Thursday, July 20, 2017

Younger 4x04 Recap: “In the Pink” (Death Became Her) [Guest Poster: Bibi]

“In the Pink”
Original Airdate: July 19, 2017

In this week’s episode, we begin with Maggie's new assistant Montana wanting to get as much scoop as she can about Josh.  Maggie is curious and then realizes it’s because she slept with him. Maggie has no other choice but to tell her that Josh is Liza's ex. In that moment, getting ready to leave for work, Liza walks into the room and Montana immediately confesses. Liza plays it off but is clearly devastated that Josh has moved on so quickly. Liza quickly bolts to work and thank goodness, as she gets some much-needed good news! In the team meeting, Charles officially announces Liza’s promotion to Associate Editor! There is, however, a catch: while they can afford her new pay raise to go with her new title, they cannot afford to hire a new assistant for Diana. Liza will have to continue to juggle both for the foreseeable future.

As a celebration of her new promotion, Charles and Diana take Liza out to lunch for their yearly wine and dine with veteran author Belinda, whose novels have seen Empirical through some hard days. Belinda, completely drunk at lunch, asks for assistance to the bathroom. As Liza helps her and waits, Belinda’s heath takes a turn and she dies in the restaurant restroom unexpectedly. In her will, Belinda insists on having a pink funeral, so Empirical dusts off their pink best and invite the who's who in publishing to attend. At the funeral — which includes Belinda being laid to rest in a hot pink coffin — Kelsey meets one of her iconic childhood authors, Lachlan, and tells him to call her when he’s ready to take his brand to the next level and start marketing to his female fan base more appropriately.

Post-funeral, Kelsey talks Liza into going out for drinks, since she did witness Belinda drop dead. Also, since Josh is moving on, this is the perfect time for Liza to go to a bar and meet someone, just for a hook-up so she can “free” herself of Josh. In this moment, Liza is hesitant and asks Kelsey if they are truly in a good place. Kelsey says of course; she finally understands that Liza’s top priority is being a mom and she needed to do whatever it took in order to take care of her daughter. Kelsey sets up project “get Liza to smash and dash.”

At the bar, Lauren joins them and immediately makes everything about her. Lauren is trying to find reasons why she should break up with Max, as she feels like she and their domestic routine are boring.  Liza isn’t paying attention to Lauren because she is flirting with a very attractive age-appropriate gentleman at the bar. Lauren suggests they leave and once she and Kelsey are in an Uber, Liza goes back into the bar and officially meets Diego. Diego is an architect from Connecticut. Liza has no intention of seeing him again though, so she doesn’t get his number.

After telling Maggie the next day, Maggie insists that she should’ve taken it a step further. So in a bold-ish move, Liza stops by his construction site, but chickens out the moment one of the workers sees her. Kelsey, being the classy millennial and tech-savvy friend she is, offers to stalk him online to find his number. Liza declines because she thinks it’s creepy, but Kelsey reminds her that it is dating. Diego actually finds Liza instead! He found her work phone number after seeing her on his security cameras earlier that morning. They decide to meet up at his construction site for a private tour later that evening. Diego is fresh and a smooth talker, but it is refreshing to see Liza engaged with a man who she isn’t lying to and can be herself with. After Liza's hook-up, Diego expresses the fact that he is not convinced that she is actually in her 40s. She confides in Diego and tells him that she lied about her age to get her job. This is not only unnecessary to divulge, but it is also risky because he knows where she works and called there. While they are sharing, Liza informs Diego that she is separated and on her way to being divorced. Diego turns out to be very much still married with kids living in Connecticut, but pretends to be single while he's in NYC.

Elsewhere in Kelsey’s love/work life, she officially meets Zane, a hot editor whose client she met at the pink funeral and is actively trying to poach. While waiting for said client at a business lunch, Zane appears to tell Kelsey that his client will cancel on her, and he knows what she’s trying to do.  Zane, in likely a power work play move, invites Kelsey to a book party, but only is she agrees to keep her hands off the new authors in the room. Zane ends up being more of a gentleman than Kelsey realizes. While Zane thinks his client is happy, Lachlan texts Kelsey that night, indicating that he still wants to meet about changing companies.

At episode end, Lauren’s relationship finally implodes. On some level, she created this, especially by using an emotional path journal about their relationship. Max finds said journal where Lauren has been tracking good days with gold stars and red dots to represent the days she was repulsed by him. A devastated Lauren calls Maggie and Kelsey and heads to Maggie’s house for an impromptu girls’ night. When Liza walks in from her date, they’re all on the couch watching The Crown together.

Can we just discuss how good it is to see Liza and Kelsey back together as friends? Although, they should still discuss this Josh living situation because something tells me he and Kelsey might take a chance later down the road. Can Zane really be trusted? Guess we shall see next week! Share your thoughts below!


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