Friday, July 14, 2017

The Bachelorette 13x07 Roundtable: What Are Their Names? [Contributors: Chelsea, Alisa, and Rebecca]

As this season of The Bachelorette begins to wind down, our ladies talk about the final four men who are left, and who might be headed to Paradise.

How do you feel about the final four men? Who do you think Rachel would hit it off with this week?

Rebecca: This is the first time EVER I genuinely like all the guys. Peter, Dean, Eric, and Bryan all seem like great men who are truly there for Rachel. Compared to the others, these four have had very little drama surrounding them, which is rare — I feel like oftentimes a controversial contestant makes it to hometowns. I’m excited to meet their families and think Rachel would do well with any of them, although it’s clear she has a preference for Bryan.

Alisa: Eh. Dean and Peter are adorable, obviously, and both seem really invested in Rachel. I still can’t get over the skeezy feeling I get from Bryan. There’s something seriously disingenuous about that guy and I was glad to see a ton of people on Twitter voicing that same sentiment. Don’t get me wrong, he sure is nice to look at and he and Rachel have great chemistry, but I still say something’s off about him. I think Eric’s a genuinely good guy but he’s too insecure and immature. Rachel needs a man who’s confident enough in himself not to be intimidated by her success, intelligence, beauty, and profession, and I don’t think that’s Eric. He’s got a bit more growing up to do.

Chelsea: Overall, she has a pretty solid final four. I’m not surprised to see her pick Dean, Peter, and Bryan for hometowns. I think we all called that from week one. I’m surprised Eric got this far but also not really because Rachel didn’t have the best batch of men. I do feel like Peter took a step back this week and wasn’t as charming as he normally is, but that could have easily been an odd edit.

How do you feel about Adam and Matt going home? Did the editors do them a disservice? 

Rebecca: I feel nothing, because I didn’t even know who Matt was until last rose ceremony and I forgot about Adam (and his creepy little bud) too. The editors did them a disservice by giving them ZERO air time when they made it so far. But they did seem kind of boring in comparison to the remaining four guys, so I’m torn.

Alisa: Who?

Chelsea: We all knew they were going home because we NEVER saw them or remembered their names. I do want to see what was left on the cutting room floor for the both of them. They had to have been sweet guys to make it that far, above some of the bigger contestants.

Who do you think is Paradise bound?

Rebecca: Going off my prediction that Bryan will win, I think (and hope!) Dean will pop up. Others I’d like to see get a second chance at love: Kenny, Blake K., Will, Diggy, Fred, and Josiah. Guys I don’t want to be there, but might make an appearance: Whaboom, Matt, Adam, and maybe even L** if the producers are desperate enough.

Alisa: Yeah, gotta totally agree with Rebecca on all counts. I would love to see more of Dean, Blake K., Will, Diggy, Fred, and I’ll throw in Anthony too. I’d rather stab myself in the eye than have to watch Whaboom and Lee on my screen ever again.

Chelsea: Dean would thrive in Paradise. He needs to go find Raven and the two of them can be cute and giggly together forever. I would LOVE to see more of Will, Kenny, Blake K., and Alex. Like I said above, Rachel didn’t have a great selection of men and I don’t need to see a lot of them ever again. People like Josiah, Diggy, and Alex seem born for Paradise, but I feel like Adam and Matt could pop up to prove that they’re real people and not the cardboard cut-outs we saw this summer.

An ode to the fallen men... who should Rachel have given more consideration to and who would have been in your final four?

Rebecca: As per our very passionate Twitter thread, I think we’re all in agreement that Blake K. was cheated. I mean, I feel cheated that I didn’t get his beautiful smile plastered across my TV screen for more than about 20 seconds. I thought Rachel was crazy for letting him go, but it seems as though he left by choice to be with a sick relative. Blake K. for the next Bachelor! I also miss Alex and Kenny.

Alisa: Oh my goodness Blake K. is just heavenly. I mean seriously, I think he might be made of stardust and unicorn tears he’s so beautiful and sweet. In addition to him, I really wish Rachel had given more time to Will, Diggy, and Anthony. Those were MEN. Mature, intelligent and of course, handsome. I really don’t understand keeping randos like Matt and Adam and super insecure Eric around when Will, Diggy, and Anthony conducted themselves with class and confidence at every turn. But oh well. As long as Rachel’s happy, it just means more good men for Paradise!

Chelsea: Blake K. is just a dreamboat and looked like the best option on night one. We all loved him so much and wish he was the Bachelor. And he left the show to take care of a sick relative, so maybe they’ll give him a second chance in a future season. My final four would be Will, Blake K. (obviously), Peter, and probably Bryan. I do agree with Alisa though in that Diggy and Anthony deserved better. Anthony leaving was a tad shocking, and we didn’t get to know Diggy enough outside of his massive shoe collection.

Bachelorette Fantasy League Rankings:

  • Chelsea: 400 points
  • Alisa: 350 points
  • Rebecca: 350 points
  • Rae: 210 points


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