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The Bachelorette 14x08 Roundtable: "Hometown Heroes" [Contributors: Alisa, Rebecca, Jen, and Chelsea]

Hometown dates always bring out the the weirdest sides of this franchise with the insane family dynamics, but somehow always manage to make us fall in love with a potential suitors family. This week the gang breaks down who had the best date planned, whose family you would want to marry into, and where we think Becca is headed. Plus, a visit from our favorite lady gang throws a wrench into Becca’s decisions.

This week gave us four very different hometown dates — with Garrett planting tomatoes, Colton visiting sick kids, Blake going back to school, and Jason competing in a chicken wing contest. Who had the best date? Who had the worst? Which contestant, past or present, would you want to partner with in a chicken wing eating contest? 

Alisa: Jason’s date was the only one worth remembering. Not only did he plan a fun day that was just as low-key and genuine as he is, but his family is AMAZING. I don’t see Becca choosing him in the end, which is fine by me because I really, really need him to be the next Bachelor... and his brother and brother-in-law to get their own spin-off show.

Rebecca: Any date with Colton is the worst, let’s just get that out of the way. I appreciate what he’s doing for his charity, but I feel like he’s playing it up for Instagram likes and Twitter followers which is gross. Blake’s date was super emotional and heart-wrenching, and just seemed like a lot to handle right before meeting his entire family too. Jason’s date was super memorable. I loved how it was so low-key and laid back. He would definitely be my chicken wing partner.

Jen K.: Jason comes with chicken wings so Jason wins everything. I enjoyed Garrett’s date as well, but that’s because it reminded me of my parents. My dad took my mom (a city girl) out for a spin on the combine when they were dating. I want to believe Colton loves the children, but it felt like a PR bid to be the next Bachelor.

I agree with Rebecca that Blake’s date was extremely intense and there’s just a lot to unpack there. I don’t think Blake and Becca have the emotional connection to get through all of that. These guys have to be ready to propose in a couple weeks and yeesh, I just feel like Blake needs a hug more than he needs a ring right now.

Chelsea: Jason came for my heart with that chicken wing contest. I would’ve proposed on the spot. I cannot remember the details of Blake or Garrett’s dates, and I feel really weird about Colton peddling children on a reality dating show. I do agree with Jen that Blake needs a hug and maybe some therapy before he’s in a committed relationship.

Obviously Jason would be my chicken wing partner of this bunch but from the whole franchise, maybe Caroline from Arie’s season. She would be a lot of fun.

Each of the families revealed new sides to our men that we hadn’t seen before. How do you feel about each family? Whose family do you want to join? Who gives you the Get Out vibes? 

Alisa: The only family I liked was Jason’s! Blake and his mom share the same intensity level which I just find exhausting, Garrett’s family was super critical and terrifying, and Colton’s just a dud and a liar (umm, seriously what IS all this nonsense about never having brought a girl home before when there is PHOTOGRAPHIC EVIDENCE you brought Aly Raisman home for Christmas?!). I’m sure Colton’s family was FINE but I couldn’t see past his smarmy self long enough to distinguish any of the 162 family members he introduced Becca to that evening.

Rebecca: I second everything Alisa said. Garrett’s family was way intimidating, but I get where they’re coming from. They watched their son/brother/etc. bring a girl home, get married to her, and then not have it work out in their end. They’re protective, and that’s understandable. Blake’s family was just way too much, and I couldn’t even focus on Colton’s family. Jason’s family seems awesome, and I would love to hang out with them for a day.

Jen K.: I agree, ladies! Garrett’s family scared the ever living crap out of me and I didn’t have to meet them. I understand the protectiveness but the “no holds barred” thing was a too much of a lack of boundaries for me. I’m a fan of boundaries when it comes to in-laws. Colton and his mother discussing his virginity, and then Becca discussing his virginity with his mother, was another major “no boundaries” moment. No. Just no. Colton is a liar about never bringing a girl home (what is up with this dude?), and the only time I enjoyed his home date was when his father emphatically told Becca not to pick Colton. I wholeheartedly agreed.

Chelsea: Alisa said it best about Colton, and his family reminds me of the Thumb-Thumbs from Spy Kids  horribly boring and caught in lies about his dating life. Blake’s mother was super intense and I’m not surprised with Blake’s emotional intelligence anymore after seeing her. He really just needs to go to family therapy to work out his issues. Jason continues to be the best and has the cutest family alive. I need a spin-off show of his brother and the brother’s husband.

