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Younger 4x03 Recap: “Forged in Fire” (Let It Burn) [Guest Poster: Bibi]

“Forged in Fire”
Original Airdate: July 12, 2017

The episode opens with the Empirical team meeting... in which Charles announces that Millennial scored an invite to Bonfire — an exclusive publishing retreat. Liza and Kelsey are supposed to spend the weekend together chatting about the future of publishing and connecting with other imprints making their mark on the publishing world. After the morning meeting, Charles asks to meet with Diana and Kelsey. In a bold and downright despicable move, Kelsey is unable to put her personal feelings aside and blocks Charles and Diana’s unanimous decision to promote Liza.

Diana is shocked to hear that Kelsey is unwilling to go to bat for Liza. Nearly immediately after the meeting, she finds Liza and demands they go to lunch. There, Diana advises Liza to fix her rift with Kelsey, before it gets in the way of Liza's career. Also while at the restaurant, Diana spots Richard's ex-wife (which she knows, having been consistently Facebook stalked her). Against Liza’s pleading and recommendation, Diana insists on introducing herself to this woman who hasn’t the slightest idea who she is.

When they interact, Diana is disappointed because when she introduced herself as Richard’s new girlfriend, his ex-wife laughed hysterically! After showing up to the ex-wife’s office because she needed answers (the ex-wife is a therapist), Diana was finally told that she was not what was expected when Richard moved on. This bred further insecurities within Diana about the reasons Richard is with her, if she wasn’t what he said he wanted.

In roommate land, Josh is in a dating slump since his break-up. He is now on Tinder and Kelsey — being the supportive wingman roommate that she is — is championing his attempts to move on from Liza. In her mind, it’s time.

As Liza packs for the retreat that is sure to be the most uncomfortable of retreats, she finds some of Josh’s stuff still at her place. To help her move on, Maggie offers to take Josh's stuff back to him.

When Kelsey and Liza arrive to the retreat, it becomes clear that while Liza was wrong for lying, Kelsey needs to grow up and be a bit more professional. This is a work trip first and foremost. And as adults, these two should really talk a bit more through their issues. This retreat seems like it could be the perfect setting for a mature conversation about their relationship, especially since the retreat lacks cell service and Wi-Fi. But on the other hand, with Kelsey’s current behavior, it could also be a recipe for disaster!

Boomer, a tech genius who sponsors this retreat every year but apparently cannot be bothered to show up, beams in to welcome everyone to the publishing networking event of the year. At the start of the retreat, Liza and Kelsey shine at their panel — in spite of Kelsey having a wild hangover from a crazy night before. After the panel, Liza is approached by a gentleman named Jay from McMillian looking for someone to head up their new Gen-X imprint. He is impressed by Liza and asks to buy her a drink. They hit it off, and it becomes clear that Liza is having a moral dilemma about what to do. I honestly want Liza to take this dynamic career opportunity and push through like the hard worker she is! Since Kelsey is using their personal rift to professionally sabotage her, Liza needs to keep her options open.

In Brooklyn, Maggie and Josh meet up at the coffee shop where Montana works and she apologizes on behalf of Liza to Josh. She said that Liza's biggest mistake wasn't the cheating, but it was meeting Josh that very first night and assuming their relationship would be just fun. Liza and Josh’s relationship quickly became more than a fling and turned into love and something very serious.

While Liza is securing the future she should have in publishing, Kelsey rudely interrupts the conversation with Jay and forces Liza to walk away and be "on brand." Liza and Kelsey drink way too much, causing Liza to get drunk. She tells Kelsey that she doesn't want to relive her glory days — that isn't why she lied. She really lied to get a job, because her entire life exploded and she needs to take care of child in college. Liza realizes that Kelsey doesn't think she's good enough and they mutually agree that it is probably best to professionally part ways once this retreat ends. Liza, in the best move all episode, gives her card to Jay. I hope he reaches out to her. She needs this.

While at the coffee shop, Josh’s eye is on Montana. Despite her being Maggie’s assistant, he goes back to the coffee shop after hours and — in what we knew was coming — they hook up.

The retreat ends and this ride back to the city is going to be exceptionally quiet, since Kelsey and Liza have decided to part ways. Since they were forced to disconnect for the retreat, Liza misses her daughter’s calls and realizes that she had emergency surgery for a burst appendix. Liza feels terrible and Kelsey realizes, in this moment, that Liza is a mom first — she has not been lying just to relive her youth; she lied to be able to provide for her daughter in the wake of her divorce from a guy who could never be relied on. While waiting at the airport for their flight home, there is a sweet moment where Liza needs Kelsey and grabs her hand for support. I missed seeing this dynamic, and it was a sweet moment between the two women who genuinely were and are friends — who have been there for each other through thick and thin.

While they still have a whole lot of issues to chat through, Kelsey goes back to work and redeems herself by speaking highly of Liza professionally to Diana and Charles and demanding she gets that promotion — and a raise, even if it has to come from Kelsey’s salary.

What will Liza ultimately do? Will she move on from Millennial? Share your thoughts below!


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