Friday, June 30, 2017

Younger 4x01 Recap: “Post Truth” (Will We Ever Be the Same?) [Guest Poster: Bibi]

“Post Truth”
Original Airdate: June 28, 2017

Welcome to season four of Younger! After six long months, our favorite NYC crew is back at it and we pick up off right where we left off last season. We start back on the couch with Liza explaining her life in great detail to Kelsey. She tells how she was almost bankrupt, had her daughter to care for, and had finally left her ex-husband. Liza also tells Kelsey she had three years of Random House experience before staying at home with her daughter. It was Maggie’s suggestion that she lie about her age in order to secure a job. Naturally, Kelsey is overwhelmed by all of this information. And when Liza wakes up for work, Kelsey has already left.

At work, Liza tries to find Kelsey immediately and see how she is handling all of the news, but Kelsey blows her off and tells her she just wants to keep their relationship professional. In the staff meeting with the author of the week, we find Kristin Chenoweth portraying an author with a book that I cannot quite describe. I think it’s mostly about not taking no for an answer? And there being no real truth? And reinventing yourself? Who knows.

The important thing to note is that the authro clearly has a crush on Charles (who doesn’t?!) but we still don’t know where Liza and Charles stand, so she might want to pump the breaks. After the meeting Liza is still filled with guilt and wants to announce her real age. This isn’t the time or the place, so Kelsey swoops in to save the day and, as a cover, tells them that Josh and Liza broke up. This succeeds as a distraction and the look on Charles’s face is priceless.

Back in her office, Kelsey tries to explain that she's not only furious with Liza for allowing blackmail to force her into signing Emily from EW’s book, but that Liza also needs to have some sort of online presence to make it seem like she is, indeed, the age she says. She needs to start being photographed and build up her social media presence. This naturally leads the two to meet with Lauren, social media guru. At lunch with Lauren, our guru is hurt by Kelsey’s actions. Kelsey tries to explain that she broke up with Colin right after Lauren essentially threw her out without warning. Liza explains that she and Kelsey having been leaning on each other since she also broke up with Josh. At some point, I would really like Lauren’s character to grow a bit out of her self-absorbed ways, at least for one episode.

Charles catches Liza to ask if he is the reason why she and Josh are not engaged. She affectionately tells him that the engagement just wasn’t what she wanted.Charles then asks her if she is a fan of Ernest Hemingway and if he can take her somewhere. I love that Charles is the classiest man and still knows how to properly date a woman. He takes her to an Ernest Hemingway estate sale of classic pieces and works that belonged to his father. I love the way Charles lets Liza into the smallest, yet deepest and most intimate parts of his life with such ease and excitement. I really hope to see he and Liza actually date this season and try to give their relationship a shot.

While Charles and Liza are out, Kelsey goes to the bar to do some liquid thinking and Josh arrives. She calls his name and they make eye contact, but he then pretends like he doesn’t hear her. Kelsey calls him out, and he finally sits down. He confesses that he isn’t quite sure how to maintain relationships with Liza’s friends, post-break-up. Kelsey tells Josh that she knows everything and she asks him why they broke up. Josh, being a class act, refuses to confess to Kelsey that he caught Liza cheating with Charles — even though he doesn’t need to protect her anymore.

Elsewhere, Kelsey and Liza blackmail EW's Emily into getting them on an elite list for "29 Under 29" and inviting them to the party. At said party, Liza awkwardly gives her first on-camera interview in attempt to, again, reclaim her online presence and make herself a millennial. Charles, on the other hand, takes the new author out to see if they can come to an agreement on acquiring her book. But she aggressively hits on him and scares him away. He then decides to show up at Kelsey and Liza's party instead.

Lauren — having come to the party to support her best friend and attempt to find out where she is now living — is not entirely faithful when it comes to Kelsey and boundaries. Lauren continues to press her about information that she is not yet ready to share, and so when Kelsey then refuses to spill yet again, Lauren sets her up! In a shady move, Lauren offers Kelsey her Uber home. Lauren and Liza then watch the app as the Uber heads toward its destination. In a shocking twist, we see that Kelsey arrives at Josh’s place! Turns out she has found a new home with Josh as her roommate.

Can we just discuss how Liza and Kelsey still need to hash their relationship out? How is it that Liza found two men who are equally as smitten with her (well, not so much Josh anymore) but also kind of the best? When will Lauren learn to start keeping a healthy distance in people’s lives? Are Kelsey and Josh really just roommates or is there something else brewing as they help each other mend from Liza’s lies? Guess we shall see next week! Share your thoughts below!


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