Saturday, July 28, 2018

Younger 5x07 Recap: “A Christmas Miracle” (Charles in Charge) [Guest Poster: Kay-B]

“A Christmas Miracle”
Original Airdate: July 24, 2018

Maggie is wealthy, Liza is puts mom duties first, Kelsey gets caught in her man hopping, and Charles FINALLY comes around! Ready to know more about what happened on this week's Younger?

It’s Christmas in July for the audience of Younger and Maggie looks to have received the best gift of all in the form of all of her artwork being scooped by the mysterious Penelope and Luca. Maggie can barely contain her excitement when she is handed her check... that is, until she heads to their party and runs into another artist whose work hasn’t been seen by another human in years. Maggie quickly realizes that this art-buying couple is won’t be showcasing her art but rather dumping in storage and leaving it “buried in the artistic sunken place.” They want to possess Maggie as an artist, but she’s a free spirit and can’t be contained. So she backs out of the deal! While she made the right call, I can't help but wonder how much that decision is going to cost her.

Holiday party season is in full swing, and Kelsey gets caught by Jake kissing Zane at the New York Magazine party. When Jake sees them, he goes directly to Charles and tells him that he doesn’t want to tie up two editors on his book. He then requests that Kelsey be the sole editor. When Charles breaks this news to the both of them, Zane’s feelings are hurt, realizing he should’ve leaned into his instincts last week about the personal relationship between Kelsey and Jake.

Zane’s feelings being hurt is not a surprise — he really likes Kelsey. But I still don’t feel bad for him. This is business after all, and it was Jake’s decision. I do think this work love triangle could get even messier for Kelsey, so she may want to make some decisions pretty quickly. Do you think Jake and Kelsey will have an honest conversation about this whole ordeal? When Liza finds out about Kelsey’s predicament with Zane and Jake, and asks her she didn’t tell her, Kelsey gives my favorite quote of the episode: “You’ve been gaslighting an entire company since I met you. Can I have one secret?” Touché!

Since it is Christmas, Liza goes to Caitlin’s roommate’s party with her ex-husband — oh, you remember: the roommate whose father is Empirical’s attorney. Caitlin begs her mom to do their yodeling family tradition... and Liza reluctantly complies. Charles is also naturally invited to this party and walks in on Liza and her family’s big performance. He is “introduced” to the real Liza and her daughter by the Katz’s, who think he and Liza are the perfect match. The truth is that they just might be if Charles actually communicates! It was good to see Liza be who she really is for once, and bond with her daughter. It was also good to see her and Charles have this clean slate, and for him to get to see and understand who she really is. He finally listens to why she lied to get a job and he softens. They bond over their kids and it all starts to fall into place. I wish he would’ve been this open to listening to her before. And so Charles, with a sign from The Sound of Music in a taxi cab, goes to Liza and tells her he doesn’t care anymore about what she did before kissing her in the snow. Looks like he’s all in!

Elsewhere in the episode, Josh and Liza exchange wedding presents as “friends” and Caitlin butts into Liza’s love life when she probably shouldn’t. She sees Josh and basically tells him that she wishes he was still with her mom. This will surely complicate things with Liza and Charles now that they are finally giving their relationship a real shot! Also in this episode, Enzo surprised Diana with a Christmas tree and I thought she was going to cry! Awwww. Meanwhile, Charles was in the Christmas spirit and Liza got a ridiculous bonus! (Diana got her a gaudy necklace which was hilarious.) Diana also clearly loved Liza’s handmade gift and again, this softer side is something I love seeing in her.

What did you like about the episode? Are you excited that Charles and Liza are giving their relationship a shot? Will Josh confess his true feelings? How is Kelsey going to handle this new book development personally and professionally? Am I the only one who thought that Enzo was going to propose by the Christmas tree? Until next week!


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