Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Younger 4x02 Recap: “Gettin’ Hygge With It” (Well Look at This) [Guest Poster: Bibi]

“Getting’ Hygge With It”
Original Airdate: July 5, 2017

If last week’s episode wasn’t enough of a doozy, we are back this week with an all -new episode! Geez, I missed all things summer and also all things Younger! So, what do we have here, you ask? Well, Kelsey and Josh are officially roommates living in his Brooklyn bachelor pad. And even though it’s a little weird, it also could not make more sense! They really have not connected outside of their relationships with Liza, so this is a chance for the two of them to dive into their friendship a little more — and potentially have a summer fling. For the record, I don’t want a summer fling between the two of them, but as the episode begins, I see hints of where they could go.

Elsewhere in this episode, we see Maggie continuing to flirt her way into hearts everywhere. The latest is a young barista named Montana, who is in awe of Maggie and fangirls hard over her art.

At work, Liza walks into Charles’s office for a chat and catches him on the floor suffering from a muscle spasm. Seeing as her ex-husband struggled with these previously, she knows just how to help. It is an unusually uncomfortable situation they find themselves in... again. I personally do not mind it, because I love seeing Liza and Charles in scenes together. They have extraordinary chemistry and the way he lights up when she walks in a room is just perfect. So even in the midst of this challenging situation, they are still perfect to watch onscreen.

Naturally after Kelsey learns the truth about Liza’s identity, she is giving her the silent treatment. She is understandably hurt, but I think it’s time these two settle the score. Colin (Kelsey’s over ambitious ex) sends her flowers and asks for a dinner date after he treated her like the bottom of the barrel after his potential book success went to his head. The reviews are in though, and they are not kind. In Lauren news: the young woman asks Colin and Kelsey to a naughty dinner. It is here that Lauren calls out Kelsey for attracting and dating the same types of guys all the time.

Meanwhile, Diana chooses to host a book launch party at her home for a new author. While shopping for things to make her house feel warmer and cozier, she and Liza head to a department store. It is there that Diana proceeds to make Liza feel bad for getting dumped by Josh. As a result, Liza then buys a body pillow. Poor thing. Speaking of, on her way home, Liza runs into Josh (even though they both take different routes than usual to try and avoid each other). Talk about the pits of breaking up with someone who lives in your neighborhood! Liza tries to ask him how he is doing and Josh is not having any of this small talk. At all. Josh is visibly hurt and tells her that he just can’t do it.

Elsewhere, Kelsey seems to be vetting Colin and brings him to the book launch at Diana’s place. It looks as if Kelsey is on her way to giving him a second chance... until he blows it by pitching his second book to Charles within minutes of arriving. He did not even give Kelsey a heads up about the pass on his second book option due to the lack of sales on his first book. Kelsey is understandably upset, and Liza catches her during that moment. Kelsey, allowing her feelings for Liza to color everything, refuses to listen to the sound advice that Liza is giving. Colin is a guy who clearly is only out for himself and Liza used to be married to his type, so she knows firsthand.

When Kelsey arrives home, Josh is having a jam session/party. Kelsey really just wants to go to bed. Josh follows her into her room and, in an honest moment, Josh realizes that he is tired of talking about Liza. You can see something brewing between Josh and Kelsey right then. At the heart of the scene, there are two people bonded together by the hurt that Liza and her secrets brought. Josh and Kelsey attempt to move on from Liza by getting back to the party and dancing the night away. And who passes by the party on the street in sadness? Liza. (Can we just discuss how Liza needs to move though.)

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