Sunday, June 11, 2017

Wynonna Earp 2x01 Recap: "Steel Bars and Stone Walls" (Here Comes the Boom) [Contributor: Isabella]

"Steel Bars and Stone Walls"
Original Airdate: June 9, 2017

As a thank you for waiting oh-so-patiently for the return of Wynonna Earp, we've been given an action-packed episode to steer us straight into the second season.

The episode picks up right where season one left off, with possessed Waverly shooting at someone. But it was neither Wynonna nor Doc who was standing right in front of her. Instead, she shot at something else — some sort of monster that takes particular affinity to Doc's hat. As Waverly and Doc run from the creature, they're saved by our hero who shoots it dead, accompanied with a sassy hair flip.

They plan to use the monster's body to help save Dolls from the Black Badge Operative who will transfer him to Black Rock Prison. Before they can get to doing that, Wynonna returns to the sheriff's department, only to find that the work she and Dolls kept there was cleared up. Luckily for her, Dolls was smart and kept the important information in his motel room. As Wynonna's snooping in there, she encounters Dolls' friend Eliza. They get into a kerfuffle, all while Eliza's in her underwear mind you, and ultimately end up with Wynonna pinning Eliza to the bed. After some introductions, Wynonna lets Eliza know that Dolls has been taken. Eliza agrees to help her rescue Dolls, because she can get clearance into the prison he'll be taken to.

After Wynonna introduces Eliza to the rest of the team, she, Doc, and Eliza break back into Dolls' old office, which is where Wynonna learns of his supernatural secret. She suddenly becomes even more impassioned to find him, and nearly stabs one of the leftover cleaners in the eye in order to learn where exactly they took Dolls. Ahhh, the things you'll do for love.

While Wynonna, Eliza, and Doc try and fail to break into the government facilities by themselves, Waverly comes to their rescue using what I think is a good British accent (Nicole disagrees). She gets past security by pretending to be a scientist, and gets all the way to the laboratory where they keep the creatures. She convinces one of the scientists to tell her how to open all the security doors, and attempts to knock him out by hitting him on the head, but that only causes him to start bleeding. This is very, very bad as the locked up demons become bloodthirsty. In the heat of the moment, she desperately confides in him and tells him about the plan. He ends up opening the doors for Wynonna, Eliza, and Doc to leave.

Before they can do that though, Doc slips out and locks the two of them back in. It was his plan all along to release Dolls, and if he's succumbed to being the full creature, Doc would rather sacrifice himself than Wynonna. When he gets to the cell Dolls is in, he meets Lucado and reveals to her that he has dynamite in his coat pockets. He uses this to get her attention off of Dolls, who puts her in a chokehold until she passes out. Doc is able to give Dolls the serum in time. But before Dolls runs off, he whispers some words we don't hear — words that he wants Doc to tell Wynonna. As Dolls scampers off, Doc gets stopped by the Black Badge.

Back in the lab, Waverly decides to take her chances and face the demon head-on with her own demon eyes. It works, and Wynonna runs in just in time to finish the demon off with Peacemaker. They, along with their new scientist friend Jeremy, run off but Lucado gets in their way. Superior Officer Moody steps in before she can shoot anyone, and forces them to join the Black Badge. That is, everyone except for Eliza. Moody shoots and kills her for being a traitor. The rest of them then sign the oath in blood. Their mission is to get rid of the creatures in Purgatory. Before they can get to business, he asks them if there's anyone out there who knows of their work — ahem, Nicole (who has been listening to the entire exchange through an earpiece). Waverly's quick to quip that no one else knows about it, which offends Nicole.

Back home, Wynonna finally has time to take a shower and catch up with the fact that she had to kill her sister Willa. It hits her while she's gaining her breath, and then she nearly gets blinded by something flashing at her through the window. She follows the light outside only to find her necklace hanging on a tree. She looks up and sees Dolls standing atop a hill, looking down at her. He left it for her. There are no words spoken between them, and there don't need to be. They gaze at each other, drinking each other in. Dolls has a tear running down his cheek before he smiles and runs off, having to avoid the Black Badge altogether.

Other Points of Interest:
  • "He's my... I'm his... Wynonna." I'm so excited to see how Wynonna deals with her feelings for Dolls while he's away.
  • Nicole's little smile when Waverly introduces her as her girlfriend gives me life. It's just so pure and genuine. I'm particularly interested in the possibility of Waverly's possession somehow taking over her completely. We were given a glimpse of Waverly almost hurting her girlfriend with an axe. Who's to say she won't actually do it later on? Don't blame me; I love angst. It seems though like Nicole can already tell something's different. She literally tells Waverly that she tastes "different" after kissing her.
  • Whatever Dolls whispered to Doc to tell Wynonna for him is the new Lost in Translation. What did he say?! And why didn't Doc tell Wynonna?
  • Also, when is Doc going to be back? I don't think I can take his absence for very long. Or at all.


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