Tuesday, January 16, 2018

The Bachelor 22x02 Roundtable: Can I Steal Him for a Moment? [Contributors: Chelsea, Rebecca, and Alisa]

The dates have begun! This week we got to meet the girls a bit more while traversing across some odd dates. Some girls are closer to winning his heart while others need to start packing their bags. Here’s where we stand so far with the gang.

This week changed things up and gave us two different one-on-one dates with Becca K. and Krystal, and a ridiculously large group date with 15 of the girls. Which of the three dates was your favorite? Do you have bumper car PTSD? 

Rebecca: Becca’s date gave me major sugar daddy vibes, and not in a good way. Krystal’s date was flat-out weird — sorry, but no sane person wants to meet their boyfriend-who-is-also-dating-20-other-women’s family on the first date. The demolition derby date was so fun! I thought it was a good way for the girls to let out some suppressed anger and show off their creativity. I hate to make fun of someone’s feelings, but... bumper car trauma...

Alisa: BUMPER CAR TRAUMA. That was new and unexpected in this tired season (that’s just begun). I was surprised that the gigantic group date actually turned out pretty well. I think it was just what the girls needed to let off a little steam and have some fun after being cooped up in that mansion for however long.

Both one-on-one dates were the absolute worst though. I feel like Arie politely listened to producers’ date suggestions, then lit them on fire and proceeded down his own path of desperation and drama. Not that Becca isn’t deserving of all the good things in the world, but that date was ridiculous and creepy. And taking Krystal to meet his parents in the SECOND EPISODE? Waves of desperation are just rolling off Arie and it’s not a good look. Also, speaking of looks, did anyone else catch that Arie’s mom looks EXACTLY LIKE KRYSTAL but you know, like 40 years in the future?

Chelsea: Who knew the bumper car trauma would be the most fun of all the dates? We got to see more personality from a bunch of the girls and it was the perfect amount of cheese you’d hope from this show. Krystal’s date just stressed me out. You know meeting the family on the second episode isn’t going to lead to great things. You’re not Raven. And while I really like Becca K., that date was really just him buying her affection. You didn’t learn much about either of the girls or Arie, and we were robbed of seeing his dog. And what is even the point of visiting his home if we don’t see a dog?

This week brought the drama fast, with Bibiana confronting Krystal about stealing Arie twice when she already had a rose. Whose side are you on? Will they be the first two-on-one date? 

Rebecca: I HOPE they are the two-on-one date. That would just be solid, entertaining TV. I can’t really choose a side because I get both of their perspectives. Bibiana is right — Krystal is being selfish and making it harder for the other girls to get to know Arie when she already is guaranteed another week in the mansion; plus she had hours to spend with him one-on-one. On the other hand, Krystal is also right: she’s just playing the game. At the end of the day, it’s a competition, and she’s just being competitive. The other girls knew time-stealing would be an issue, so they shouldn’t be surprised.

Alisa: I can’t stand either of them, so I am all in favor of them going on a two-on-one and both getting sent home at the end of it. Like Rebecca said, Krystal is selfish but she’s also just playing the game and she’s certainly not the first (nor will she be the last) contestant to steal time when she already has a rose. And Bibiana acts like she’s never seen this show before. Like, girl, I get being mad at Krystal and her ridiculousness. But the fact that Bibiana yelled at Krystal in front of all the other girls is going to make it back to Arie eventually, and it’s only going to reflect badly on Bibiana. Krystal deserved pretty much everything she said, but we all know the confronter on this show is ALWAYS the one that gets burned, not the confrontee.

Chelsea: Bibiana was completely reasonable with her feelings about Krystal’s behavior and taking extra time. Somebody has to be the person that calls out others on disrespecting the unspoken bond of sisterhood and taking turns. Sure, she isn’t somebody I’m cheering for but I love that she brings the simple drama. Krystal gives me weird vibes — like I should be worried about her but that she could also snap at any moment. I want a big two-on-one for them but I could easily see one of them leaving the show earlier. Probably Bibiana since she hasn’t had time to make a bigger impression.

Sizing up who is left, who are you loving so far? Who needs to go? Are we all in awe of Jenny’s exit when she declared she was sad about leaving her new friends, but not Arie? 

Rebecca: I love Bekah, even though she’s a literal baby. She’s fun and cute and has really good energy. I feel like she’s here to make friends and not get involved in the drama, which I can always appreciate. I also really like other Becca; I picked her in my fantasy league to get the final rose. I’m sensing a trend here. Perhaps I’m a little biased, since we all share a name.

Alisa: Eh. The only girl I even remotely like is Seinne who is way too smart for this show and should be the next Bachelorette. But she’s gotten barely any screentime so I bet she goes home soon. Tia and Bekah are both energetic and fun and will probably go far, but personally they grate on my nerves. Krystal and Chelsea are clearly the blonde villains this year, and I’m over them already. Becca seems like a genuinely good person so she’ll probably come in second, get her heart broken, and go on to live her best life sans Arie.

As for Jenny, she was just one in a sea of blondes until she said “I’m not sad about you,” and now she’s my new hero.

Chelsea: I’m fans of Bekah and Becca K., even though their names confuse the heck outta me. I see them both going far, and Becca K. has winner or Bachelorette potential (I don’t wanna curse her to a life with Arie). Taxidermy girl cracks me up with her weirdness, and I want her to stick around just for the end-of-episode bumpers. I like Tia but she needs to dial up the sass if she’s gonna be our Raven this year. Krystal and Not Me are solid villains so far but we really need more time with some of these ladies. Too many of them look alike and I cannot remember their names. Like I had just learned Jenny’s name when she dropped that iconic line on her way out. Mad respect, girl.

And here are the Bachelor Fantasy League Standings, as of this week:

  1. Chelsea (60 points) 
  2. Rebecca (60 points)
  3. Alisa (30 points) 


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