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The Bachelorette 13x04 Roundtable: Guys and Dolls [Contributors: Chelsea, Alisa, Patti, and Rebecca]

What's been happening in the world of The Bachelorette recently? Well, our favorite staffers are here to give you the run-down on all the dates and drama! Take a look at what Rebecca, Alisa, Patti, and Chelsea had to say about this week's episode.

Who do you think needs to leave next? Were you sad to see any man leave?

Rebecca: I already forget who left besides Diggy, so I must not have been too sad to say goodbye to any of this week’s eliminations. Lee really needs to go. He’s downright terrible. Not only is he a racist misogynist, but he’s an instigator and drama queen who needs to grow up. I hope Kenny pops him next episode. I’m also over Iggy using all of his time with Rachel to complain about Josiah. He seems to be stirring the pot, and it’s annoying. Maybe keep the other guys’ names out of your mouth and focus on getting to know Rachel? And Adam needs to get himself and that creepy doll out of there ASAP.

Patti: I did like Diggy, if only because his shoe collection is really impressive and I wanted to know more about it. Obviously Lee, Iggy, Eric, and Josiah NEED to go. I think Jack Stone is on his way out with that one-on-one date. I haven’t decided about Kenny yet. I used to love him, but he’s in the thick of all of the drama, and to be honest, I don’t know that Rachel needs to be a wrestling wife.

Alisa: Yeah, totally agree with Rebecca and Patti. I had a special place in my heart for Diggy, who just seemed really mature and genuine with a great fashion sense. What more could a girl want? I reeeeeally wanted to like Iggy but he needs to stop with the tattling. Every season we have somebody who thinks that’s gonna win them points and all it does is get them out the door faster. Come on, man. I do feel bad for Kenny because I think he inadvertently got caught up in the tornado of drama Lee insists on creating. And seriously, Lee never should have been allowed on The Bachelorette to begin with. What an awful creep.

Chelsea: I’m having so much trouble remembering all their names this year. Casting really found a bunch of petty basics to stir up the drama. Lee is the absolute worst and I do not believe for a minute that the producers were unaware of his social media history. Like Alisa said, he shouldn’t have been allowed on the show. I’ve had a sketch feeling about Josiah since the first week and this week proved me right. His ego is way too much.

They didn’t give Diggy and his delightful shoe collection a chance. You can’t tell me that Iggy, Lee, and Josiah are better than the male model and firefighter that went home. The odds of Raven tracking down that firefighter are really high.

Who had the best date of the week? The worst? Who should get a one-on-one next?

Rebecca: I loved Dean and Rachel’s blimp date! I’ve always wanted to go in a blimp, and the scene of them sitting in the back surrounded by all the windows was too cute. I also am a fan of Russell Dickerson — I saw him open for Thomas Rhett in March and was really impressed. He’s very talented and I hope being on the show gives him some much-deserved exposure.

Patti: Dean and Rachel’s date was fantastic! They were so open and candid and hilarious. It’s funny, because a lot of these conversations happen on every season of The Bachelor/ette, and I find myself tuning out completely because I just don’t care. But Rachel is asking the really good, smart questions, so the evening portion of the one-on-ones make me feel things! Although I wish they would do away with the “this random dude sings while we dance and kiss on a weird pedestal while an audience watches and cheers.” I would love for her to have a one-on-one with Will next.

Alisa: Dean and Rachel’s date was amazing. I was NOT a fan of Dean going into this episode. He’s very handsome but I didn’t think he had much depth and he seemed far too young. Boy, did he change my mind. He seems genuine and down-to-earth and like an all around lovely human being. Plus, they seemed really good together. I too hate the whole random country singer no one’s heard of portion of one-on-one’s, but was pleasantly surprised by this guy. I don’t even like country music but he had a great voice and I loved the song. The whole making out in front of the crowd thing is kind of awkward though. I also greatly enjoyed the spelling bee portion of the group date. That was hilarious and the good kind of awkward. Not only did you get to see who’s a great speller, you also find out who can just have fun and laugh at themselves, which is an even more important trait. I’d like to see Will get a one-on-one date next and also I think she needs some more alone time with Peter so maybe he could get a second one-on-one.

