Arie. So far he’s acting more like a high-schooler high on hormones, rather than the middle-aged man he is who supposedly wants to find the love of his life and settle down.

Rebecca: She’s fake and rude and I’m already bored of her. Her voice just annoys me and she comes across as so insincere. She’s not even the type of villain I want to stick around for entertainment purposes (like Corinne). She’s hot though and has Arie wrapped around her finger so I’m sure she’ll stick around for quite a while, unfortunately.

Chelsea: Krystal is a solid villain and even though she annoys me, she’s at least bringing something for us to watch. Arie is so boring, so we need someone stirring up trouble. Sure, I wouldn’t trust her at all but I’m excited to see who she ticks off next. I don’t see her making it to hometowns but I’m waiting for her two-on-one in a few episodes.

We lost a Lauren on the one-on-one, Annaliese left the house when Arie refused to kiss her (even though he locked lips with literally everybody else), and Bibiana was sent home without a rose. Which of these ladies will you miss the most, and who are you hoping shows up in Paradise? 

Alisa: I’m just glad we’re down to one Lauren now — and it only took three episodes! (No offense to the other three Laurens, but it was just too many.) Annaliese seemed like a sweet girl but she was way too desperate. If you find yourself trying to force a kiss, you’ve already lost more than a rose. Bibiana brought some humor to the show and the tension between her and Krystal added some interest. But seriously, had Bibiana ever watched The Bachelor before? Because she acted like she did not know how it all worked. I’d like to see her resurface in Paradise because I think she’d really shine there.

Rebecca: I LOVED Bibiana. She was my contestant crush this season, and I really hope to see her in Paradise. She deserves better than Arie, anyway. I didn’t know who Lauren S. was until her one-on-one date, so I don’t really care about seeing her continue on in the franchise. She seems nice and down-to-earth, so hopefully she can find love in the real world. I also liked Annaleise a lot and originally had her in my final four, but she did come across as too desperate. Perhaps she needs some time to be single, and then come back for another try in a year or two.

Chelsea: I really liked all the girls that went home this week. I think Bibiana wasn’t given a fair chance and was just set up for failure at every turn. She wasn’t afraid to call Krystal out on her two-faced behavior, and is my first pick for Paradise. Annaliese was fun and her traumas were pure entertainment. She’s too fragile for this show though, but I will miss her spirit and flashbacks. Lauren S. is also just too normal for this program. Run girl!

The Fantasy League Final Four picks close Monday. Who do you think will make it to hometowns and do you have any favorites for the win? 

Alisa: Okay, I’m terrible at the Fantasy League, but I just reviewed my final four picks and am feeling pretty confident. I’m going with Bekah, Becca, Krystal, and Tia. I think baby Bekah will get the final rose because her and Arie have some super-charged chemistry already even though it’s gross because he’s ancient and she’s an infant. But whatever. I think Becca will come in second because she seems super sweet and I just have this feeling Arie’s gonna break her heart. And I think Krystal will raise hell when she finally gets booted which will be fun to watch. I don’t really care about Tia, but I figure she’ll go far because she’s BFFs with Raven and will coast on Raven’s amazingness.

Rebecca: My final four are Bekah, Becca, Tia, and Lauren B. I don’t remember why I picked Lauren B. but I think she’ll be third runner up. I would say Tia comes in third, because we all know she can’t win—after all, she has to show up on a Bachelor franchise spinoff with Raven (is she still dating what’s-his-name?). I think Bekah will come in second. Although she’s mature for her age, she’s just SO young. Becca and Arie seem like a solid couple and have good chemistry. They look nice together and seem to have things in common. I don’t know. It’s still early in the season, but I’m not seeing any of the women as wife material for Arie — actually, no... I don’t see Arie as husband material for any of these women.

Chelsea: I have Becca, Bekah, Tia, and taxidermy Kendall in my Final Four, though I might swap Bekah for Lauren B., since Lauren B. seems like the vanilla kind of person that would do well on this show. Bekah was made for Paradise and I would be SHOCKED if she wasn’t there this summer. For now, I think Becca is the only realistic person to win the show. She seems like an adult with health insurance who’s fun but not too much fun for our boring leading man.

10/10 would watch the Raven & Tia: Happily Ever After spinoff that will inevitably come to Freeform. And I just enjoy the weird taxidermy girl. I can see her and Tia being weirdos in the show bumpers.

And now, our Bachelor Fantasy League standings: 

  1. Chelsea: 190 points
  2. Rebecca: 140 points
  3. Alisa: 80 points


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