The return of the best lady gang and Tia brought the Colton triangle back to life fast, and I don’t think we were surprised to see him leave. How staged does this drama feel to you, and do you think the producers regret not having Tia as Bachelorette? Are you looking forward to them in Paradise? How wonderful was it seeing Kendall, Bekah, Seinne, and Caroline again? 

Alisa: “The best lady gang and Tia” really sums it up! I loved seeing all of those amazing ladies, sans Tia. I’ve never been her biggest fan and whether the producers are maneuvering her actions or not, she’s still the one going through with her sabotage-y behavior and I am so over it. As someone pointed out on Twitter, she was literally in the room with Lauren when she got the text from Arie saying he was going to break up with Becca so they could be together, and Tia never warned Becca or anything. And then Colton comes on the show and Tia acts like she’s fine with it at first, just to wait until after hometowns to pull this whole “we went on like two dates but I still have feelings for him” nonsense? No. Unacceptable. Becca is 1000% a better Bachelorette than Tia ever could’ve been, and she needs to stop trying to make this show about her. I am not at all excited about her and Colton heading to Paradise. They’re going to be that super obnoxious couple that everyone hates but that sticks it out to the end because they pair up at the very beginning. Hard pass.

Rebecca: I am SO here for the lady gang — minus Tia. Bekah, Seinne, and Kendall are so lovely, and I could watch them all day. Tia, though, has always rubbed me the wrong way, and the trainwreck that is her relationship with Colton has only made me more annoyed by her. The producers way overplayed her friendship with fan-favorite Raven, and now I feel like they feel like they have to be invested in her when no one actually cares. I’m sure she’s a nice enough girl off-camera, but her drama is getting old and I’ve never liked Colton. They’ll have their whirlwind Paradise romance, milk their 15 minutes, and then break up once the camera stop rolling. Next.

Jen K.: I really don’t like Tia and she did nothing in this episode to change my mind. I saw a lot of wonderfully snarky tweets on Twitter about how this isn’t Tia’s season and boy, did Twitter get it right or what? The envy with Tia isn’t over Colton — it’s over Becca being the Bachelorette. Tia is trying desperately to make this all about her. She is just seething listening to Becca talk about her experience. She absolutely could have told Becca about her feelings for Colton when the issue first came up. Now suddenly Tia is sick to her stomach listening to Becca talk about him? Whaaaat? I have difficulty believing Becca and Tia are even friends, so I don’t really see how the girl code applies. However, it’s Colton and if that meant Becca shipped him off sooner rather than later then I’m good. I would have liked to spend time with the other ladies, but the producers made it all about Tia.

Dear producers,

You picked the right Bachelorette. Stop letting The Frenemy pull focus. It’s annoying.

Love, Jen

Chelsea: I think I’m just over the Colton and Tia of it all. Seeing all the other gals, particularly my beloved Kendall, just makes me ready for Paradise.

Looking forward to Fantasy Suites next week, who do you think Becca feels most strongly about? Who do you think places third? Will our next Bachelor be from Becca’s season? 

Alisa: Okay, so Becca has gone on AND ON about how great of a kisser Jason is so obviously there’s some physical chemistry there (and real talent on Jason’s part — good job, man). But Becca seems to have the strongest overall connection with Garrett (ugh). Honestly, I keep forgetting Blake is still here (and WHY even is he?) so I’m guessing he comes in third and we get to see the camera pan out to him alone on an exotic beach in Thailand, looking miserable and unnecessarily intense.

Rebecca: Like Alisa said, Becca has not made it a secret how much she enjoys kissing Jason, so I have a feeling she’s going to want to know how it feels to do more than JUST kiss Jason — and who could blame her? Homeboy definitely looks like he know what he’s doing. It’s clear Garrett is the man she’s the most interested in, so there’s no secret he’ll get down on one knee. I was a huge fan of Blake’s, but this week was a bit off-putting to me. I agree that he’ll slide into third and will duke it out with runner-up Jason for the Bachelor title, although I’m still holding out hope for Wills.

Jen K.: It’s Garrett 100%. She’s over the moon for that guy. I lost count of how many times she’s said he’s just like her dad. Becca seems to have embraced the old saying of “women marry their fathers” because it’s a way for her to feel connected to her father. This is totally understandable, but having things in common with your father doesn’t automatically make a man right for you. I am concerned she’s looking at surface details (like Garrett enjoying fishing and hunting) rather than digging deeper. But what do I know? Maybe they’ll be married for 50 years. I did appreciate confirmation that Jason is the best kisser in the whole world, because lemme tell ya, from my vantage point it certainly looked like that.

Chelsea: Jason is the only good guy left on this show and while Becca should pick him, I think she’s in love with Garrett. I do think Jason has a great chance at being Bachelor and would be very good at it.


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