Chelsea: Dean is slowly becoming my favorite contestant to watch. You can tell Rachel is having a lot of fun with him and he’s a nice break from the petty basics. The blimp ride was so cute and they should have just had the obligatory country music performance in the air (I tend to zone out when the country starts playing). I am so charmed by Will and want him to have more screentime. Also, isn’t it about time Bryan gets a one-on-one?

Fantasy League Final Four picks have been locked in. What are some of your predictions and who should get the final rose? 

Rebecca: I have Peter, Alex, Bryan, and Kenny in my final four. I think all four of them are solid guys and seem to have good chemistry with Rachel. That being said, I think Bryan stands out from the other three. That first impression rose shows that he and Rachel really kicked it off from the beginning, and he seems to be staying pretty consistent as one of her favorites. I kind of wish I would have swapped out Alex for Dean, but I really didn’t like Dean for the longest time. He’s grown on me and I have a soft spot for him, and I think he has a decent chance of making it pretty far.

Patti: Peter, Dean, Bryan, and maybe Will? Although I’m just hoping to see more of him.

Alisa: I have Bryan, Dean, Josiah and Peter in my final four. I cannot stand Josiah but Rachel seems to like him. Even though it would hurt my bracket, I’d really like to see her kick him to the curb before hometowns. I also detest Bryan (seriously buddy, stop trying to eat her face off with each kiss!) but they definitely have a connection. I hope she ends up with either Dean or Peter because they both seem like pretty solid men.

Chelsea: It’s amazing how few contestants I care about this season. Peter, Bryan, and Dean seem like the only guys she’s super interested in based on screentime. Fantasy picks locked before I could swap Eric with Will or Kenny. I don’t see either of them winning but I like them both A LOT. There are so many guys this year that are either terrible or forgettable. Rachel deserves so much better.

Between Lee’s tweets and Paradise, the franchise has endured a lot of scandal this year. What are your thoughts as it moves forward? 

Rebecca: Obviously, I LOVE the drama, but I have mixed feelings concerning Lee and the DeMario/Corinne situation. Lee should never have been allowed on the show in the first place, and I feel bad for Rachel. I can’t imagine how she must feel now looking back at the roses she gave him, knowing the things he’s said about women and people of color.

As far as the Paradise scandal goes, obviously I’m glad that the video footage didn’t show the sexual assault people claimed happened. I would never wish something like that upon anyone. Sex between two intoxicated people is messy and confusing, and we’ll never know the whole story, but I sincerely hope Corinne is okay and that nothing happened. As a fan of the franchise, I’m glad ABC is moving forward with Paradise, but I hope that going forward, the production crew grows a conscious and steps in if anything questionable like that ever happens again.

Patti: Oof. I think I have to abstain from this question until more confirmed information is released, if it ever is. All I can say is, I think Rachel as the Bachelorette has elevated this show to a level they never dreamed it could go. And if they go backwards from here, I’m going to be very disappointed.

Alisa: I think drama is one thing, but words and actions that hurt other people is a whole different ball game and doesn’t belong on any "reality" show ever. Lee should never have been allowed anywhere near this franchise, and I definitely don’t buy the producers feigned ignorance about his racist, misogynistic social media posts. Y’all have interns for a reason. Use them to check that stuff. As for the Corinne/DeMario situation, it’s horrible and unfortunate either way. If she was sexually assaulted, the producers actions or lack thereof to stop it are unacceptable and heartbreaking. If she wasn’t assaulted, then the allegations and the statement she put out only serve to undermine the many real sexual assault victims out there in the world. I’m glad they did an investigation but I’m not entirely sure how much good an “internal” investigation does when clearly it’s in ABC/WB’s best interest to find that nothing happened.

Chelsea: Rachel is doing the Lord’s work this season and has brought so much class and intelligence to the franchise. I just hate what the show is putting her through. Lee should have NEVER been allowed in the mansion and the producers should be ashamed of themselves for letting him compete. It makes me weary of the edits they’re giving Kenny and Eric when they have a racist dude in the house antagonizing them.

As for the Paradise scandal, there is so much misinformation and conflicting reports of everything that’s happened. No matter what, I believe the show needs to really be more careful about consent and transparency with contestants and producers about what is happening.

Fantasy League Results:

  • Rebecca: 160 points
  • Chelsea: 130 points
  • Alisa: 90 points
  • Rae: 70 points


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